Words have meaning. They can empower, uplift or destroy. Words contain energy, both obvious and subtle, positive and negative. Words have the ability to create a sense of well being or incite a war. We could do an exercise to sense different energies. Repeat the following words aloud, ‘yes, yes, yes.’  Do the same with ‘no, no, no'. You can probably feel a difference in energy. They clearly both contain a tangible different energy.


Words, including our own, often don’t reflect what we are really thinking. Many years ago, when entering a higher awareness point on my path, I saw what most people were saying did not match what they were actually thinking. Observing this pattern produced no judgement from me. I knew it was happening so I could know it existed and to see that to be able to stay in communication and be real to them, I needed to respond only to what was being said and not to what they were thinking. That ability only lasted a few days, just long enough for me to understand it. I don’t consider we need to know what people are thinking. It certainly would not be easy. People have a dread of anyone reading their mind and it is almost inevitable that we would slip up and answer their higher truth. Someone may be telling you their marriage is fine, thought you can see they really think it’s a disaster! Or they are telling you about a holiday they are going on with their husband but you see they are wishing they were going with the next door neighbour. Ooops.


Putting aside our ‘super power’ abilities, we all have a responsibility to use words carefully and responsibly in any situation. This is important because truth resolves things. Real truth causes a perfect duplication in the universe, which changes the energy. Energy never disappears; it changes its frequency, alters its impact, dissolves or shifts elsewhere. I think we know it is important, now more than ever, to make sure there is truth in all we say, do and accept. We need to get things as right. When we speak our truth, we help dissipate dense energy. A problem can occur when we decide others know better than us. Then we end up in confusion and distorted communication with consequences.

Lately, some people have expressed an opinion that everyone who is helping Earth is a ‘Starseed’. The right term that covers everyone who came to help birth Earth into her new frequency of light would be ‘Lightworker’. It might not seem to matter much what anyone is called, but right words can keep us aligned to our origin and source and help our role on Earth. Many words hold a lineage of powerful energy such as Jesus, Starseed and Starchild.


Without exception, lightworkers are evolved beings with a high frequency of light who incarnated on Earth to transform it from a 3D frequency band to a 5D frequency band. Not everyone who came here is experienced with the rules and games played out in 3D life and may struggle at times with the density. Depending on where they come from and perhaps how long they have been here, they vary in tolerance of the dense energy here. The Lightworkers who cope with it best are those who incarnated long ago and took on all the negative patterns of Earth with a goal to create a blueprint for humanity. Up to that point there was no blueprint that provided a path for humanity to help them detach from Earth’s density and move to full light. Lightworkers who are not used to heavy density are better off avoiding lower 3D dramas, negativity and judgment. With awareness and discipline, they can stay true to who they are and maintain their light level.


The term Lightworker does not define when or where you came from. It is a blanket term that includes all groups of beings who came to help Earth.  Lightworkers consist of many different groups who incarnated to help Earth with this transition. Many are old souls, and some who never incarnated before, some incarnated only a few times and others have had thousands of parallel timelines on 3D planets. If you want to discover where you came from, get it right. Your intuition is your best guide. Buying into what others tell you, without it resonating, is not so good. When we believe we are something we are not, we can miss out connecting to the right energies that will help us. Imagine being told you are an angel but that is not true. It sounds good to be an angel, so we may not question it. But if you believe it and it is not true, you will align your energy with that angel identity. You would then miss out on the right energies that would support who you are and your true role here.


Lightworkers consist of many groups. You may be a Starchild; Angel; Cosmic Being; ET; Starseed; a graduate of the Elemental Kingdom such an elf, pixie, fairy, giant, dwarf, gnome, leprechaun; ground crew from the Galactic Federation of Worlds; Ashtar command crew; or simply from a higher dimensional plane. This diverse group of beings have different skills, qualities, abilities, experience, stamina, sensitivities, tasks, goals, alliances, allegiances and personal histories. Incidentally, Universal Law does not permit beings from the 7th dimension and above to incarnate into 3D because their vibrational frequency influences the evolution of people around them and that violates the Law of Non Interference. They probably wouldn’t want to incarnate here anyway. It would require a major adjustment in frequency. A 7th dimensional master is able to send a lower aspect of themselves, because an aspect is not the same level frequency. We have aspects of ourselves on every dimension to the level we have evolved to.


It is not vital to know where we come from. But if you do, it needs to be correct. Let’s say you are an angel who has incarnated as a human to help the Earth at this time, but you accept someone telling you that you’re crew of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We know about angels; they are lovely, work with subtle energy and aren’t so comfortable with dense energies. Whereas a Galactic federation crew member is logical, technical, practical, competent and strong in a 3D environment. Incorrectly believing you are a crew member who can handle tough situations and dense energy may make you feel useless if unable to respond that way. We all bring different qualities and aspects to this divine plan and each are integral to its success.

Anything we choose to believe inherits its own power. Energy follows our choice of focus, so if we block our true identity by accepting another, we lose the energy that goes with it. What if a Starchild is told they are a ‘Starseed’. The two are quite different. A Starseed refers to the 144,000 old souls who were the first to respond to the original call from Earth. They have incarnated frequently, know the 3D ropes, took on all the dense 3D belief patterns of Earth to create a blueprint for humanity to become free of 3D. They are generally principled, act with integrity, are tough, street smart and because they took on so much of 3D, they have lots to release. Starchildren however, are evolved cosmic beings from other planetary systems and angelic realms. They are gentle souls with angelic qualities and often angelic in appearance. They may have never or only briefly incarnated. They are often good healers because of their high frequency of light (but may not realize it). They need to maintain their high light vibration and are often spaced out (i.e. not grounded) as they do not want to risk getting caught up in the 3D matrix. Their ages range from newborn to around 56 years. They often have one or two Starseed parents who are able to guide them through the 3D paradigm. Defining our identity correctly can give us the right focus to support us and align to our truth. Where Lightworker came from has nothing to do with being more evolved, important or special. That is 3D ego separation.


Until the 90’s, the titles Starchild and Starchildren were often used and helped these evolved souls tap into special energies and light frequencies. In the 70’s, a lady studying aura colours said she noticed some children were born with indigo in their aura. A book published in 1998 by Lee Carroll channelling Kryon then referred to children as being ‘Indigo children.’ That term was passed on by thousands, but only ever came from that one Kryon source. Substituting ‘Starchild’ for ‘Indigo child’ severed the energy and mathematical codes inherent in the word ‘Starchild’ which was designed to assist these children with their well being and role on Earth. The word indigo was seemingly accepted without question, perhaps thought to be somehow aligned to the Violet flame. Violet, of course, is quite a different colour. Indigo is closer to blue and has a different mathematical frequency. Other substitute names for Starchildren have appeared over the years, further devaluing the power of the original word.


As we know everything in life offers us some sort of lesson. Often our greatest lesson is to stop accepting blindly what we read or hear from anyone, no matter who it is, unless it passes our inner barometer test and resonates on all levels. Discernment remains a top priority challenge for us all. Way back in our innocence when newly awakened, we didn’t think anyone could be on a lightworker platform who was deliberately misleading others. We are more street wise these days and realize many wrong things said that are not just a slip of the tongue, an accident or were not clearly expressed. We do need to stop thinking others are smarter than us and so must know.


Discernment is being applied now more than ever, but still has a way to go. We have all learnt about media lies. Now we need to apply the same criteria to the truther movement and stop accepting half baked news that offers no proof. There is a lot of it around. We don’t have to dismiss everything unproven but neither should we automatically believe it. What use is gaining wisdom in seeing the media are lying, and not extending that wisdom into everything we hear or read. All of us have a gift of intuition and sense of rightness. Instead of passing something on - an action which implies a tacit agreement unless we add a comment or are telling someone we know applies discernment (or knows how to!) -  we need to see if it resonates or else research it further. We all have a great capacity to sense truth or lies. That is not an ability we need to gain, we already have it. It only requires that we trust ourselves.


At some point in the time ahead, we will all be viewing the entire events that led to the birth of a new dimension and a new platform of learning for humanity. In that space, we will be as we truly are; shining beings of light, unafraid and courageous. All moved on from 3D. It will be amusing to view moments when we ran away from a spider or how often we made choices from the head that took us off our ideal path and gave our guides a lot of extra work steering us back on track. We might be uttering apologies for a while to our discarnate guides who spend so long planning events and getting the people together in one place for our benefit and growth. And then we decide to be elsewhere. Maybe going shopping with a friend who begged us to go and we went even though it didn’t excite us one bit


Do you know if we applied our gut knowing to everything we saw, read and heard and we dismissed everything that was not true, 3D dense energy would dissipate. Humanity would pick up on the increased planetary vibration and it would be all over.


Thousands of lightworkers carry programmes for the future Earth, creations that are now coming into their conscious awareness. We are all in the process of building a new world for humanity.


Words are insufficient to express the excitement of this journey we are embarking on. We are taking a world into golden light to shine in brilliance and magnificence forever (not just a thousand years!) reflecting to the universe what can be achieved when a dedicated, diverse mix of beings from across the galaxies, come together in one voice, one strength, one united power, compassion, understanding and an invincible determination in the pursuit of one united goal – to Create a New World of Love, Light and Harmony for all Mankind.




Sandy Stevenson