This is not for everyone. That doesn’t mean it is confronting bad news. It means it may present a confusing and unreal view of events taking place on Earth for anyone who has not yet looked at possible higher reasons for 3D events. By higher, I mean what is likely to be needed from a universal position of an ascending planet. Most are not yet viewing things from this perspective. Please only continue if you feel you are really open and ready to examine a different view. Otherwise you are likely to get upset. We all walk a path of discovery on our soul journey. We process and make sense of different realities as we go. We settle temporarily and comfortably in the existing reality we have. When a new higher perspective comes along, we review that and let go of the existing reality we now see was limited in its reach. And life goes on this way. People with very fixed ideas of a reality of life, eventually get a kick from the universe to help them unstick and move on. If they still hang on, they will continue with as many lifetimes (parallel lives) needed to move past that reality. And that is all to the benefit of the soul. Although it is possible to make a giant leap in consciousness, generally we all move along steadily, increasing our understanding as we go. We can see we are becoming wiser, less reactive, more tolerant and loving and can see changes for the better. There are no points gained in rushing ahead. It doesn’t make us any smarter. From an overall perspective, it does not matter how long we take on our path. It is our journey and we do it at our own pace. In one way, it is far better to have solid proven basics in place which makes it easier to keep a steady foothold grip on life, rather than a roller coaster of highs and lows because we rushed on without really duplicating the spiritual basics. We all have different realities. This view may not be your truth. All that matters is that we are true to ourselves and accept only what feels right to us. We are all moving beyond accepting other people’s realities unless it feels right for us, and that is how we stay true to who we are.


This might not be the very highest picture but may be enough to establish an overview of the almost incomprehensible magnitude of the evolutionary shift taking place now across Earth.


For some time, each incarnated soul on Earth has been choosing their future. Often these choices were made prior to incarnating. The two choices are:-


1. To increase personal energy vibration and move from the learning offered in the third dimensional plane (3D) to learning obtained in co-existing in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension plane (5D).


2. To continue the learning available from more incarnations on a 3D energy planet.


For souls choosing to raise their vibration to co-exist in a 5D plane, they need to release all attachments to 3D dense energy. We each have multitudes of attachments to people, places, ideas, emotions and things. Souls are unable to move into a higher frequency while holding onto dense energy. It would be similar to being stuck in quicksand while trying to reach the shore. 


To assist us to release our attachments to 3D, the universe is helping by revealing a reality of life on Earth we were unaware of. As we see it, we reject it and let it go (and let go of 3D!). However, some areas of society are so deeply embedded in the human psyche, it is almost impossible for humanity to let it go. People are very attached to all aspects of 3D reality and will hang on strongly to the very end. Sometimes the only way to remove a stranglehold level of attachment is to remove the object of the attachment. In such instances, the universe will remove it. Could that be in Divine order? Yes, because each soul has made its choice for its future, usually before this incarnation. Each soul was aware it would need to let go of 3D as Earth shifted from 3D to 5D. It is common to judge a person’s decision to continue in 3D as wrong or bad, when a higher viewer is not understood. But we can see it would be of no benefit to a soul to skip a whole range of experience and learning they feel can be obtained by more 3D incarnations. The soul knows what is best for its own evolution.


One example of an area that humanity would find difficult to let go is food. Practically everyone on Earth is hardwired into the consumption of food. Most would find it impossible to detach. Many consider it vital they have 3 meals a day. Food is a major part of daily of daily life with the planning, purchase, preparation, eating and cleaning up process. Many will panic buy if shops shut for a public holiday. There is a great deal of over eating, compulsive eating without conscious thought, addiction to food chemicals, obsessions and barely any attention given to the ingredients which can be 100% chemical. Only a tiny percentage of World industrialized farming is organic, the rest is heavily chemicalised, including almost the entire meat and fish industry. Because most food lacks the nutrients bodies need, we overeat. We could all live on a lot less food. Fasting is also very beneficial as it gives the body a break from constant digestion of chemical food and leaves it energy to heal. There are swamis who have not eaten food for years. A quick internet search shows a Scotsman who, under medical supervision, went without food for 382 days and was perfectly well at the end. There is another little known food source, and that is Light. If we raise our energy vibration enough, we can live from the sustenance light provides.


Could humanity’s detachment from food be achieved in small increments? Has the gradient approach worked of people being shown one step at a time that this or that food product is contaminated or causes cancer? Have increased food costs or seeing some supermarkets go digital with eye scans and fewer checkout operators put people off in indignation? Did glitches with food production and delivery during lockdown help create awareness into using alternatives? Do we have a thousand years to wean people off the chemical food most believe is fine because governments approved it. I expect we know the answer. So, it seems likely that food is to be swept of the face of the Earth. Maybe that is what it will take before people consciously address the area and start growing minimal quantities of healthy food to sustain real nutritional needs. The universe works for the benefit of all. It will apply whatever is needed to help humanity shift from a path of destruction. That includes its reliance on a massively corrupt and chemicalised food industry, incidentally being a major source of human and pet illness. 


We see the universe stepping up this process with bigger events to assist people to let go of their immense attachment to food. Over 20 food facility companies have burnt down, acreage of farmlands purchased and many compulsory farm purchases made, governments are enforcing restrictions on farmers growing of crops, the threat of digital with China’s ‘no points, no food’, agricultural incidents, avian flu in poultry, contamination of food lines, increase in laws and rules restricting different food including vitamin restrictions, the advent of fake food, the shift to insect food, substitute and 3D printed meat, the culling of cows said to be a major cause of climate change. We may be upset farmers are losing their farms but if we think about it, the vast majority of all farmed and manufactured food in the world, as well as the soil used, contains toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. We may also be concerned about laws restricting and prohibiting some health foods and vitamin products. And yet the majority of commercial health products, vitamins, etc. contain many additives, fillers, talc for anti caking, even heavy metals, and preservatives are added to capsules and tablets.


Incidentally, land acquisition is another area we could view differently, perhaps taking into account the issuance of a US executive order that legally confiscates all property owned by anyone found guilty of treason. What if certain lands are now being held in trust by benevolent powers for the peoples of the world? Some people own a lot of land. Bill Gates has 270,000 in the US. King Charles UK has 6 billion, 600 million acres around the world, as does the Catholic Church (Pope) with 177 million acres.


The same letting go of 3D process would not apply to people choosing to remain in a 3D dimension. They need to keep that in place. Those people may seem to us to be ‘sleeping’ through the current world events. That would be in accordance with the soul’s plan for its future. They will carry on with 3D life and leave Earth at their pre-chosen moment to continue to other 3D planets able to provide the experience and lessons they desire at this point in their evolution. It is common for many to judge that decision as being wrong or bad, when a higher viewer is not understood. We can see it would be of no benefit to a soul to skip a whole range of experience and learning they feel can be obtained by more 3D incarnations. The soul knows what is best for its own evolution.


Although it will not be real or acceptable to everyone reading this, especially those who have suffered loss of those close to them, but because a soul is aware prior to incarnating of key events that will occur on Earth during their incarnation, many could have chosen this as a departure point to continue their journey. That does not mean everyone leaving is continuing in 3D. Many have completed and moved on to 5D.


And here is a small exercise to help you detach from 3D.


JUST FOR ONE DAY, every time you hear or read of ANY 3D drama– regardless of what it is, whatever the content, who it is happening to, wherever it is taking place, whoever is involved and whether its small or large – instead of absorbing the details and the dense energy, make judgements and assumptions about it, getting emotional and deciding it is bad or wrong – STOP.  Remember everything is in Divine Order. ASK YOURSELF - ‘How would this fit with a divine plan that is helping me/us/the world let go of the 3rd dimension on Earth?’ Think broader and higher! Think outside the box.


And for people who already know all this, here is more of a higher picture! The entire universe exists because you agree it does. Prior to your first moment of entry into this physical universe, you agreed that matter, energy, space and time exist and therefore it does, for you. If you removed your agreements to the existence of matter, energy, space and time, the universe would disappear, for you. Your agreements remain in place because you entered a lie into the equation. A lie causes anything to persist. The lie was that its creation had nothing to do with you. Pure truth vanishes things. It creates a perfect duplication, which cancels itself out. Truth is seeing the precise time, place, form and event of anything, which then causes it to vanish. Actually, if you viewed events of your life in exact truth (no lies), you would be able to handle any adverse situation. Earth is part of the universe. It is an illusion that appears solid so we can experience, interact, learn and grow.


Beyond all these things is Source Creation/God, of which we are all a part. Does seeing the Divine higher picture mean we sit back and do nothing. No, it doesn’t. We came to help and all have a role to play. We are shown our role by the universe drawing our attention to things that interest us. Do what feels right in each moment; raise our light, be who we are and carry the love.


We Raise the Light on Earth to an Ascension Frequency where the Fifth Dimension Becomes Visible.


Light is flooding Earth. Brace for impact.




Sandy Stevenson