Discernment  through Mastery



The most important issue on the planet.This is just a viewpoint. You may not agree with my observations. I trust that anyone who reads this, will stay in their own power and hold strongly to the truth of Divine Order that resonates in their heart, whatever that truth may be.


As we come up to the magical Millennium, I look at the incredible achievement of the Light Force on Earth and it is indeed miraculous. All the hidden third dimensional issues are now up on the surface to be viewed. Allowing us to take responsibility and make our choices. Millions of Lightworkers are awake and resuming their mastery. Earth is operating on her new high vibrational leyline system. She has now received all her final codes from Hale Bop comet and the total Sun Eclipse (11:11am on 11.8.99) and she is now speeding toward her Ascension. Time is disappearing, as we head to the 5th dimension of ‘no time’.

I looked at this great wonder and the gift the Lightworkers have given in their Service role on Earth and I am humbled in the magnificence of the Divine Plan. What a joy it will be to witness the Ascension of Earth and all her life forms - and the homeward journey of the Light Force.

I think there remains one area where we as Lightworkers need to place some attention. That is on our own mastery. I feel it is a very important area. I believe that if we can effectively address this area, the change on Earth will be remarkable. It will make the Ascension process for ourselves and the Earth, a lot easier, more joyful and a lot more fun.

Symbolically, it is here in this new millennium that a new world will begin.


The majority of information given to and among Lightworkers, has a pure Light intention and works toward the Divine Plan for the Ascension of Earth. Even though this information comes from many different dimensions, most are doing their best from the level of truth that they perceive.


However, there are some sources of information who, while claiming to be a Light source, have the exact opposite intention. The best and fastest way for them to succeed is by using Lightworkers. Some are attempting to alter the blueprint of Earth, to impede her Ascension. Some are actively linking Lightworkers to their energy, in order to contaminate the Light codes that we all carry and to steer us away from our real tasks here. Although the sources of negative energy are small in comparison to the Light sources, whilst ever they continue to fool Lightworkers into handing over power to them, either by getting them to blindly follow their processes or by encouraging adoration toward them, they increasingly become a force to be reckoned with.


And it is not them, but US that are doing it. If we followed our inner resonance, willing to perceive negative energy without making judgements upon it, maintaining unconditional love, acting as a Master, quietly ignoring everything that did not resonate as 100% truth deep inside and followed only that which we knew in our hearts to be highest truth – through the power of God I Am, we would all soar like Eagles – shouting from mountaintops the sheer joy and love of life.


Just because we feel that an energy is negative, doesn’t mean that we have to decide that someone or something is ‘good or bad.’ We don’t have to stop loving people who do negative things. To do so would merely be lowering our own vibration to that of a third dimensional belief pattern – in this case ‘judgement’. Remember when we judge something, we become it. It is not necessary to condemn anyone. Everyone in the universe has free will of choice. That included the right to choose whatever energy they wish to work with, the right to their own evolution, etc. If you deny Rights to others, you deny Rights to yourself also. The answer will always be to love everyone unconditionally. What you can do, is to be willing to perceive (a natural spiritual ability) when someone chooses to work with an energy other than Light. You can then simply withdraw your power and input from them and their goal.


We all know when something resonates for us or not. All we need to do is listen to it and not ignore it. Be the Master you are and trust yourself and what you know. When you don’t acknowledge negativity when you perceive it, you throw your mastery to the wind. Then you have to attract lessons that will teach you greater discernment.

When you listen to your inner voice, you are able to make a conscious, informed (by Spirit) choice as to whether you wish to give your energy and support to a particular person, project, book, workshop, event or practise. Don’t be swayed by what others are doing. Trust your own inner resonance – always.


I have puzzled as I see thousands of Lightworkers follow a particular channel or guru, whose intention is clearly not to forward the Divine Plan for Earth. I say ‘clearly’ with reservation, for these things are clear only if one is in tune with one’s intuition. Otherwise, the misdirection is inevitably hidden by masses of truth or good deeds. Why is it that we are impressed and fooled by ‘special abilities’ or clever sounding technical concepts? Why do a few good deeds or fancy sounding words make some people follow blindly? Why do some people think negative energy would be very obvious?

I honestly believe that every person is capable of knowing when something doesn’t resonate 100% for them.


But we all have a choice in each moment of whether to be off in our mind or ego, or to be in a place of Spirit where we can receive our clear guidance. We also have a choice as to whether to trust in our own knowing, when we do experience a feeling of doubt about something or someone.


We came to flood the Earth with Light, and so cleanse the dense energies of the Earth and all life upon her. Cleansing with Light was the choice of the Earth Mother. She felt this was the gentlest way and would not cause pain and chaos to her life forms (as cleansing through huge land shifts and flooding.) As Lightworkers awakened, we began flooding the Earth with Light. This changed the ‘probable reality’ for Earth, voiding the earlier psychic predictions of chaos.

The intention of the Lightworkers was to raise the vibration of the energy bodies of the Earth (physical, emotional, mental, and lower spiritual) and all her life forms, including humanity. This was to allow the Earth to ascend to a 5th dimensional plane of existence.

We are doing this. I believe we can do it with a lot more fun and joy.


When we don’t listen to our inner voice
When we don’t acknowledge that something is truth for us
When we don’t acknowledge when something is not truth for us
When we lack confidence in ourselves
When we don’t trust ourselves

When we get 'caught up' in distrust, and focus on negative energy

When we fail to focus on positive Light energy
When we think we should be doing more to help
When we feel we aren’t sure how we can help (‘uncertainty’ is our mind or ego), and so we hand our power to someone who we hope is helping
When we don’t realise that it is possible for material to contain highest truth as well as lies
When we believe it is necessary to ‘know what we are doing’ (we don’t need to know!)
When we won’t admit (why??) that some people choose to work with negative energy
When we think that we have to dislike people who work with negative energy
When we become desperate for something big to happen on Earth (like UFO’s landing on the white house lawn!)
When we put our ‘lower will’ longing to go home above ‘Thy Will’
When we don’t understand that perception and judgement are different things. Perception is a gift of God. Judgement is third dimensional
When we think it’s being non-loving or distrustful, if we see something or someone as negative

When we keep agreeing with third dimensional patterns
When we believe we can’t love people who use negative energy
When we follow something, ‘hoping’ it is alright
When we bury our head in the sand
When we believe that a large number of followers or believers must mean that this is a Light source
When we believe ‘power’ must mean Light
When we ignore ‘subtle energy’ messages
When we aren’t content to be in the moment to let Divine Order unfold
When we assume that all the participants/speakers at events have a pure Light intent
When we fail to acknowledge the duality is being played out on Earth
When we go into agreement with 3D media chaos - and thus densify our own vibration
When we make judgements, criticise, or think in a negative way


When we stay in our heart/spiritual guidance

When we love all unconditionally

When we stop judging

When we follow our inner resonance

When we trust and have confidence in ourselves and what we know

When we are willing to perceive negative energy

When we quietly ignore everything that does not resonate as 100% truth deep inside

When we only follow that which we know in our hearts to be highest truth

When we use wisdom and not naivety

When we don't put our attention on negative energy, but instead concentrate on a positive energy focus of Light


I believe that a lot of Lightworkers lack confidence in themselves. They have the mistaken idea that they need to know what they are doing! You don’t. You just ‘be in the moment’ and follow what interests or excites you. Most of the time, you don’t have to understand it. It is often the mind or ego that wishes to understand it. If you are following your heart/intuition in each moment (you always have a choice) you will be doing exactly what you came here to do, whether you know what that is or not! Just trust in the Divine order and perfection of each moment.

A lack of self confidence, accompanied by a our deep-felt wish to help, can lead to a failure to be discerning. We may see other Lightworkers following ‘this one or that one’, and decide (without tuning in to our own inner guidance) that this is at least a way we can be helping. We grab at something. The most popular! The in thing! Some channel or person that must be OK (or we hope they are!) because so many other people are reading their books or attending their ashrams, workshops, etc. Power can then be handed over to a channel or guru, with barely an intuitive glance. It may not seem as though you are handing over power, but this is what is happening.

All that is necessary is that you use your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Trust in yourself. Trust in God I Am.

Infinite Love,

Sandy Stevenson

November 1999