Hi everyone,

A friend just brought to my attention a petition on against Bill Gates  - placed there by an individual who failed to check the facts of the interview given by Bill Gates (reason for petition) and as others before them have done, continued to distribute a fabrication designed to instil fear. Unfortunately, that includes some lightworkers.

And regardless of anything being true or not, it really is time for EVERY Lightworker on Earth to stop judging - anything!! Be discerning (essential) but stop judging. Judgment takes us into the mud of 3D beliefs and dense energy patterns and plays into the hands of those whose intent is to control. It lowers our vibration and makes us less effective. I figure we don’t hear things by accident and everything offers us something. For me, hearing this about Bill Gates prompted the importance of the need for Lightworkers to rise above 3D judgements and to continue to 100% hold the light. I know every Lightworker on Earth is in a different space regarding their understanding of our overall purpose here and we are all working out how to best deal with things in a spiritual way. Each are learning how to follow their intuition and we are all in different places regarding how much we’ve released from our emotional and mental bodies. All these things play a part in how we feel and handle things in life.

So, let’s look at this specific issue of Bill Gates, as an example. I have mentioned him before and always acknowledged him as a major lightworker I hear the gasps of disbelief already. (‘No judgement there then’?) Quite a few lightworkers have judged Bill Gates purely based on the fact he promotes, finances and organizes vaccines. Most of us have researched the subject of vaccines and being intuitive, have come to the conclusion that the extensive use of chemicals hits the immune system and is detrimental to human life. Although we are usually aware that originally some vaccines were useful. The first vaccination created by Edward Jenner’s in 1796 used material from cowpox pustules to successfully handle smallpox, a method used as early as 1000CE in China. However, the content of that vaccine is a thousand miles away from the chemical combinations used today.

Incidentally, we know the current global situation on Earth with the advent of the Coronavirus is part of the Divine Plan to reflect back to humanity ‘where it is at’ - offering them a chance to change. It includes every facet of life that needs reflection and truth to be brought to it. Many areas were mentioned in my last message (see website Articles Page). So, obviously, it was going to include vaccinations – and that one needed to be right in our face – as it’s an area being ignored by much of humanity who blindly believe the authorities and proceed with vaccines without questions or research, allowing multiple vaccines to be given to tiny children and not giving sufficient counter information to the elderly who have been driven by fear into have super strength flu shots. And we have permitted governments to introduce the withholding of benefits and schooling to unvaccinated children – a move stopping just short of being compulsory - but, in fact, is virtually compulsory for many who feel unable to avoid it.

Yes, Bill Gate promotes vaccines and I’m sure he truly believes wholeheartedly that vaccines are an effective answer to many illnesses. (As we know, many people think the same.) We know everything we each do has a higher purpose and we are all passionate about the work we came to Earth to do. I am sure he is no exception. We don’t always know the higher role of what we do (and we don’t need to), we just know it feels right. That’s often all we have to go by. It is certainly all that is needed. Many lightworkers take on adversary roles. Not easy. Who knows how vital the role was that Judas played in what was needed for Jesus’ Divine higher plan. Forever since then Judas has been cast as the villain. Quite a role to take on.

Incidentally, it is claimed Bill Gates has Aspergers, which may help explain his tunnel vision. But Aspergers and that tunnel vision may also greatly assist in bringing public awareness to Vaccines (which he is successfully doing). Aspergers - an individual with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism, has a willingness to obsess and an interest in systems. It frees them from an attachment to social conventions and are able to create innovative businesses amid a culture that discourages daring entrepreneurship. A child with Aspergers may develop an obsessive interest in one narrow subject area, and be completely unaware that the rest of the world does not share this interest. 

Yes, the Gates Foundation (Bill Gates) is 100% pro-vaccinations. In fact, Bill Gates mentions it every chance he gets. He was on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week (high viewing figures). And have a look at the statistics at the end of this article - compiled by The Times newspaper and Zignal Labs (media analysis). Now multi millions of people are really aware of ‘vaccines’! And now that they know, they can choose whether to allow this to continue. People power. United we stand.  And looking at the amount of 3D judgement occurring in those viewing figures given; let’s hope Lightworkers are countering 3D judgement with LIGHT.

As we know, humanity is now in the process of having a supersized mirror held up to it to show facets of life where we have departed from the natural order of things. To achieve it requires a massive exposure and unveiling of truth in hundreds of areas. This will offer humanity the opportunity to review and reassess. These areas include the demise of personal and national freedoms; allowing governments to control us; complacency; letting pharmaceutical and big business industry take over; the radiation effects of 5G; vaccinations; food chemicalization and many other hidden agendas. Most of these things were already known by some people - who have tried their best to get that information out to the public. The courage and determination to speak out (e.g. Wikileaks) has, in fact, has created the basis that has permitted the current level of exposure to reach the general population.

This has been part of the Divine Plan for some time and many people have gotten themselves in key positions to help bring about the unveiling and ultimately the truth.

How exciting we are here to witness this happening here - right now - in this time frame.

First of all, just to establish a background here about Bill Gates. You know the recent highly successful 4.4.4. global meditations that 4.7 million people participated in? And all the other meditations over the years that have linked us around the world and of all the amazing connections we have between lightworkers groups, major networks and friends across the globe offering support to each other and the huge array of important information we get as well as the spreading of good news? Yes, we get it mainly through the internet, of course! But how have we been able to so extensively use that internet?  I’ll tell you. It was because of Bill Gates! He launched Windows in 1985 at a price people could afford, using an easy to learn Windows platform which included providing icons to hover over that told us what it was for. Plus, in realizing what was needed to make the PC (personal computer) with its Windows operating base successful around the world, he created it to be compatible with all other software thus encouraging creative minds to develop further software to make the whole experience easier.

But you may ask - didn’t we also have Mac Apple computers created by Steve Jobs? Yes, we did. In 1984 - a year ahead of the introduction of Windows - Steve Jobs released the Apple Mac computer. So, he had a year ahead of Windows PC to get computers out there around the world in a form a layman could quickly understand and use. But that is not what happened. The Apple Mac was very expensive and although offering better graphics more suited to education and media – it was not user friendly and did not permit other compatible software to be added. So, despite being released a year later, Windows 3.1 took over the market from Apple and reduced it to 3rd place by 1994. The release of Windows 95 contributed a further decline to Apple. Apple’s current figures state it has 100 million active Mac users. They also acknowledge Windows claims of 400 million people using ‘Windows 10. That makes Windows four times more popular than the Mac. However, it is generally thought that 1 billion people across the world now use a Windows PC.

I know that without Bill Gates giving us a computer operating system that we could easily grasp and afford, making it possible for the average guy in the street - from a farmer in Italy, peasant in the Andes or a native in Africa to acquire and learn a computer –we would not have achieved a vital component needed for the success of the Divine Plan on Earth. I recall breathing a huge sigh of relief when Windows arrived, after seeing the exclusive platform and restrictions introduced by Steve Jobs which clearly showed his Mac would not help us achieve our higher Divine goal. At that time however, I was only thinking in terms of one area I knew was needed – which was to bring all the dense buried and hidden areas up to the surface so it could be transmuted into light. Later I realized getting a computer into the hands of everyone had a far broader Divine goal. By the way, this is not meant to imply everyone needs to have or learn a computer. Many Lightworkers work through their energy field and heart base and are not required to get involved with technology. Everyone has their jobs and as long as we only do what interests or excites us, we are on the right track.

Looking at a higher view of Bill Gates promoting vaccines. It is entirely probable that because he is well known person whose actions get attention from the world press – he is the perfect Lightworker to act as a catalyst to bring people’s attention to ‘vaccinations’ – in fact hitting them full in the face with it -  giving them a choice. This gives people a new  to research the subject, be intuitive and decide for themselves if this is something they wish to support or not.

When we operate in our mastery, we don’t just believe what we are told – regardless of who is saying it. To blindly accept what we are being told without checking for ourselves to see if it resonates for us, hands over our power to others and reduces our light.   

People have a choice to believe what they are told or to see if it is true for them. Just because someone is offering us a choice is no reason to be angry or judge them. Perhaps instead, we could love them and be grateful they are giving us a chance to change.

It is all about choice. Everything is. And, of course, people power. People decide what they prefer. Many buy newspapers filled with negative news and live on chemical substitutes called food in supermarkets, get beauty products to look younger because society says young is good and follow lives of celebrities because they must be leading a better life. The list of learning offered in a 3D world is practically infinite. Everything on Earth will stay in some form, as long as there are people who need it to be given a choice. The minute people decide they prefer something else, their world changes. When a critical mass number on the planet decide they prefer something different, the planet shifts to accommodate that new reality and that reality now moves to the fore and the other recedes. When no person on Earth holds that reality any longer, it completely disappears because it is no longer needed to be present on Earth.

So, let us take a firm hold of this and commit 100% to this amazing and incredible time on Earth, by doing our part to HOLD THE LIGHT as things stabilize. Let us BE THE LOVE and stop judging!


Unconditional Love,

Sandy Stevenson

10th April 2020

Data compiled by Zignal Labs (media analysis) and The New York Times shows the Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist has become the favourite subject of coronavirus conspiracy theories.

Falsehoods have swirled online claiming Gates created the coronavirus for his own benefit.

Misinformation about Gates has been mentioned on social media and television 1.2 million times from February to April, reportedly more than any other coronavirus conspiracy theory tracked by Zignal Labs, a media analysis firm.

The 10 most popular Youtube videos spreading misinformation about Gates and COVID-19 have been viewed nearly 5 million times.

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has become a top target of coronavirus conspiracy theories and misinformation online, according to a report by The New York Times.

A range of falsehoods aimed at the billionaire are spreading across Youtube, Facebook and Twitter at an alarming rate, with conspiracy theories claiming Gates created COVID-19 as a way to profit from a virus vaccine, or as means to implement a global surveillance system, according to the Times.

Misinformation about Gates and the deadly virus were mentioned on social media and television 1.2 million times from February to April, more than any other coronavirus conspiracy theory, peaking at 18,000 mentions a day in April, media analysis firm Zignal Labs told the Times.

The Times reported more than 16,000 Facebook posts about Gates and the coronavirus generated 900,000 likes and comments this year. The 10 most popular Youtube videos spreading falsehoods about Gates and COVID-19 were viewed almost 5 million times in March and April.

Gate’s 2015 speech in which he predicted an infectious virus was more likely to kill millions of people than nuclear war has received 25 million new views in recent weeks, and the Times reports anti-vaxxers, right-wing pundits and members of the conspiracy group QAnon claim the video is evidence he plans to use the pandemic for his personal gain.

SITE DEBUNKING the claims that Bill Gates wants everyone chipped and compulsory vaccinations. The actual context of the conversation re digital signatures, etc.

The actual conversation Bill Gates had with news

A message just received from Joanna Cherry – ‘Today is the first day of the rest of the world. During the night we as humanity reached a turning point of transmuting about 75% of our own inner darkness into light. Thus the outer dark forces are imploding within, and crumbling without. We’ve thrown off their yoke. And it is remarkable how quickly this shift took place. What amazement, yet perfectly logical, that it would happen in the very midst of their last calling card (co-created with humanity): the COVID19. As we shelter in place, let us give thanks! It will become evident that we now live in a better world.’