Sanat Kumara’s message about the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and how we are doing across the planet




For weeks I have been feeling a strong inner excitement; a feeling of anticipation. I had no idea what it was about, but I am always content to let things unfold in their own way and time. Then a friend rang 3 days ago to tell me she had just received a vision and felt she had to tell me. What she saw were many thousands of heavenly beings; Archangels, Ascended Masters and angels, about 10 deep dressed in gold and white light, in a huge celebration procession. She said it was magnificent and truly profound. As she watched, she felt a flow of immense gratitude being directed from these beings to the Lightworkers and people of Earth. She was unsure as to what it all meant. As her intuition is excellent, after she phoned me I sat quietly to see if I was meant to know more about that. I then received an understanding of it from Sanat Kumara and realised my friend had rung me so I could pass the information on to you. Check your own inner guidance to see what feels right for you. This event has been predicted in various forms for this time period.   

Sandy Stevenson


From Sanat Kumara

It is with great joy that I am able to speak with you today. The plan for Earth has been proceeding extremely well and it is anticipated that many things will be at a point of completion as we speak to you. 

The many buried areas that were once but a dim element surfacing only occasionally, are now fully in the public eye and open for inspection by governments and peoples alike.  

The planet as a whole is on target with its ascension goal. It is busy bringing to the fore all hidden issues. It has achieved an incredible amount in a very short space of time. Looking at the planet as a whole, there is currently 89% of past hidden material now available on the surface to be addressed. Some issues have been fully addressed and are now handled, but much is in the process of changing, as new ways of handling come into existence. All the issues and the relevant handlings of them have a time frame and sequence. As a hidden issue is presented to the world, the various methods for handling it also come forth. These options include the most optimum handling.  

There are millions of lightworkers in place covering every avenue of life, and they are now bringing forth their solutions. When new solutions to a situation are brought to light, it is then up to all the individuals to choose which option they want to add their strength to. Sometimes, this can be a local issue or a solution to a national or world problem.  

The universal rule is that the greater voice wins. So, whichever choice has the greater number of people speaking out for it (or agreeing to it), that is the one that moves into the stronger position of possibility.  

This changes to some degree on a planet that is being assisted by lightworkers, such as Earth is at present. Lightworkers are permitted to speak for their own soul families. So, it often happens that a lightworker is strategically placed to voice a specific solution they have a higher understanding on. In this type of situation, while it may look as though there are a lot of people who do not wish it, this solution can take precedence. This is because the lightworker may be speaking on behalf of an even larger group.

On a third dimensional reality, if six people vote for something and one person votes against it, usually the six win the vote. However, from a higher dimensional perspective, there are instances where one person has the right to speak for a thousand others. Universal law dictates then, that the thousand have the right. It is similar to having proxy votes for other people at an annual general meeting. 

You, as lightworkers, have often taken the brunt of opening the many hidden areas that needing to be viewed and reconciled to the new planetary vibration of energy. You have frequently been on the front line of fire as these areas became known to the public and we thank you for your great willingness to ‘take the flack’, as you say. 

There are areas of education and some monetary areas that still need to surface but aside from that, you will find that most other areas have now been raised to a conscious level. That doesn’t mean they have necessarily been handled but they are in the pipeline. Issues with disabled people, the plight of whales, the annihilation of some species of animals and insects - are some of the many areas still to be resolved – but are now on the surface rather than being buried from sight in the denser energies. 


England oh England. Where do I begin? The lightworkers of England have done so incredibly much so incredibly well; it is hard to express in words just what you have achieved. You have taken so much of the denser energies of the planet and restored them to their former glory. I say it as one sentence which sounds so minimal, but the value of it in infinite. It is one of the toughest and most essential tasks on the planet. It requires stamina that almost defies reality. You all saw the efforts of one of your English lightworkers – the Princess Diana, who released huge amounts of dense, buried energy as people’s emotions were raised upon her death. She did what you each achieve daily, but not always on as public a platform.  

England’s key purpose, therefore, is to release the dense energies of the planet. So, the lightworkers of England took on the very densest of energy patterns. The transmuting of these patterns cannot occur too quickly; as would happen if too much higher/finer frequency light was poured in fast, because the mathematics of the blueprint would be too fast for most of humanity to be able to use it to successfully release their own dense patterns. So, England maintains a reasonable, but somewhat denser, energy field across the country while the lightworkers there continue to transmute all the dense energy patterns contained in the various patterns. A huge planetary blueprint is being created from England for the whole planet.

Later addition: The UK also has an agreement and specific role to transmute dense energy trauma taken from the continent of Europe. The frequent grey skies in the UK are this energy being drawn to the UK and the frequency of rain is the transmuting of that dense energy.

Some countries on Earth, such as Australia, have a lighter and finer energy and it is therefore much easier for the lightworkers to experience life there. The specific higher vibration they experience there is required in order to achieve the goals Australia has undertaken in the overall plan (see Sanat’s message for Australia).  

The energies of England are a deeper and slower moving energy and this is exactly as you planned it. This was the type of energy required to achieve the goals of this island. It has not been so easy for you, as it is more difficult to work in a denser and heavier energy field. However, the goals of England would never have been achieved without the correct field and your willingness to balance between light vibrations within yourselves and operating in a dense field around you. I have heard lightworkers express concern sometimes of the dense energy they continue to experience in the UK and wonder why it is not as light as they see and feel in some other parts of the world. Considering all the work you know you have been doing for such a long time, your query is understandable. But do not underestimate your abilities; you have more than succeeded in what you set out to do. In many cases, you have gone beyond what you had originally planned. 

The ability most needed now is that of trust, in yourself as an individual and in the overall excellence of the plan. Having that trust held firm in your head and heart will allow you to dismiss any belief in people who express doom. Faith is one of the biggest areas to conquer in fact. When you do not have total faith in yourself, when you allow doubt to creep in about your own abilities and those of your co-workers or you doubt the divine plan so beautifully and comprehensively arranged so long ago, you can weaken your own inner light. This makes your work harder to do and makes you experience less than joy in your life. If anyone is not generally experiencing joy, fun, appreciation, gratitude and happiness it is often because you are compromising your own truth and reality. In other words, somewhere in your life you are not taking the plunge to follow your heart call. Your inner guidance is excellent and that applies to those who think theirs is not so good! You need only to listen carefully to the quiet voice inside you; the one that takes you beyond the fear, the need for security or the many other beliefs that can exist around the need for a safe existence. Often the fear involved in doing what you would truly love to do is from a doubt you have about your own capability to do it. A life following your own truth is a joy to behold.

Remember, for all the old souls, this is a time for going home, a reunification with your Twin Flame forever – an end to life in physical form – and the beginning of a new adventure into higher dimensions of wonderment. I express to you to take this wonderful life you have now in physical form and enjoy it as you are meant. Know that you deserve to express and experience your joy and contentment. It is not as difficult as some of you feel. You only need to let go of all that prevents you from taking that step. For what you may think is unknown to you, is in fact totally known. 


Lightworkers of Scotland – you have come a long way in the goals you set out to achieve for your area of the world. You have a slightly different plan that that of the countries around you. You planned a much steadier course that was intended to take a little longer but it would be more tolerant and easier on the inhabitants of Scotland. You choice was a slower and gentler approach at releasing the belief patterns and buried emotions stored in the Scottish psyche. You have also discovering many areas to release that were not previously known to you. These were patterns held by many of those entering your country, which you recognised as needing to be raised to light. This increased your work a little. Therefore, whereas you had expected to be free and clear of all buried matters being brought to the surface, it has taken a little longer than expected. However, you are now 87% clear in your own country. The schedule now for the remaining 13% releasing required in Scotland is estimated at July 2008. After this time, you will find a vast increasing of light quotient in Scotland, first on the east coast, then the west. You will all feel a lot better as you can then allow your inner light to match the outer frequency. It is always a much more comfortable space to experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable now as well. You are evolved beings and can withstand great pressures of energy – while still being completely happy and feeling light within yourself. There is a great care and camaraderie between the peoples of Scotland. You have a respect for each other that carries itself into a part of the blueprint and helps others. Other than the specifics mentioned you have many similar goals to that of England and Wales. There is also stored ancient energy in Scotland, similar to England and Wales and that is released at specific times and integrated, codes and all, into Scotland and the blueprint. Much of this energy was brought from Atlantis and stored in sacred unknown places. There is still a lot of old Atlantean energy to be released with a huge store planned for release in 2008. There are certain lightworkers who are responsible for the releasing of this energy and they carry the codes to achieve that. You each carry the codes for your specific work here and each role is as vital as the other.


The magic you bring to the world is a key role for the lightworkers of Ireland.  You carry a great musical talent, which on the surface is fun and joy for the people but in addition, has a great purpose for the world. The ‘Music of the Spheres’ is a part of this universe that exudes an exquisite vibration of light and a sound that cannot be described. It fills the heart with pure joy. It is more visible in the higher dimensions, but can be heard inside yourself if you tune into that frequency of light. The Irish people carry this essence within themselves and the whole of Ireland carries it, held in place by the core force; the lightworkers. You keep it there. They carry it. It was never going to be sufficient for the Irish lightworkers to hold this energy alone. It needed the whole country to keep it functioning for the whole planet. This then allows music to be created that reaches the hearts, minds and souls of all mankind keeping people aligned to the Music of the Spheres and the essence of creation. Every songwriter, every musician on Earth can tune into this as a possibility, any many do, certainly in sufficient numbers to keep the light essence of music heard across the planet. The energy of Ireland is a little lighter in vibration that it’s surrounding countries – although not excessively so. This allows it to support the work of it’s neighbours as well as totally supporting its own goals with the music as well as its extensive work in the fairy and elemental kingdoms. The key codes for the unseen kingdoms have been set in Ireland for a very long time, in fact, for so long it has become part of the psyche of the country. The fairy kingdoms are extremely grateful for your long term care and understanding of their more fragile natures. It has helped them so much to do their work and made the bridging between their kingdom and the human kingdom so much gentler for them. They are beginning to depart as they complete their work here, sustaining the world of nature and form. 


The Welsh lightworkers have a similar function to that of England with clearing of dense energies, but they also have an element of music. This role differs from Ireland in that they are responsible for the inner earth vibrating to the sound of music. This refers to the entire earth mass which includes all the elemental, nature and crystal worlds. All these forms of life require a musical vibration to exist in an optimum way. Another huge task, but all countries play a great and important part on the overall plan and its success.


Hong Kong has long been a melting pot, so to speak, for many cultures to enter and bring richness to the area. In its own way, it has been a great example of how a relatively small area can self sustain. The only difficulties experienced are when people begin to place money above the senior commitment of serving others and concentrating on product quality. It is a place of great joy in a spiritual sense. It is not always so obvious but there is a great deal of contentment in this isle. The people who are drawn to HK are those with an adventurous spirit and have usually been part of pioneering groups for many lifetimes past; people with courage who are unafraid to take on new challenges and begin new areas of design and culture. Those who come here are part of the overall team of original lightworker inhabitants who came to set a new pace for the modern world and show what could be achieved. That was their goal and their part of Earth’s Ascension plan. It allowed great movement commercially across the planet as it created a new blueprint. It has not been an obvious task for the lightworkers here, so some people have been unsure as to whether they are doing their part in the plan. Rest assured you have been doing exactly as you set out to do. The codings of the commercial world have been your priority and this you all do, whether consciously aware of it or not. It has truly helped all the world and we thank you. Many of you have great friends waiting excitedly for your completion here as you return to the planets you came from. 


Australia has always held a vital role in the planetary changes taking place. It holds the path of the new Endeavour, an apt name for Captain Cook’s ship. It is a country made up of individuals; born in Australia and other nationalities; who are able to take the initiative and start new projects. A country of high standards and originality, born from a wilderness.  

The people are strong and proud of their heritage and can show great strength when they consider it is warranted. Meanwhile they tend to refrain from interchanges that promote discord. There is a reason for this. It is because it is on this continent of Australia that the core plan for Unconditional love is being enacted out.  

 The continent of Australia operates in a high frequency of light. This is deliberate and vital to its role. Huge amounts of energy are brought into this country to be transmuted into a vortex of energy. Generally speaking, all the energy brought in is of a denser nature.  This is because Australia is like a melting pot, although a ‘transformational pot’ would be a more apt name. The lower or dense energy is transmuted into a higher frequency of light and then transported into a special holding place of mathematical records. A complete recording takes place. It contains the original dense energy imprint, along with its new higher vibrational transmuted pattern. This record becomes another piece in the jigsaw in the creation of a world blueprint for Unconditional love. The transmutation of these energies takes place in an area known as Byron Bay, an ocean town at Australia’s most easterly point.

People from all walks of life and all countries are called to Byron Bay. Once there, whatever they are carrying that requires transmutation into the blueprint, is raised to a conscious level and passed to a resident light worker. This can be a little tough for people who think they are going to Byron Bay on holiday, as they can find themselves being quite emotional. The resident light workers receive the information and carry it to the vortex. It is transmuted and becomes part of the planetary bridge that allows humanity to ascend with the Earth.  

There are many different forms of energy taken to this location. A full spectrum covers of all types of unpleasant emotions, conditions and illnesses. An example could be ‘If a lightworker had been ill and has then overcome that illness, they may feel called to visit Byron Bay. As you know, we all carry energy imprint records of everything that happens to us. That person will be carrying the imprint of their original illness, the steps they took to handle it, and the pattern of their final state of good health.  

Sometimes instead of a person coming to Byron Bay, a resident lightworker from Byron Bay may feel drawn to go somewhere in Australian or overseas. They then make contact with the person holding the data and a transfer is made. This doesn’t necessarily require the conscious knowledge of either individual. It is done in mathematical form. 

The entire continent of Australia upholds a specific high vibrational band of Light that allows the continued creation of this blueprint. Australian lightworkers make sure the energy level never goes lower than a certain point. To this end, there is a tendency for Australians to stay detached from world affairs and is the reason for much of the laid back approach they have to life. This was intended. 

As good and necessary as the laid back approach is, Australian Lightworkers need to also be aware of times they need to stir up a little trouble. In other words, times they need to address issues that will affect the overall well being of the citizens of Australia and may in consequence affect achieving its spiritual goals. There is a balance in all things. There is a balance between maintaining the harmony that allows the blueprint for unconditional love to continue, but also to continue to ensure the freedom of individuals who live there. It is also needs to remain free enough to allow people to enter the country and move freely around.  

Australia is doing a wonderful job in its special and unique task. Many are involved. Some people know this and others do not. Our spiritual undertakings are not always done consciously. This is generally for the highest good. However, there are instances where it is more beneficial for someone to more fully understand their purpose here. If you are a person who will benefit from consciously knowing your purpose then you will have been given many signs. Be on the lookout for signals that point your way. You may not yet realise what you are being shown.  

For most people it is not so important to understand the specific details. Too many details can be quite confusing and can muddy the picture and your work becomes affected. This is the reason most of you chose to only receive what you need to get the job done. You did arrange that a long time ago and at the time you did not foresee you might be tearing your hair out trying to figure out what you are meant to be doing here. At the time you created this plan you thought you would be swinging along, happily trusting in something if it felt right. You felt you would just do it and not question it. And of course, that is what you all do, don’t you? 

You have a special job here, whether you were born here or migrated or are here on a visit. Lightworkers who are drawn to be a part of the Australian goal bring a wealth of wisdom and love to this place. It pours through the heart of Australia, sending a constant stream of high vibrational light energy to the core of the blueprint. This is the blueprint that will ultimately change the world. The goal of Unconditional love is the universal goal for everyone on Earth. Every lesson we receive as an individual or as a race has been toward this goal to help us be greater, to rise above petty differences and indifferences and to be the essence of love, grace and exquisite wisdom.  

On a Planetary Level

On a planetary level, we expect everything now to proceed as planned and there appears to be nothing that can impede the swift progress being made by Mother Earth toward her destined goal of a higher frequency of Light that supports the state of Ascension. Those who would seek to alter this state, still frequently attempt to inform the world of physical disasters that need to occur to cleanse the Earth of her debris. They make such statements in the hope that they will be believed and therefore have energy attached to that outcome to give it some possibility of occurrence. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them, most lightworkers are aware that they create their own reality and refuse to allow these thoughts to become manifest as real possibilities. 

There are some hardships to undertake when one is taking a planet to a new place of light. I know you understand what I say, as many of you have undertaken these hardships in order to bring about the result we all agreed upon so long ago. It is not always easy to bear. Please do not think we don’t understand what it can be like when one is in a physical body and hence subject to the heavier emotions and pains. We hear your pain and we feel your anguish. We do all we can to help. You are never abandoned. However there are times when we must stand back and allow the completion of what is occurring because we can see the higher outcome and we know that despite what you may think at that time, you would not be very happy if we stepped in and upset things you have sometimes worked on for a multitude of lifetimes to achieve. 

The animals and all such similar life forms on Earth now have their entire bodies coded that will allow them to proceed into the highest Light with the Earth Mother. The oceans of Earth are currently received new mathematical codings to allow a smooth transition from 3D to 5D. There are several dozen Lightworkers around the Earth who frequent the ocean areas and completing passing of codes to the oceans. The oceans have been blessed by receiving great amount of light over many years and are generally functioning at a very high frequency of light. The ocean is a good place to go if you feel you need a fast input of light and healing. Have a swim in the ocean or absorb the rays of high energy it emits. The forests are also doing well but generally function at a slightly lower level of energy as they need to sustain many life forms that live upon the land, some of which require a little denser energy at this time. That will all catch up as things proceed – and that can happen very rapidly. 

It may seem at times that things aren’t going so well when you see various apparently disastrous events take place in your world. I would like to say that quite often the disasters that appear the greatest are those that achieve the most beneficial results. Many of these events bring about far greater understanding, compassion and love than was previously thought possible. The event in the USA called 9.11 was one such example. The Tsunami, the bombings in London, the deaths of key personalities such as the Princess Diana and Mother Theresa all play a major role in the outcome of the Ascension plan for Earth. Events do not just happen; most things are specifically designed to bring about a certain result.  

There is a finite plan in play although sometimes it is not so clear to see the role each part plays. Sometimes it is not even clear to see the role that you as an individual play, but I assure there is a role and you are a key player and an integral part of the whole. Without you, ‘something’ would not work quite so well and smoothly and may well come to a complete halt until others can step in and take it over. Even when someone else can step in, no-one else can match your expertise and ‘know how’ in the field you have chosen for your work here. You have everything needed right at your fingertips and you know how to proceed in the smoothest and most efficient way. The same does not always apply to those who are required to step in to do a task they were not prepared for, as you were. So, anytime you think you are dispensable and it can all function fine without you, please reconsider this. Even if you are a little afraid you may not get it right, it is truly better to do it anyway. You are the master at what you chose to do to help the Earth in her ascension. 

Everything is going along just as we planned so long ago. You were sure then that everything would go exactly as you planned. I ask you to remember the certainty you had and to take within your hearts a great trust in yourself. Know you would not have set out to do something so magnificent without having very thorough training, expertise and understanding. 

We in the higher realms of vibration are extremely happy with all proceedings. Everything is on target and lightworkers have come through the quite tough times of self cleansing. It was a major achievement for all of you. We have always tried to underplay what lay ahead as regards ‘self cleansing’ as sometimes if something when we think something will be tough we create energy in that thought and increase its intensity. Now that the cleansing is generally behind you all, we can say that we greatly admire you in every way. You took it on and just ploughed through and kept on ploughing through, no matter how much you had to face. Do you understand the courage that takes; the incredible dedication, the stamina, the love, trust and faith. Many qualities you don’t see within yourself are in bountiful supply. The beauty of who you truly are is quite exquisite and truly amazing. We salute you with all our hearts and thank you with every voice in the heavens.  

So, we have a world that is running on time, on purpose, succeeding, and generally doing all that we expected. This is difficult to see when people get caught up in the apparent drama being enacted out. Nothing on the surface is ever the entire picture. Whether the overall truth is visible or not, it is important to recognise that nothing can exist in a single dimension alone. There is a wonderful sense of awe takes place as one sees the higher sense of a particular undertaking. It is then that people have an opportunity to reach into the mind of the divine and become the true creator they are. Understanding there is a higher purpose to all things, truly brings great peace and surrender. 

It is time to prepare, to learn the remaining patterns that still survive within your own framework and to decide which if any are worthy of keeping and which you need to now raise to the heavens for integration into light.  

It is time to know on a deep, deep level about anything in your life that no longer serves you in any way. It is time to be truthful to yourselves. For if there remains any needs within you, any desires that things have to be a certain way, any dreams of changing something or someone that you know will not change, please be very honest with yourself and make it as it needs to be. If you cannot do this, you will draw the actions out into further lengths of time, and the learning pattern will bring more discomfort and heart ache. These situations can be created by the personality self who wants love and care and security and is willing to give up so much in the hope that this will be the end result. This is done even though the real ‘you’ longs for peace and stillness. Denial can bring much pain to the heart of the soul. 

The time fast approaches that calls the souls to return home and allows the Earth mother to proceed on her vibrant, evolutionary journey state of ascension to all who seek it. This state of being truly exists. It is not in the imagination of channellers or authors who speak of times of change, or words written in creeds of many nations.  

This is the law of God, of all creation, of truth across all universes through the annals of time and beyond, through infinity beyond infinity and it is ‘All That Is’.

And it will be so.  

Sanat Kumara  August 2006 

Channelled by Sandy Stevenson


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