Karmic Absolution offer



Some Lightworkers have chosen to return home after their ascension but are not karmically in a position to do so because they graciously took on karma belonging to others in order to assist them. St. Germain has just offered Karmic Absolution for those individuals.  

Under the rules of free will and choice, you need to accept this. If you’re not sure if you are in this group or not, it may be an idea to do it anyway. If you are not in the applicable group, nothing will happen.

The steps to take to accept karmic absolution.

Be centred, still, peaceful, calm and in your power. In this connected space, you only need to do it once.

“I invoke my Mighty I Am Presence. (Pause and allow this connection to occur.)

By the Grace of God I accept the divine dispensation of karmic absolution.”


Sandy Stevenson   

21st June 2011