Foot and Mouth disease in the UK

    The bigger picture


MARCH   2001

As we know, we are experiencing a special planetary time as we all move toward Oneness.

Any areas where we consider that 'other people or other life forms' are something separate from us, will manifest situations to show the Oneness of all life.

Numerous infections have been found in the past 12 months in most animals/products in the food chain, including eggs, Salmonella in poultry, E Coli, salmon infections and BSE.

Now 'Foot and Mouth disease' has become necessary (because all the earlier signs have been ignored) to force people to begin to review the horrendous farming methods being used in animal production and to show humanity that animals need to be treated with grace and respect. "Do unto others as you would be done by".

Many of us did not know that animals naturally recover from this illness in about two weeks and there are no lasting side effects. Vaccinations can also be given, but a European directive forbids the sale of meat on the continent where an animal has received this vaccination. So the UK government chose not to vaccinate.

The goverenment chose a mass slaughter of animals on infected farms and those in surrounding farms. In the main, these were animals that had been bred to be killed and eaten. Given stimulants to force them to reproduce, the quantity of cows, pigs and lambs in the UK far exceed by many, many thousands, the normal level that nature would allow.

Because of the extensive news coverage of the slaughter of these animals, the public are now aware of many facts.

The large number of animals killed because of possible Foot and Mouth is actually minimal compared to the number normally killed each day for food. A recent TV announcement stated that in a normal day at the Exeter abattoir in Devon, four and half thousand lambs are slaughtered daily. That is just one UK slaughter house. There are 600,000 animals slaughtered in the UK each week. These are figures given by the industry itself.

This is one of many situations occurring in our world to break down the barriers of separateness we have created. If we keep this higher Divine picture in mind, we can see the reasons for many world situations, such as the current refugee situation.

Maintain a spiritual viewpoint in all situations. Try for spiritual compassion and not necessarily 'emotional' compassion (taking it through the emotional body). This allows us to maintain a higher vibration which in turn helps us to flood the Earth with Light more effectively.

Remember there is ALWAYS a higher picture to everything - personally, nationally, internationally and planetary.


Sandy Stevenson