Discernment - how to test your source



The good guys will be patient. There will be no threats such as ‘This is your last test. You’d better pass it or you are doomed.’ Higher Beings do not have an emotional body, hence impatience is not possible.

No bribes. No offers of fame or excitement. If fame is involved and it was mentioned, it would be a simple statement of fact and only said when you have blended your ego sufficiently with Spirit, so that no ego likely to come into it.

No flattery. None of that ‘you’re special’ treatment - You are different from the others. Your destiny is different. You’re from Arcturus and so you are special.  Beware comments that raise you higher than the others.

No patronising or condescension. You’re doing pretty well ….considering!  No condescension towards others, either.

No mockery. Anyone who laughs at you or your failures mockingly is probably not trying to help you.

No objections to being cut off or ignored. A caring spirit won’t mind when, in order to rid yourself of some lower level spirits, you wind up disconnecting from some good beings as well.

No attempts to separate you from the rest of society. Statements like ‘You don’t need to go out and do anything. Just stay home and be quiet, because you are holding the whole world in balance’. Whilst it may be perfectly right that there are periods of quiet and being alone, this will come naturally. It is unlikely you would be told to do it. To be safe, just go with your own feeling of when it is right to ‘be out there’ and when not. Just a point here. Remember, Jesus had a 40 day period of quiet and aloneness. He did it instinctively. Then he went out and continued to speak with his family and serve in his community.

No attempt to separate you from the rest of the world with new and cool sounding terminology. There are quite a few new words around in the New Age. Many are totally fine and necessary. But if it gets really thick and complicated, watch out. Ask yourself ‘If it is a technology for helping people, can people understand it? Does it give people their power back or does it imply that only selected people can do it. Does it keep people relying on others. It can appeal to elitist pride.

No attempts at coercion. ‘Sometimes we must force them to understand.’ No matter how seemingly good the purpose, this is not right.


Beings who give specific timings for things are often from a lower level plane. They quite often aren’t seeing the higher picture. Most higher level beings rarely pin things to an exact time, allowing for free will and choice that changes the future.

No derogatory statements about anyone. I have found from my own experience that if (rarely) the Higher Realms want to address something in your own behaviour, it will delivered in such a way as to sit very comfortably with you. They never interrupt or originate a conversation to discuss this, but await your choice to speak with them. If perhaps you have been a bit distracted lately, they mention it lovingly and without a hint of judgement, often referring to it as a general situation. This gives you the opportunity to spot it in yourself or not and handle it or not. It is pure truth and perfectly OK. Well meaning and well delivered and it doesn’t make you feel bad, chastised, guilty, wrong or keep your attention held on it.

No attempt to encourage you to blame others for your problems. The masters are aware that you are a creator and not a victim.

No over-dredging of childhood traumas; molehills blown up into mountains. Fixing your attention on these areas can effectively keep you in the third dimension and stop you getting on with your job.

No attempts to impress you with ‘name dropping’.

No attempt to get you to align with a name of a Being you don’t know and have no resonance with. Just watch you don’t hand your power over. Occasionally a name is used that is deliberately similar to one of the more well known masters, for example ‘Saint Jarman’ could make you relax thinking it must be ‘Saint Germain’ and that it was just that being’s pronunciation that was incorrect. Or you may feel your ability to hear it clearly is at fault. Remember any being can say they are anyone they like. You may wonder why a master would allow their name to be bandied around. The reason is because Universal Law allows it to offer lessons in discernment. The point is it’s not ‘who’ has said something, but whether what is being said resonates as truth.

No expectation or demanding of trust. ‘Why can’t you just trust me.’ True Higher level Beings earn your trust, not demand it.

No demand for performance. ‘You must do such and such - Practise the piano. Learn the foreign language you’ve been putting off. Eat more fibre, exercise more, stay away from pollution, meditate for 30 minutes a day, have more sex and other such recommendations for intense, self-centred schedules are a bad indicator. Even if it sounds good, such as ‘earn more money so you can help more people’ it needs to be treated with suspicion.

No orders. You must do such and such. It is vital. The world depends on it/you.’ I have seen people sell up their homes, change countries, alter their work; because they channelled someone they believed to be a higher level Being who gave them this instruction. In these cases, not one person actually wanted to do it. But they figured it must be there own fear or being stuck that was getting in the way. No-one else can do it for you, you have to learn for yourself to follow what resonates.


No self inflation. Words about how wise or advanced the spirit is, especially when compared to ‘lesser spirits’ or you. You should not be impressed by statements like ‘I am from Venus/Sirius/the Elohim’ or ‘I am from the 7th plane.’ Don’t throw caution to the wind. Some people get impressed because a Being says they are from Arcturus or the Pleiades, whereas in fact, both these planets are still in duality so they also have Beings from the dark side. Material from the dark side of these planets is currently in evidence in channelled materials, even very popular ones. What counts is the wisdom of the truth that comes through. By the way it is extremely rare for the Elohim to channel to anyone on the Earth Plane. The person’s own vibration would need to be out of this world, radiantly and exquisitely high. The hierarchy is set up perfectly. Data from the Elohim is passed down in conceptual form, through the levels and eventually communicated via the Ascended Realms into thoughts and words that can be understood by us.

Be wary of subtle statements designed to impede your willingness to proceed on your evolution. For example, ‘The Light is static and unchanging’ (i.e. boring) or ‘The Higher angels are bound by countless rules and regulations.’

No implying that to re-incarnate is the right solution to handle problems being experienced by you, by others or by the world. The most advanced teachers in human history taught that we should escape the re-incarnation cycle, not that we should use it to cure ourselves of our karmic debts. Jesus, for instance, forgave people their sins, which implies that God can help us overcome our karmic debts, not through reincarnation, but through forgiveness and caring.

No implication or encouragement for you to totally rely on your ‘higher self,’ or any other spirits for your guidance and growth. We must learn to stand on our own. This doesn’t mean we don’t need some guidance from others in life, but it’s up to us to show initiative. Ultimately you are the source of Light. You are the God Essence and you are Light.

No rigid, step by step process of Ascension. Being yourself is sufficient. In that way, you will be in the right place at the right time and everything is happening as it should.



Sandy Stevenson