I am now in an age group some call old. The concept of age never meant much to me and I have joyfully embraced each year and passing decade as marking a greater understanding of life. I see age as a 3D concept that exists in all aspects of society: marriage, love, education, work, respect – everything. Age accompanies every media story and is often the first question asked about someone?  We see the emphasis society places on reaching ages of 13, 18, 21, 40 and 60. Something once said – ‘if you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be?’ Or perhaps better, "How young would you be?


I recently reviewed my life to see what I’d learned that I felt really served me well. I came up with a few things that gave me some higher perspective and helped free me from much of the 3D treadmill. Some things took years to realize they were not only important but vital if I wanted a relatively comfortable life of preferred experience, rather than getting continual lessons I needed.


Some aspects learned in my teens never failed me in their application. Early on, I grasped the importance of integrity, respect, justice and fairness and this really helped me. We know it takes quite some determination to overcome the desire to be right and to judge but what a difference if we can do it. Somehow, doing the right thing by people, animals and the other creatures we share life on Earth with, seems to offer a deeper soul connection to everything. It also helps prevent a lot of karma!


I am grateful for all those special moments that show something exists beyond our solid world. The points where we glimpse something almost intangible but know in our heart it holds great value and an infinite potential to change our destiny. It offers insight into a higher unseen picture to life’s events.


With guidance from a wise mother, I learnt in early childhood that promises made to friends, children and family were precious and sacrosanct. She also taught me that secrets shared with me, needed to remain with me. So, from an upbringing that highlighted the importance of honesty and integrity, I never felt drawn to betray things entrusted to me. This included knowledge that common sense tells us not to repeat, even when it’s not been given as a secret.


Coming of age at 21, I made a conscious choice to avoid the path of experimental drugs which were rife in the 60’s in London and temptingly offered a way to spiritual enlightenment. Instead I felt life’s experiences would bring me the truth I needed to gain awareness and knowing. I feel my choice has served me well.


I accepted the idea that viewing life’s experiences as being mirrored reflections could benefit me immensely. I knew if I ignored life’s lessons, they’d just keep repeating until I handled them. A strong desire to avoid a lifetime of repeating lessons gave me the discipline needed to work on myself. It seemed smart to get a lot of negative reactions out of the way, rather than having to confront them as bigger and tougher lessons that would inevitably follow.


I was aware communication is a perfect universal solvent that can literally dissolve life’s challenges, even ones we avoid facing. So, I spent time addressing issues to get more clarity to dissolve situations. Continually doing this has proved invaluable.


Something else we often do is to have our own ‘expectations’ and ‘outcomes.’ I realized these can interfere with divine order and divine timing. So, I worked on surrendering as much as I could, while maintaining a higher vibe and excitement of unfolding possibilities.


And like so many, I have worked continually on sorting out the difference between intuition and the mind’s thoughts. We are all intuitive, but ignore it and miss out on what divine order had planned for us.


I sense peace and serenity from oceans and music, from exquisite starry skies, clouds, sunsets and a deep love of animals. These are special moments where heart meets magic, beauty and stillness. I have cherished it all.


In the early 1970’s I realized what I had previously thought of as gratitude, had barely touched the surface. Seeking a deeper understanding, I found an appreciation for every particle, every experience and every person I encountered as an intertwining cosmic energy exposing a new realm of thanks, graciously offering me a chance to observe the essence and beauty of an amazing universal oneness.


I have felt very grateful for the exciting and rewarding life I have had. I feel blessed for the wonderful experiences of different places, events and people who offered a glimpse beyond this limited world. The grace of travelling and meeting many beautiful people helped me see their magnificence and richness of traditions and customs dissolved a bridge of separation, and replaced it with tolerance, compassion and love.


Perhaps the most precious of all are those moments that remain forever imbedded in our memory, viewed in joy, of a life shared with those we love. The times of fun rolling around the floor in laughter, engaged in communication that surpassed words. The many times of intimate heart to heart soul connection with friends, partners, children and family and even people we had never met before.


I am glad I chose to be a part of the learning 3D can offer. Maybe I’ve made it all sound as if it was easy and it wasn’t, but I’ve a lot of years to work it out and continue to work at it every day. Eventually we do get a bit wiser and more street wise. And we begin to see the patterns behind people’s behaviour and it helps us understand everyone is doing the best they can. We realize we are not victims and start to see life as simply moments of our creation and we learn the importance of addressing those creations with responsibility and integrity. We finally see life from a higher vantage point which allows us to walk on with more compassion, tolerance and love. Life gets easier and way more fun.


Love and Gratitude,


Sandy Stevenson


6th February 2023