I was recently forwarded an email from someone who believed that on-line petitions don't work because they say that signatures and addresses needs to be present and also felt that our email addresses can be used for spam, etc. By the way, the majority don't ask for email addresses, so no chance to spam there. But I quite understand their viewpoint. It certainly seems that in some cases on-line petition appear to have no effect on the three dimensional outcome. But this is not always the case. The recent on line petition to stop the dogs being culled in Hong Kong did succeed very quickly.

Joyfully, we are not confined to the third dimension. We know as spiritual beings, that every intent and prayer, every thought of 'right' has great power. While that is not always immediately visible to each person at the time, it is none-the-less present. For those who don't see it, faith is required. If we understand that divine order exists throughout all life, we can then choose to trust there is always a higher perspective to every single action or event that takes place in our lives, individually, nationally or internationally, whether we can see it or not! When we acknowledge that other dimensions exist beyond the third, we can view things differently. We can look at each individual event and allow our heart to steer us and participate in those that feel right to us personally. Because as soon as we make a fixed stand in our thinking and say to ourselves that we will always do certain things a certain way or we will never do certain things, we confine ourselves to the third dimension and our thinking mind. That prevents us from being spontaneous in our decision making and able to use our intuition and heart felt responses.

An example of an apparently useless petition was the Iraqi war protests. The display of people using their power of choice brought about major peace rallies in 600 cities around the world. Thousands more occurred in smaller towns, with prayers and meditations involved further millions of people. This incredible desire for peace, compassion and tolerance expressed itself across the world. Many millions of people joined in one unified thought of compassion, saying 'We don't want innocent people to be killed. There has to be another way'. And yet the governments ignored that voice of the people and went ahead with the war. It seems like it all failed and it was a complete waste of time for all the millions who got out of bed that day and voted with their hearts.

But what was really happening from a higher perspective on that amazing day where people poured into the streets around the world? I was in London with the crowds, experiencing a most magical day. The Ritz hotel was playing 'All you need is Love' loud and clear over the streets as the city jammed to overflowing with millions of people from all over the UK, walked together, quietly united, singing, playing music, laughing and chatting, all with one intention and all with love in their hearts. There were so many people over the entire width of the 4 lane streets and pavements, it took all day for the last people to reach the park where speeches were being held.

The proposed Iraqi war was a divine opportunity for the people of this planet to make a choice between love and compassion or intolerance and judgment. There is absolutely no doubt the people chose love and compassion. From a divine perspective we are often attract national and international events that provide choices for people to move into their heart. The event known as 9:11 was such an event. This particular choice for compassion concerning the Iraqi war gave the Earth a major leap in her ascension process. The fact that some governments ignored the people’s wishes for peace was a separate issue which involved its own learning. One outcome was that a lot of previously hidden information has surfaced, e.g. we now have international recognition that governments lied over the claims of weapons of mass destruction and it exposed the oil issue. There was a lot more and there is more to come.

I believe everything has a higher reason for its existence.

So, I expect I'll go on as ever and will a) sign the petitions that feel right for me b) see whether it feels right to forward on to others or c) delete it.

Hopefully, without ‘thinking’ about it, I will get it right enough often enough!

It is all about ‘intent’. Signing a petition requires intent on the part of the person who is signing. It asks that person to make their wishes known to the universe.




An email circulates every so often telling us not to bother doing petitions by email or on line because they will be ignored and have to be  personally signed, etc.  

Just to let you know petitions can work without signatures. 

Some of us petitioned on-line to the UK Prime Minister to oppose the Codex Alimentarius.  The petition was listed on the official 10 Downing Street London government website.

With no signatures at all, the petition went up. You can see the first 500 names. Just click to see the full list, which is very long. Yeh!


The following EMAIL was sent from Downing Street to each individual who petitioned the Prime Minister.  


----- Original Message -----

From: 10 Downing Street

To: e-petition signatories

Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 10:42 PM

Subject: Government response to petition 'Vitamins'  

You signed a petition asking the Prime Minister to "oppose the adoption of the Codex Alimentarius (WHO/UN) proposals for restriction of the presently freely available herb/vitamin/mineral food supplements."

The Prime Minister's Office has responded to that petition and you can view it here:

Prime Minister's Office

Petition information -



The Snopes Website which one hopes gives accurate information regarding this type of thing - is in fact INCORRECT ( see ahead)


Email petitions are NOT acceptable to Congress or any other municipality. To be acceptable petitions must have signed signatures and your full address.