We know over the last couple of years we’ve all discovered many things we had been previously unaware of. Some things are so completely unreal, it has taken quite some digesting. But out of it all, I think we have learned to accept that anything is possible and have consequently freed ourselves from ideas that things have to be a certain way. Although we may not necessarily believe some of the things presented to us, we have still let go of many things keeping us stuck in 3D reality. Well, here is something else that may not seem real to all! Perhaps understanding will come in time.


There has been a change of control on Earth. Covenants have ended. Despite the apparency the’ cabal/ dark force’ may still be in control of events on Earth, this is not the case. What we now see are the last vestiges of a diminishing and disappearing dark force from Earth. All overlord dark souls have departed the Earth and all who were being sustained by that energy, here and in the astral plane, are now disappearing.


As from 21st November 2021, an official line was drawn on Earth between dark and light. From 10th January 2022, all sustaining sources of support that permitted the dark force to operate, have been withdrawn and negative energy portals removed. That signifies the end of all false religions, all governments, agencies, secret societies, all control structures, Central Bank licences termination, United Nations IMF, World Bank, Federal reserve, Development bank, all reserve banks, NATO, UN Peace keeping force, secret space programme, all Royals sovereignty, societies disbanded such as the Knights of Malta, Jason, Freemasons, etc. All govts have been deregistered and cannot issue bonds or print treasury notes. The Monetary system has been recalibrated. The backing that sustained these things is finished, now they begin to dissolve and be replaced by worthy systems.


We are at a very special point in the evolution of Earth and we each have a role to play in the expansion of light now taking place. We are moving together globally to create a new world of freedom where every nation will be represented by its people and work together in harmony based on mutual respect, and create flourishing communities in counties, towns and villages, and have free health care and chemical free food and water.


Of course, we know our intent is good and that we work for the good of humanity and are aligned to Light. But there are many instances in Universal Law where a clear statement of an individual’s Intent is required for the Hall of Records. We now need to state (for the record) that we Officially Accept our Sovereign Universal Right and Align to the Source of All Creation.


Please stand in your Power and say this aloud.  

‘In the Name of God, I Accept My Sovereign Universal Right and Align to the Source of All Creation.


So Be It. It is Done.’



Sandy Stevenson