The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness

where you no longer see error in any action that you do

or in any other human being

but see only the beauty and perfection in all things.


For the Christ Consciousness does not judge,

does not criticize, coerce, tempt does not condone

does not react negatively

For the Christ Consciousness is truly only

true wisdom, Divine truth, true happiness,

unconditional love and total perfection.


You will know when you have reached a level of

Consciousness of the Christ

when you are in a space

where you can smile at every human being

that you confront in your life

without passing any thought or word of judgment,

but look into their eyes,

which is truly the mirror of their soul

and surpass all outer influences of the human nature

to truly see only the beauty that exists in their hearts

which is their own Christed Being.