As you know, over many years I have encouraged Lightworkers to be discerning of the energies they align with. I have written many articles and spoken many words over the last 40 years. 


The subject of discernment is even more vital today than ever before - as the final days are played out on Earth - with the ever increasing array of channelling, books, workshops, products, events and processes on offer around the world.


I have written several on this subject over the years. I hope we, as a Light Force on Earth, now all use our inherent God-given gift to perceive the quality of energy presented to us. A gift given to us so we may each walk the shining path of Light to the Fifth dimension.


We truly need now to go beyond the misconception many have that to acknowledge that an energy is dark that means we are being judgmental and 'not very loving'. Recognizing energy is a great gift of spirit. There is NO judgment involved at all, only spiritual awareness.


‘Perception’ of energy is not ‘judgment’ of energy. To perceive what is, it wisdom. To deny what is, is foolhardy. Perceiving energy does NOT include deciding that a particular energy is right or wrong, or good or bad. Attaching those types of thoughts to it, takes it from the realm of spirit to a third dimensional world of judgment. When we recognize energy, we can choose which to align with and which to let pass by.


If we have confidence in ourselves and our abilities; if we recognize energies that don't align with our Light purpose; then we do ourselves, the planet and the universe a great service.


As I have said before many times. Discernment continues to be perhaps the most vital area on Earth at this time. The vastness of its far reaching effects, both in its application or lack of it, are beyond imagination and comprehension. If we all truly commit to the practise of discernment, the resulting outpouring of Light could change the Earth in a moment. It is essential now to recognise out inherent Mastery, to trust, to know what we know, be unconditionally loving to everyone and align our power and energy to Light.


Sandy Stevenson

March 2011