This started as a few words concerning discernment after seeing another non optimum channelling being sent around the world and knowing some people will just go along with it. My few words have developed into a few more words!!

I’m sorry we need to be so discerning, but we do. That’s all there is to it. No way around it. But to be discerning, all you need to be is YOU. You don’t have to ‘think’ about it, worry about it, be fearful or anguish over it. You just need to be awake! Remember when Buddha was asked ‘Are you a God?' 'No'. 'Are you an angel?' 'No'. 'Well, what are you?' 'I am awake!’ We also need to be awake. Duality exists as part of the learning on a third dimensional planet. So, there is a negative and a positive. Some choose to be Light and some don’t. That is totally fine. Free choice. We just need to know the difference. Use your gut. You always know when someone is with the light – or not….if you are awake!

As ever, channellings go around the world telling us we need to link into some projection or meditation (individually or as a group) to save the world/bring peace/raise our own light/help the world, etc. The source is generally described as coming from some higher individual or group from some other planetary or dimension who is bringing us their message through an individual or organization on Earth.  

The majority of these are genuine and are truly of the light. Light beings are considered to be those from the 5th dimension upwards. There are also light beings in the 4th dimension but that is not a high perspective of truth. In addition, the lower bands of the 4th have many negative beings. The better channelled information would be from the 7th dimension or above. 

Some channellings imply they’re from the Light, but are not. Discernment is always needed. And just because some channelled information contains many specific details, doesn’t automatically mean it’s from the higher light realms as some appear to think. Maybe some lightworkers think only true Ascended Masters would know such details. In fact, so do the dark forces and anyone else who can tune into the Akashic records.

They also have another trick of asking us to connect to a Master whose name we’ve never heard of. They make it sound as though it’s someone everyone knows! They are counting on the fact no-one likes to look stupid, so they won’t question it. Sometimes they choose the name of a Master we do know, BUT they CHANGE a letter in it, in the hope we’ll assume they're referring to the Master we know. I’ve seen people link to 'Sanada' instead of Sananda!

Remember there’s always truth slipped in with the false data. Quite often there’s a lot of truth and the only false bit is the ‘who’ you’re being asked to link to. Or the false bit could be you being asked to do something intended to take you right off your own purpose. They do this by giving you something that sounds like it could b a valid purpose'. It will make sense - but only if you are not awake! Example: You are asked to ‘meditate daily while focusing on transmuting 3D dense energy on Earth’' Now, on the surface that sounds a worthwhile goal and something right to do! BUT we each have specific goals which are all integral pieces of the overall divine plan. Let us say your goal here is to help bring awareness that chemicals we use affect animal DNA. That goal wont' be achieved if you waste your time and energy doing something else.  

There is no Universal law that can protect you IF YOU AGREE TO DO what is suggested to you. As long as they state exactly who you are connecting to, they have not violated Universal law. You are not being deceived. You read or heard it exactly and you chose to follow it.

Many meditations are OK. The best ones don't suggest we link to a specific group or a higher dimensional master before or during the meditation.

A meditation that does not require us to link to a specific group or being is usually OK, e.g. ‘Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine the Light descending and filling up your body. Experience the Love and Peace of the Light for a minute. Then, imagine the Light spreading around gradually to your home, locality, country and the whole world’. In this instance, you are simply connecting to the Light or Source.  Of course, you still need to make sure you haven’t already given some prior consent in that event or workshop (or wherever you are) to link to someone they suggested – who may not be of the Light.

I watched some in a workshop completely accept the statement - 'Jesus is coming in now. Let’s all now make a link so we can receive what we need." Did you spot it?? No-one said you were making a link to Jesus. They only implied it. And you weren't awake. No Universal Law was violated and in such a case - you made a free will choice to link.

May I make a suggestion? 

How about we never, never, never, never, never, ever, hand over our power by linking in to anyone on Earth or in other dimensions, no matter how much we think the world needs peace or enlightenment; or like the idea that our DNA would be improved by an infusing of higher light; or we need to save the children of Earth; or have to forgive the dark forces and let them join with us to ‘help; (heaven forbid!)’ or it’s imperative we connect in the same moment to help a new planetary alignment - IF WE DO NOT INTUIVELY FEEL IT IS RIGHT, THROUGH ALL LEVELS AND DIMENSIONS OF OUR BEING, FOR US TO DO IT.


Sandy Stevenson

 Revised 18th October 2108

 (Originally May 2015)