Why we create illness?


I guess we’ve all heard the comment ‘There’s no way I’d be stupid enough to create this illness/condition.’ Some people believe creating their own illness means they consciously decide to create it. Although this can occur, generally it doesn’t quite work like that. Hopefully, this will bring some clarity and maybe help you see a reason for a condition you have.

As incredible as it sounds, we do create uncomfortable, unpleasant or painful events in our life. There are many different reasons we do this. Following are some possible reasons we create illness, but these can also apply to any event we create in life.

to help us balance our karma - or someone else’s karma we may have agreed to help balance;

to test ourselves or push our boundaries;

learn compassion for others;

learn unconditional love;

be willing to receive help;

show us we have judgments;

to trust our intuition;

gain sympathy;

increase our strength and mastery;

to get attention or love;

wanting to withdraw from the world;

to fill a void of dullness we created by not following our intuition/excitement;

to make someone else wrong;

having depleted our life force energy from intense negativity or over activity, we choose illness as a way to rest and recover;

make someone feel bad about how they’ve treated us;

the only way in which we can have the type of physical experience we wish to learn from;

teach us to be intuitive and realise decisions made with our mind or ego can give wrong answers;

to help us or someone else’s understanding and spiritual growth;

absorbed or ingested poisons (may need to learn to be more intuitive in future);

we may be ‘going home’ and have chosen this way to leave. Sometimes the way we leave is to reflect something to others around us. E.g. help someone make up their karma by helping us - or showing others a pattern they need to see in themselves;

fed up with life - feeling it’s too hard or too sad and have subconsciously chosen this manner to exit;

to get out of doing something - e.g. school, work, relationship, planetary task, project;

before coming to Earth we may have made an agreement to work through a particular illness or condition in order to help create a path for others with the same illness to use as a blueprint. This particularly applies to Starseeds;

an attempt to see a thought pattern we need to let go. Each illness stems from a specific thought pattern. The sequence of how this works is well worth real understanding. It involves a constant stream of signs in our life to show us what we need to release. It starts as a small sign out on the periphery and if ignored it gets stronger and bigger, working its way closer to us, eventually reaching our physical body as an illness. (Louise Hay’s - ‘You can heal your life’;)

There are other reasons to create illness, but these are the main ones. Ultimately whatever we create in life is for our learning and growth - as each of us work toward our universal goal of Unconditional Love. When that’s attained we’ve moved beyond judgment and truly love everything and everyone all the time. Each learning takes us closer to that goal.

We’re all in various stages of rising above judgments and attaining a spiritual perspective of loving everyone. To succeed in this, and indeed all we need to do, is to remove anything within us not truly who we really are. And presto, we’ve arrived.

With love,

Sandy Stevenson

10th June 2017