Higher Self


We are currently incarnated into human form on Earth. Our Higher Self is the part of us that is not incarnated and retains the awareness and vibrational level of whatever dimensional band we have evolved to. 

I was recently told by someone they had a problem with their Higher Self. They were most unhappy with this higher aspect of themselves, feeling they received no help, compassion or understanding of the suffering they were experiencing. They also said they didn’t really like this Being and felt it was not something they wanted to work toward becoming. They wondered if it’s possible to dump our Higher Self. In this instance the person happened to be in conscious communication with their Higher Self. However, telepathic communication is not necessary for us to funstion with our Higher Self  

Actually, this is not the first time I’ve heard this expressed by a Lightworker and there are probably others out there who have similar concerns. It’s not something we talk about but maybe it needs to be addressed. So, I’ll explain my own understanding. I’m not saying I’m right; it’s just a possible viewpoint. I understood exactly what they felt and wanted to help clarify the situation. The following is the view I offered.

“Firstly, whereas you can fire your guides and angels, you can’t fire your Higher Self. The reason for that is because your Higher Self is YOU - in a higher realm. It’s not a state you are working toward. You’re already there. You just happen to have split off temporarily from the higher part of yourself and incarnated into human form to help here.

You’ll need to get your head around some things. If you are evolved to any reasonable level (and all lightworkers are) then at your true level you don’t really have emotions as we know them. Down here we tend to experience emotion thru the emotional body and hence feel that warm fuzzy thing. On a higher plane, you don’t. Instead there is higher perspective of compassion, responsibility and care. It’s not the limited experience felt though an emotional body. Up there, while acting on our behalf, it also acts for the universe as a whole. Your Higher Self is aware of you as part of itself and is very involved in helping you, but not always the help we think we need.  From their perspective they need to help get you to the level of mastery to do what you came here to do. In addition, they have to ensure you get back to the right vibration needed to return home when your work is done. Unfortunately, that involves often letting you work things out for yourself in the hope you’ll start handling things at a higher level of mastery. And that can be TOUGH for us. It could be called tough love. We often call it hell!

It can certainly seem they couldn’t care less. But that’s not true. It’s a sort of emotionless handling with a goal of the higher good of our individual evolution and highest good for the universe. Your Higher Self and the Ascended Realms know ‘from a higher perspective’ that we really want to finish what we came here to do and have worked hard over many lifetimes to achieve it - and that we want to return home when it’s done. They know if they keep on helping us and don’t stand back and give us opportunities to learn how to do it ourselves, the result won’t be ideal for us. Let’s face it, if we’re always being helped, it’s easy to just let that happen and take the easy way out. But it’s not the way to self mastery!

I agree there can be a lack of understanding from higher realms of just how painful or traumatic it can get down here in human form. It seems some things can only be assessed accurately by being in a human body! I remind them often of what it’s really like!

And there is another fact we often forget, which applies to all the beings in higher dimensions. They’re ALSO learning at that level, just like we’re learning here. They are not infallible.

You can’t fire your Higher Self - and if you were seeing it from your true higher perspective, you wouldn’t want to. From that level of awareness, you’d be able to appreciate all the assistance they do give you to help you gain what you TRULY want. Our true higher goal is not something we can easily see when we’re ‘down here’ incarnated.

The situation you have with your Higher Self is bringing up emotions in you. As we know, many things occur to us only to help us see reactions we need to release. Releasing reactions needs to be our first step. Then we are able to view it from a non-reactive space. Releasing our reaction causes the situation to change, because we no longer need to be shown what we need to release.

Your higher self is a sort of observer and you’ll probably have to handle most situations yourself until you reach a high level of mastery. Good idea to grab hold of this idea! Accept it and go for mastery. You can do it, you are already a master. It’s just a matter of resuming that state of being. Incidentally, when you reach a point where you no longer need help, help is abundant!! When you reach the level of mastery where giving you help won’t impede your growth, they will help. But of course, the help was always there; just not what we think we want. Imagine how upset you’d be with your Higher Self and the Ascended realms and your angels if you ended up in a 26,000 3D cycle. You wouldn’t be happy if you hadn’t been given every opportunity possible to release stuff and resume a state of mastery.

The general purpose of a soul’s evolution on Earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance their karma, fulfil their mission on Earth and make their ascension in the Light. The primary goal is our evolution - bringing an increase of awareness and vibration of the spiritual being. The goals of spirit are senior to our physical form.

Pain and suffering doesn’t have to be in our life. We only get pain when we’ve failed to see the earlier signs and so didn’t correct or handle what we were being shown. Whether on a personal level in life or nationally or internationally, whatever needs to happen, will happen. Even if we need the tough stuff to 'get it'. Pain in the body is the second LAST sign we get, death is the last. Louise Hay explained the cycle of learning to us all long ago. Reading my article ‘Paint with all the colours of the wind’ http://www.lightascension.com/arts/paintwithcolours.html gives examples of signs we get but often ignore and can end up getting sick!

Trust that your Higher Self is actually OK and ultimately you love them and they love you, even if you can’t see that right now. In the end, it will all make sense.

On our way home,

Sandy Stevenson