(Edward O'Le-An)




We have heard many explanations regarding ascension, transformation, transition, and the Paradigm Shift into the Fifth-dimensional experience. So what does this all really mean to us in personal, practical and spiritual terms?


We are now all ~e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g~ into a fuller experience of Self within the greater Whole of Life, and experiencing the “I”…in The I AM THAT I AM of All That IS) This is The One Life that pervades All Things, and All Living beings.


Sounds nice, and impressive, but what does it mean in practical terms. This has huge implications at multi-dimensional levels. It is the realization of our spiritual inter-connectedness with all that exists, and all living things, once we remove any limitations of thinking, or belief, or separation.

When we acknowledge that we are spiritual beings, experiencing life in physical embodiment, we know we are capable of co-existing in spirit within the multiple expressions of life-forms, if we should choose to identify with them. We would then be able to empathise with them on their level of experience and expression.


We can experience “being the wind” and flowing around obstacles, while moving freely and joyfully. We can experience being the exquisite raindrop, or snowflake. We can feel part of a glorious sunrise or sunset. We can experience the power and turbulence of a storm, or crashing waves. We can experience the innocence and wonder of a child, or a new born filly, or a young lamb. This is all part of the experience of being “One with The Earth”, to include the Elemental and Nature Kingdoms of the Earth.


We can experience the beauty of Femininity, or the Goddess Principle and energy, or experience the powerful thrust of masculinity, the Masculine Principle of power and will. We can also experience Androgyny, the perfect balance of both, expressing in equilibrium. It’s all there to experience and enjoy. We can activate either aspect of being; the nurturing creative aspect, or the driving force of focussed intent.


Within Universal consciousness, we can also be in sync and accord with the Angelic beings, the Ascended masters, Lords of Light, and Inter-galactic travellers. We can expand our consciousness to be One with All Life. From this perspective we are open and receptive to the highest inspirations, ideas, concepts, and sciences.


In this expanded capacity we can truly be co-creators, and fully understand our responsibility to All of Life, because We Are One With All Life. To harm others would be to harm to ourselves. We can sense our unlimited true being, and our positive, creative nature. Once we dispense with the concept of physical limitations, we can move forward freely to be creative and imaginative, to manifest our dreams, and also the new projects that reflect our true state of being.


It will surely take some practice, and time to assimilate. First there is the issue of dropping the limitations of how we view our physical body, and the conditions it finds itself in. Much is caused from our own thinking, our habits, and our diets. Some is due to the effects of age, and some may be hereditary. We have always believed it to be this way; therefore “it must be so”, according to the old paradigm.


We cannot recreate the past in this New Paradigm, we can only resolve the past, and create the new. We are now in the New Paradigm, consisting of new energies and potential New Realities. Potential is a part of relativity, because we are the creators of our reality by living our truths. Therefore we have to “make it happen”, and we have to make it so! But we can do so with elegance and ease, and grace!


Let us infuse our creations with quality, beauty, resonance, and upliftment.


We are the collective creators of the New Paradigm of Planet Earth. The Earth Spirit has ascended, and so have we! Therefore we are creating the Fifth-dimensional New Paradigm of Earth. We are creating it on a fresh new canvas, so to speak. It is time to be imaginative, and to try something different, while gathering all of our skills and abilities and resources, accumulated over aeons of time.


No-one can do it for us, but the Universal Consciousness and the Nature kingdoms can support us in our creative ventures and initiatives. All-One-Life can support and assist us if we are flowing in harmony with the new rhythms and the new resonance.


This is a brand new adventure. We’ve have often heard of the promotional theme of “Life - Be in it”. Well, we are definitely “in it” whether we like it or not! However, the extent of our success and creative potential is our choice.


As we embrace the fullness of our True Being, and call forth Right-Order in all of our expressions, our relationships, our community, and our global environment, we will find ourselves flowing in the right rhythm and resonance of All-One-life. We can choose to add our support to other people of goodwill, or who produce quality goods, services, and who support environmental integrity.


This is the challenge. We are leaving limitation and out-dated concepts, habits, and attachments. We are shedding addictions and choosing to live naturally once again. We choose to be in tune with All of Life, and live as responsible co-creators in our full potential. We are choosing to flow in harmony with our natural environment, and to preserve our natural environment.


This of course equates with our relationships with the Nature kingdoms, the animals, and all things living in the environment. It follows through into the foods that we eat, the colours we wear, the music we listen to, and the song and dance of spontaneous expression and movement.


This is our new creative environment of health and wellbeing, our new ascended state of being! New guidelines apply. A New World Paradigm beckons as we emerge from the turbulence of major change. This is ultimately inevitable.


Good luck, and best blessings, Edward / O’Le-An.




“I AM THAT I AM - calling forth Right Order in all of my expressions, and in my relationships, in my community, and in the global environment, for the Highest Good of All, Always, in All Ways” (3x) ….I Give Thanks That it is Done!