Some people are awake to the idea the government may be dodgy or the jab may not be good for you... while someone else will be fully awake and see the higher picture to the whole global plan. Same with spirituality. One person may have an idea they may have lived before and someone else understands how the universe runs, the concept of ‘no time’ and that everything exists in the same place, same moment, in different frequencies.


Both these people are put into the ‘being spiritual’ bracket. Spiritual growth has never really been defined and is probably very difficult to do, as there are so many bands of consciousness.  People are just in different places in their understanding. People move at their own pace. And that is totally OK. There is no rush. It is all about growth and learning.


Be gentle with people who are receiving new truth. We were all there once. If we don't act through our ego and make them feel wrong in any way, they are more likely to ask us to help them understand what is going on. It is not so easy to wake up after being hit with a barrage of lies all your life.


Respect is an important factor in our future. Respect for self, for truth, for our own positive thinking, for our non judgemental, respect for animals, insects, rivers, trees and for each other, no matter their view.


Definition of maturity (mine!) - when you are able to accept that other people have their own viewpoints and beliefs, but you are wise enough to realize you are ultimately both desiring freedom for humanity and can rise above reactive  ego responses.. and realize it is love and respect that will win the war and that creating further division adds negative energy into the mix and supports the lies.


We have seen what handing over our power to others by blindly believing what we are told is true. It is time to stop believing anyone else and start getting our own truth from an inner sense of rightness.



We all discover that what we see as truth is constantly in a state of change as our own consciousness increases. The ideal is to allow fluidity in our thinking and make sure that what we decide is true is not set in concrete as a fixed belief. If we fix it in hard, it usually means we instantly dismiss higher truths as they enter our awareness. Then the universal process has to jump in. It is very good at giving us a huge kick to encourage us to review things we fixed as truth. The planet is currently undergoing such a massive kick!


Many dimensions are at play and the light is permeating the world. A priority is to get humanity awake and wiser so they never allow this again!!  We are, all together, raising the light to move into a new way of living with love and integrity. It’s happening, slowly but surely, multi millions waking by the minute globally.




Sandy Stevenson

4th March 2022