11:11    11th August 1999       



         11.11 Eclipse taken in Cornwall


      Experiencing a Total Eclipse

I have just returned from being present in the Path of Totality of the Full Sun Eclipse at 11:11am on the 11th August.  

I was located in a remote point on a cliff top overlooking the ocean, in the county of Cornwall in England. This most south westerly point of the British Isles, with its powerful, magnificent and magical energy, is said to be the birthplace of Camelot and Merlin. Here, King Arthur with his famous sword Excalibur created the Knights of the Round Table – to bring a new way of life to the people – harmony, peace and justice for all.  

I live about 7 hours drive from the place I was magically led to  - by a wonderful sequence of ‘signs’ that started from seeing a postcard of an old engine House in Cornwall which led me to Cornwall. Then, feeling I needed to go south from a friends place in Cornwall, we began looking over old land maps. Driving south we saw an engine house There are lots but this one leapt out). There didn't seem to be a way there but we went anyway - onto a dirt track just wide enough for one car. I did wonder how we would ever be able to turn around to ever get back. This track miraculously led me to the exact location I was meant to be. With my heart singing, we parked and I headed to the energy vortex on the cliff overlooking a magnificent ocean panorama. One of the ‘signs’ stood only yards away - a wonderful tall Cornish Engine House, now unused and open to the sky. Whooping and yelling ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ (well, why not!) I laid out all my crystals on a rainbow silk cover.  

Feeling the rightness of this location, five of us had gone to this place together, and we all now prepared for the momentous occasion soon to be upon us.   

As the time drew closer for the eclipse, we could feel the energy and magnificence of its approach, but owing to the extensive cloud cover, we could not see it. It seemed we were not going to actually ‘see’ this once in a lifetime event. However, we knew that whatever was going to happen, was truly meant to be. In case Divine Order was waiting for us to ask!! – we decided to ask the Ascended Realms for assistance to help the clouds disappear – ‘providing that was in Highest Order.’   

The cloud cover continued and even got thicker! Well, that answered that!  

Although we had no idea why, we calmly allowed what was to be. We had all looked forward to seeing this remarkable event. We also could have found places with a better chance of no clouds. But way above all that, we knew we were in the right place for the ‘Earth.’  That was all that truly mattered and so we were content.  

The ocean in this area, renowned for its wild waves attracting surfboard riders around the world, today was like a millpond of glass. Incredibly still and silent – it waited - for something!  

The sky began to change, seagulls calling as they soared over the cliffs, suddenly became quiet and returned to their nests to sleep. Everything became still and hushed. A strange quality of Light filled the sky. The sky began to darken and day became night. It was a most incredible experience, as for 2 minutes and 5 seconds, the moon - 400 times smaller than the sun, – blocked the sun completely from the Earth. Within the 60-mile wide path of Totality – all was still and dark.  

During that time, the Earth received her final codes for ALL Life Forms.  

I was holding my Atlantean Crystal, which has already accessed thousands of sacred mathematical codes, as it downloaded these final series of planetary codes.  

At the point of totality, the planet Mercury (rarely seen), Venus and all the stars of a night sky become visible. Wondrous rippling, crescent shaped shadows fall across land and sea and the normally unseen beautiful corona of the sun - its pearly white outer atmosphere - can be seen. As the moon begins to move, one sees the Diamond Ring. With no clouds obscuring the view, this and various magical patterns can be seen.  

We then watched the dawn come up for the second time that day. We had already seen the dawn rise around 5am that morning, in a sky filled with incredible pinks and reds. This second dawn was quite different. A translucent quality of Light filled the sky, and an incredible sense of peace filled our hearts, bringing a knowing that this really was a New Dawn for the Earth.  

She had done it. It had happened. Planned so long ago - and it really had happened. What a miracle! What a joy!  

The previous day we had been at another sacred site in Cornwall and whilst lying on the ground (laughing and having fun, as usual) we had tuned into the Earth Being and felt her tremendous excitement, accompanied by a little nervousness. The same as probably most of us feel, when something really wonderful, spectacular and long awaited, is about to happen.  

We then did a sacred Medicine Wheel at the receiving point of energy, as the ocean held its breath below us. We filled the wheel with crystals we had gathered the previous day from a sacred cave in another part of Cornwall – where crystals surface each day as the ocean and cave become one. A special coding process was also done and sealed, in the Engine House below a gothic shaped window that captured the picture of a glass-like sea.  

We were here, as agreed, in this place at this time, and that was enough. With gratitude and our hearts at peace, knowing we had given the very best we could, we walked from the cliff.  

Then the realizations began!  

1. We were at the FIRST POINT OF LAND - THE CENTRE LINE OF THE TOTAL ECLIPSE – TOUCHED, AS IT BEGAN ITS JOURNEY ON EARTH.  (And we had no idea beforehand!)  We experienced the longest sun eclipse time

2. We were at the FIRST LAND ENERGY VORTEX to receive the codes into the Earth.  

3. The thick cloud cover was absolutely essential. This allowed the codes to gently diffuse as they reached the Earth, thereby not hitting Earth too powerfully and so causing chaos. We later discovered from BBC TV coverage of the Eclipse, that there was a) 30,000 feet of cloud cover over the entire centre path in Cornwall !!! and b) that cloud had run the entire path of the centre TOTAL Eclipse line, right across Europe and every country up to Iran – (before Pakistan and its ending in the Bay of Bengal). By the time the Eclipse reached Iran , the Earth had already sufficiently tempered the impact of the codes being received, so no cloud cover was needed.  

4. The ocean was STILL, in order to a) contain all its energy in preparation for the incoming codes and b) to receive these perfect mathematical codes smoothly. Others have said the sea was still throughout the entire coast of Cornwall ! That night I saw the codes moving slowly below the oceans - in perfect symmetry - in large south to north sections, across the Earth.  

5. After we left, we drove a couple of hours to another part of Cornwall , where we went into the ocean. As well as its stillness, the feeling was incredible and distinctly different energy. She had definitely received a complete new matrix at that point.  

6. We had lost 24 minutes just in that one-day, bringing the time loss up to 6 hours and 25 minutes and 3 seconds in a 24-hour day. (We ‘lose’ time as the speeds toward the 5th dimension and ‘no time’).  

The next day giving thanks, we also experienced a wonderful change of energy and a new matrix within the cave where we collected the crystals. Many other things occurred, wonderful messages received and so on, but this I hope this will give an idea to those people who have asked  - of our experience of the day the sun and moon became ONE.  

We know that one day we will see this Eclipse in its fullest glory. We don’t need to see it, we didn’t ask it, but somehow we know it will be so. We may have to wait a little while until we get up there and see a re-creation!  But time is an illusion! And who is waiting! Such a perfection of life to be lived in each glorious moment – as we sail home on Golden Wings.


With Love in your Heart

Embrace the Dawn,

In Peace and Light,

A New Earth is Born.

Standing in awe of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Joy to the World, 

Sandy Stevenson


ATTENTION LIGHTWORKERS - following the total eclipse of the Sun 1999  

For those of you that are feeling a little loss of direction at present, understand that this is totally in order and may continue now into December, 1999. It has gone on a little longer than expected owing to some tornadoes and earthquakes in various parts of the world. The Earth Mother has to wait for these to settle before installing the new codes in those areas, so our help is needed a little longer. All is in Divine Order.   

Since the Total Sun Eclipse, millions of Lightworkers have been quietly acting as anchors or receptors - spanning several dimensions down to ground level - to help the Earth integrate the new codes she received at the time of the eclipse. This is happening over a period of some weeks - or some months in some areas of the world (up to 2000).  

If you are one of those who happens to be feeling unsettled and unsure of your future direction/ where you are meant to be/ what country to be in, etc. - just relax and 'go with the flow.' It is all perfectly OK.  

It may feel as though you are doing nothing, but this is not the case. Just be in the moment and be still (not literally!) and calm (IF it feels right for you.)  

You are giving the Earth a helping hand at the moment - in a different way than usual - so it feels a bit strange. Not surprisingly, as this has never happened before. The Earth’s Ascension programme is a new one - for the universe - and is not following the same sequence as previous planetary ascensions.  

We are ‘being here’ for her at this moment - a major time of final coding for the Earth.  

NOTE: This does not take the place of doing exactly what resonates for you in each moment. The above may not be part of your particular work. Follow what feels right - as usual.  

Love in Service,  

Sandy Stevenson