The Power of the People

A viewpoint.

It is my understanding that the incredible intention and desire for peace, compassion and tolerance expressed across the world by many millions of people, has already changed the world. So many people have joined as one unified thought, saying 'We don't want people to be killed. There must be a better way to handle things'. Perhaps for the first time people generally have become concerned about the 'enemy' being killed.

The display of people using their power of choice has been beautiful to behold. The peace rallies in 600 cities, thousands more in smaller towns, prayers and meditations involving millions more, plus all the other actions taking place, have created a major leap forward in the Earth's evolution.

I have heard some people say 'Let us hope it worked,' meaning they hope all the effort put toward creating peace will result in 'no war'. This is an expectation that one specific outcome must result from their actions. But, does that mean if the outcome is not realised, those people will feel they/we had failed?

I think it is worth looking at the idea that regardless of whether our actions prevent a war or not, this is not the criteria to judge success upon. To limit our ideas to a third dimensional expectation, in this or any other venture, is very likely to create a sense of loss if the expected result is not then achieved. 'Loss' and ideas that 'it is not worth the effort!' can affect our future commitment to other projects.

Remember, there is a higher picture with a wider perspective to EVERYTHING. The people made a choice. That choice has permeated all dimensions and the future path of Earth.

 The higher picture

From a higher perspective, there was a choice being made on Earth. The result of that choice was a massive vote for COMPASSION made by millions of people around the world. This was how the people chose to answer to the possibility of innocent people being killed in the name of war.

This amazing event (peace rally) enabled the Earth to take a giant leap forward on her Ascension path. The UK OMEGA Lightworker Completion workshop was consequently been pulled forward three years ahead of schedule.

Sandy Stevenson