I've noticed that many lightworkers think the Ascended Masters can always answer their requests for assistance instantly. My understanding is that it's not always that simple. Sometimes our requests involve them getting permission from many other individuals and I Am Presences involved and various other ramifications they can see from a higher perspective of that situation.  

When we have a belief that it should all occur instantly and it doesn't happen that way, we can feel a sense of loss, either in them or in ourselves, perhaps thinking we didn't reach them with our request.  

I suggest you give these things time before deciding it hasn't happened. We know there is only the NOW moment in the higher realms, but the Ascended realms are usually dealing with requests that do involve time and space. Let us grant the Masters the right to do things in the optimum way it needs to done. Maybe we could broaden our understanding of this area and stop always expecting and demanding instant handling.  

Of course you can add NOW to your request, but please understand that does not have to mean instant manifestation in the third dimension. Things take time to work down through the etheric into the physical plane. We often see this when healing of our own illnesses are addressed in our subtle bodies and then it takes time to work down through those into the denser energy of the physical body.  

I know we expect miracles from them constantly. I wonder if we will get a different perspective of this when we are back up there!  It will be interesting to see what is really involved when we ask them to: stop the oil spillage, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, whales beaching themselves or to help Auntie Edith’s bad back!!  

At the same time, remember the Right to Decree. It is of great importance that this right be understood by all incarnated lightworkers and used extensively to allow the maximum assistance of Light to the planet. I have covered this in a recent article called ‘Discernment – Light and dark’ which can be found on the Articles page.  

Rainbows of Light,  

Sandy Stevenson