People are beginning to understand the concept of Karma. In fact it has now become a bit trendy, just like the phrase of “who someone was in a past life”.  

To take the issue seriously, we do need to understand what karma really is in the full perspective of life. It is essentially the natural law of cause and effect. This can be interpreted as “action and reaction”, or causes and consequences.  

There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives and in the affairs of nations. It is the outworking of cause and effect, and the consequences that follow. This is also related to the comment of, “history repeats itself”. Why is this so? It is because history is working out through the present time. The past is reflected in our present time. This means that if particular patterns continue to be repeated, we will see the same effects, as cause and effect is perpetuated.  

This also means that karma is returning to us the effects of the causes we have set in motion. Causes and consequences are the result of cause and effect. So historically, we are forced to “face ourselves” as our returning karma presents itself to us. This is how we learn from our own creations, and how we learn from direct experience, and not just from academic study or learning. Direct experience brings understanding, which is even more valuable than simply academic knowledge of itself. Knowledge which is proven, is valuable.  

Karma can best be understood in the timelessness of life. If we can consider that we actually live in a timeless eternity, then we can begin to understand the relativity of life, and the notion of reincarnation. Many skeptics will disagree, and argue the points against reincarnation because “it can’t be proved”. However the best way to understand life is to validate it and prove it to your self. You don’t have to convince anyone else of anything.  

If we are a spiritual soul, then our essence is timeless. The physical body form is simply the vehicle for the expression of our spirit. The conscious mind cannot remember everything that has ever happened throughout time, because the conscious mind is finite. It cannot explore or define infinity. The conscious mind is an excellent practical tool for studying, analyzing and recording data.  

However, the timeless remembrance of experiences is stored in the repository of our soul memory and greater spiritual I AM. This is where all experiences are recorded. We can only access this realm through meditation, which requires the calming of the five senses, to reach our neutral point of essence. In this space of quietude, it is possible to invoke the higher vibrational field of our soul memory and greater I AM, as a portion of Universal Consciousness.  

The only other way is through conscious dream recall, which usually occurs only when it is relevant to a particular phase of our spiritual development.

So in this timeless eternity, we do not measure time with clocks, days, or working weeks. Time is really only a measurement of events, or issues.

In timeless eternity everything progresses through a series of cycles, and tasks. When one cycle or task is completed, then a new one begins, and so forth. So this follows then that our soul essence is also timeless, and that life proceeds through embodiment in the physical world, the laboratory of spirit.  

This is the Continuity of Life. The soul chooses to re-embody (reincarnate) into a physical dimension (reality) for further expression, creativity, growth and development. In every new situation it will attract the relevant cause and effect patterns that it has set up in the past. This is an ongoing part of our soul development and learning from our own creations. We are co-creators with the Original Creator – God (or whatever we perceive God to be).  

A REASON: Everything that happens, is happening for a reason. There is an order to life that extends far beyond one lifetime of existence, or our legal and political laws. The natural law of cause and effect is what maintains order and balance in what may appear to be absolute chaos. This in effect, is natural justice.  

Eastern philosophies call this Karma. In our Western world we have a term of;   “what goes around, comes around”, which is similar. In any case, this is the Law of the Circle, or Cycles. Karma however, is not about punishment.  

Karma is about learning and growth, and understanding through direct life experience, through “meeting Self”. We can be told something verbally which may make sense, but it can be easily forgotten, or not practiced. This can also be the case with mental or academic learning. However, whatever is learned through direct life experience, will be remembered on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and at the soul level.  

A reincarnating soul will bring into embodiment a plan for this life. It brings in a blueprint of lessons to learn, attributes to sharpen or polish and fine-tune and connections to re-establish from past links. This can be for many reasons.

It can be to provide compensation for past misunderstandings, injustices or injuries. It can be to fulfill unrequited love that was short lived due to death. It could also be to contribute something meaningful to the world.  

The Karma of Choice. This brings us to the core issue of our personal lives; the issue of choice. Choice is a factor of our freewill. All of what appears to be chaotic in the world, is a result of freewill. These are collective creations, and relative realities. There is an Absolute Reality. This is relative to the Absolute Principles of pure consciousness. In the physical world of motion, relativity and freewill, we are simply learning and evolving these Absolute Principles.  

So in our personal reality, the Karma of choice is relative to the choices we make every moment of our lives.

These choices determine our thoughts and actions, and these determine the cause and effect patterns we set in motion. So the Karma of Choice equals causes, and consequences. What we do should take into consideration the likely consequences of our actions or motives. Even doing nothing also has consequences, because it is avoidance. This is simply avoiding or postponing the issue. But we cannot avoid our karma, because Karma is facing Self.  

Something that is not said can be termed as an omission. Omission is avoiding speaking up when it is appropriate to do so. We can be avoiding the truth by simply saying nothing. We can also avoid the truth by avoiding the question.  

CHOICE, is what we live for. Our choices define who we are. Everyone has the choice to make a decision. A decision can change your life. It could be for the better, or for the worse, but either way, we will learn from the experience.

We need to first acknowledge the issues affecting us. This is how to identify the problem, so we can exercise our choice in deciding how to deal with them and make the necessary changes.  

In our Western society we are blessed with many freedoms. We have the freedom of speech, the freedom to vote, and freedom to express ourselves in fashion, sport, art, entertainment and culture. We also have spiritual freedom.  

In the West we have the choice to experience almost everything. This means that we have an incredible opportunity to learn from these experiences, and to learn how to develop self-mastery. This is not possible in cultures where freedom of expression, sexuality, speech, and movement is limited, or even prohibited.   

Avoidance and deprivation never produced mastery or enlightenment. It is like imposed celibacy. It doesn’t work. Mastering a condition or situation or indulgence is preferable to suppression or avoidance. So while life in our western societies may appear too easy going, and a minefield of potential disasters, it is also a fertile field of opportunity for leaning and self-mastery.  

Freedom is a two-edged sword. Freedom requires responsibility. Freedom requires maturity and balance. It means maintaining right order and right priorities.

This is all part of the Karma of Choice. Choice is relevant to our changing times. Change is happening whether we like it or not. Old cycles are giving way to the new. Old patterns are being revisited for change, renewal, and reform. New technologies, new energies, and new inspirations abound for those with the eyes to see, and the ears to listen, contemplate, and initiate.  

We are co-creators with all of life. We can be the masters of cause and effect. We can face life with confidence if we can understand the purpose of life and the true science of life at all levels. We can be aware of the consequences of choice. We can understand how cause and effect is part of the evolutionary journey of life. We are better understanding that the karma of choice is linked to the karma of growth.  

Best wishes.   Edward Romano <<()>>