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                   Earth’s Ascension      ( several messages)


Many predicted the 21st December as the date for the Earth’s Ascension. This was backed by the ending of the Mayan Calendar on this date. It was obviously a very significant pre-planned date.


If we tune in to the universe, we find it was indeed an auspicious date. It is my understanding the 21st was the day of the Earth’s Ascension. And on that day, Gaia the Earth Mother, ascended as planned, with her light bodies and left her physical earth body behind. A new Guardianship board have become the new caretakers responsible for the Earth, replacing Gaia who has continued her own evolutionary journey, as I understand it to the 7th dimension. This new board was mentioned recently by Archangel Metatron as being an evolved team who recently entered the earth for this express purpose.


It was generally believed that when Gaia ascended, that would include her physical Earth body. Metatron’s message given in my workshops in 2012 and on my website, spoke of changes concerning this. The Earth Mother herself had hoped the human population would all be ready at the moment she had planned for her own ascension, which would mean she could take her physical body with her. But as that time drew closer she saw there were sections of humanity who were not yet ready. The easiest solution for all was to bring forth a plan of leaving the physical form of Earth behind to allow those who needed it to complete their learning here, aided by the new added energy impetus of the Golden Age of Peace.


There are many people who ascended on the 21st along with the Earth Mother, as well as many millions of elementals and divas. Many other lightworkers assumed they would ascend at the same time as the Earth Mother and have expressed surprise to find themselves still here.


Ascension is a truth. Ascension is taking place all the time and will continue for those who have prepared for it by handling their ego and negative and judgmental behaviour and have truly committed to ascension as their path. They will leave in the right moment for them. Actually, a lot of Light workers who have raised themselves beyond fear and are committed mentally to ascension, and were open to receiving the information, have already been given the time frame of their own ascension. Over the past years, some people have already experienced a total lightness of their body and perhaps not realised they had actually ascended at that point, establishing the blueprint ready for their actual final ascension.


It is subtle, but if you let yourself feel it - the world energy field feels softer, gentler and quieter since the 21st December. There is a permanently new higher vibrational level for the planet.


Some people will 1. Dismiss this out of hand, 2. Accept it just because it is written, 3. Have faith it is true and 4. Know it to be true.

I would suggest a good place to be would ideally be 4, to know for ourselves. Everyone is capable of finding the truth for themselves. Nothing in the universe is secret or only available to a chosen few. Everyone can bring their mind into a quiet place, tune in to their deeper self and feel what is, and thus discover highest truth.




Sandy Stevenson

27th December 2012




Message from Sandy

November 2012

With the Earth Mother now moving in her own evolution, may each of us fully understand the concept of being a creator and commit fully in heart, mind and soul to the evolutionary path we are choosing for ourselves. Our desires, thoughts, words and actions are creating our future - whether that be returning home to the stars or continuing life in the third dimension.

Gaia the Earth Mother has been transiting from the 3rd dimension to the 5th for some time, ensuring all systems are in place for her final departure as she leaves behind her solid Earth Body. This is similar to us leaving behind our body at the end of each incarnation.

Many Lightworkers who have completed their work here and sufficiently cleared their own space, have already left. Billions of the various life elements that make up the Kingdoms of Earth; elementals, divas, fairies, crystal beings, etc. have been departing for some time via giant vortices on each continent.

Gaia is handing over guardianship of the body of Earth to the team of custodians recently arrived from the stars to oversee the future of it and of those of humanity who have chosen to remain.

After the Earth Mother and those who have chosen personal Ascension go home to the stars, three bands of reality will remain available to humanity and any Lightworkers who have chosen not to ascend in the current Ascension Gateway. These three bands exist to accommodate three existing levels of beliefs/reality held by those remaining. Each person will experience whatever they are creating.

1. A level closest to Ascension, where the newly entering Golden Age of Peace offers a high vibration of energy, giving a greater chance for those in this band to grasp the higher understanding and to make their ascension without too long a period in the 3rd dimension.

2. The middle way - the band is for the group that still have many judgments and thoughts that follow the patterns of 3rd dimensional learning.

3. The densest band of reality for those of humanity who hold strong negative judgemental thought patterns including ideas the Earth will be devastated via catastrophes and trauma. This band will continue to contain very dense levels of energy that are appropriate for the most appropriate learning experience at this time. This will be a minority population.

The blueprint for Ascension that allows for the ascension of the physical body is now fully established. In addition to raising the vibration of one’s lower bodies; the mental, emotional and lower spiritual body, many have chosen to also raise the vibration of their physical body, which then negates the need for physical body death. Many of us chose this a long time ago to assist the creation of the blueprint. Others have chosen it more recently, from their higher consciousness perspective.

The Light force came to Earth to assist the Earth Mother in her evolution to an Ascended State of Being. This goal has been fully achieved. She is now undertaking the final movements that will take her fully to her new state of evolution.

The Earth Mother also had her own personal goals. She had originally anticipated the likelihood of an ascension that included her physical body and all the life forms on Earth (all kingdoms, including humanity). However, as her final departure approached, she saw that sufficient numbers of humanity had, so far, chosen to continue with 3rd dimensional learning. Of course, many have also chosen to ascend with her. Gaia has therefore decided it will be of greater assistance to those remaining if she ascends with her subtle bodies but leaves her physical body behind. This solid earth platform will then provide an easy continuation of the learning being chosen. This idea may appear to be an alteration to the original plan. We, the lightworkers have always been aware of the desire of the Earth Mother to take her physical body with her and many have assumed this was the actual plan. However, this was only a personal preference that Gaia hoped could be achieved. It was not part of the original contract made by the Light Force who came to Earth, who agreed to assist the Earth Mother to ascend.

Gaia has not however shut the door on this area. There still remains a possibility of a mass shift of consciousness of the section of humanity who have, up to date, chosen a continuation of 3D learning. A mass change of reality would result in her taking her physical form with her. There are some plans in motion that may result in this.

Regarding the future ascension of the individuals choosing to remain on Earth. Everyone in this universe has the opportunity to ascend at any time. All that is required is that one raises their own vibration (including their subtle bodies) sufficiently to perceive and sustain a position in the finer, lighter energy frequencies of the 5th dimension. Although it is considered much easier to ascend when using the momentum of an open ascension portal or doorway, such as we have now, with discipline one can reach the necessary point of balance and unconditional love on their own.

Regarding the final ascension moments upon us, it is wise to remain open to all possibilities and not allow ourselves to fix on any one idea of how this will occur. Let us simply let go and allow Divine Order to occur and trust the magnificence of the Universal process that operates for the highest good for all.



Message to Lightworkers on 21st December 2012

I am advised by Metatron that it would good for the Light force today (21st Dec) to be focusing on peace and harmony for the transition of the Earth into this new beginning time. 

As we know, a lot of fear has been created by those of humanity who have not understood the significance of the Mayan calendar – and feel it means destruction. This creates dense energy that could create a few traumas here and there.  

The lightworkers, and others, can counteract that by pouring our intention of a peaceful and gentle soft flowing light throughout the Earth.  

Tuning in you will find that is also the wish of Gaia the Earth Mother, as well as the Higher reams of Light and is in the highest Order.