Moving from being a warrior in Mongolia (Asia) to a tobacco farmer  in Pakistan,

skipping an incarnation planned for Ireland, which had to be aborted.

Headed on alone to a lifetime in England  - heaven only knows what you got up to there!!

Then to another, this time it is the last destined for your time on Earth, in Australia.

Then you head back to your own world of evolved and gentle folk and subtle energies of love and harmony -

AFTER you meet up with us all at the Banquet. You will be guided there.











This is another way for me to speak to you. Even if accidentally found, no-one can know who is addressed to. Yes, perhaps being a bit ‘secretive’ as you said... but ever guarding your reputation. Ah, the intricate ways of the world.  

I know you don’t remember … and fortunately for me the higher part of me wins over moments of wistful longing of the complete bliss of our old connection, and in some place of understanding and wisdom I manage to pull from 'someplace' - I respect that not remembering is ultimately a good thing for you. We block recall of past lives for many reasons.

Do you know we used to talk about everything? For literally hours and hours on end we talked, year in and year out, never once running out of things to express, work out, understand and perhaps change about us, our work colleagues, partners, children, our country and the world. Our wives were probably lucky we had each other to unload on. We spoke in great detail about all our thoughts and feelings, our innermost desires, our hopes, dreams and aspirations for our future and that of our children, and what we wanted from life and our partners. Yes, and of having the money to do so many things! We learnt together to be better lovers and husbands by exchanging thoughts and ideas in areas we felt would help us better understand teenage love, and later marriage, in all its aspects. Any disagreement we had with other people, be it with parents as we grew up, or later with wives, was discussed and sorted out between us.

We knew everything there was to know about each other. We felt our bond was way stronger than that of brothers, for we had chosen to be around each other. It wasn’t compulsory! Talk about being a backbone for each other! No other could have done it better. Our wives used to say we were two tobacco leaves stuck together.

From dawn till dusk, we played as youngsters, from after school until we were hauled inside. We swam in rivers, ran from the cows (after annoying them!) and laughed until our sides split. And as youths and then adults, after breakfast in our respective homes, we joined again, in total harmonious companionship, so very comfortable with each other… from dawn until dusk again; sharing, caring, working, having breaks sitting against stacks of gathered leaves - bringing us and the world to rights, deciding on a better future path for our country and dreaming of how maybe it would be us that could rise up into political realms and make the changes we could see would benefit the people - and of course, make changes that would help all of us hard working farmers!

It was a clean love; a pure love. It never once entered our heads that it was anything other than complete love as brothers. No thought in us arose even to the idea of exploring our deep connection further sexually. Probably that was the about the only thing we didn’t discuss! Because we simply totally knew what we had and had placed it firmly in its right bed for that lifetime.

The incarnation was clear, and we remembered nothing of previous times of either being incarnated on Earth or of the many times you and I had connected previously in other worlds. We were simple folk. We were kind and considerate, of everyone. We were well liked and known to help out any neighbours who needed a hand. It was a good life; fulfilling and a gentle life; probably appreciated even more after the tough one we just had previously as warriors.  This time we had the time to allow the love we had to simply be as it was. We didn’t have to appear tough! This time we could laugh and cry and talk and hug, freely with abandon, and it was all OK with everyone. We hugged a lot. It was special and was a way we could express something that went beyond any words. Our wives knew they could not compete with such a bond; it was accepted by them as completely OK that they came second. They laughed about it to each other, saying…. at least we know they also love us. It really was alright. They were not pretending. I secretly thought they were probably quite happy we weren’t hanging around under their feet. Now I know that was so and was a factor in their total acceptance of how close we were and the time spent with each other.

I miss both the talking and the hugging. I really, really do…..

MESSAGE March 27th



Please only accept what rings true for you, as always. Re brother – you are both friends and known to each other from times prior to incarnating into human form.

You both made an agreement before either of you entered human form that you would not assist each other during incarnations and you had actually planned to try and avoid being incarnated together. But, another being who was going to step into that role (of your brother) in this incarnation was held up, helping elsewhere. So, despite not being something either of you had originally planned or wanted (because both of you wanted to ‘do it alone,’ so to speak) he ended up having to step in and take the role.

The reason for the existing problem is obvious really. You have simply worked out a way to stick to the original plan you both made. It is not from any lack of love. A situation was created that would serve well enough – to ensure you did not help each other. Both have quite short spans into human incarnation and wanted to make it without each others assistance.

Hope it helps. I cannot help unless I know about it. That is one reason it means a lot to me to have the chance (and time) to talk with you casually, which gives the opportunity for things like this to come up in conversation. From my perspective, knowing this sort of stuff can help concentrate our attention on areas that matter, instead of expending energy into stuff that is just fine as it is.


There are benefits to us talking, you know. Please don’t ever let yourself get to the stage of ‘burn out’ or into any overly upset condition - while I am still here and may be able to help. Taking time to connect can help. I can’t promise but I’ll always have a damn good try! As I have said before, it is NEVER even the slightest imposition. It is my job, my pleasure and fulfills my promise to you.

What talking achieved today. Aside from the crystal programme and healing from AA Raphael… via ‘talking,’ we found a possible answer about your brother. We also found, what may turn out to be a much bigger issue, which was your decision prior to coming here the first time - that ‘being  industrious’ was the way to achieve learning in human incarnation.

The point I want to make of  why talking together has always felt important to me - for example, in this situation - it was not possible for the higher realms to handle that situation. It was your decision – your choice - and no-one can override that. It would have gone on. They needed your permission to change it.

As you were discussing it today, AA Raphael picked up exactly what you really wanted – which was something more around the idea of ‘operating in the divine flow’ - instead of HAVING  to be industrious to get anywhere. Because you gave your permission to change it, he was able to add help for that into the crystal. I hope you can follow what I mean!!! Actually, thinking about the incarnations I was a part of, you also were incredibly industrious! So, it actually seems real to me that it was the way you planned for ALL the incarnations.

Remember to hold the crystal over next 3 weeks


28th March

From my perspective, you are on track to achieve what you set out to gain from the physical incarnations you planned. You have been on track all along, but now you’ve knocked out some of the factors that were making it a more difficult learning path than it needed to be. Some are gone, some are currently leaving and of course there are a few other things still to be addressed. But removing patterns such as; helping the injured and troubled; having to work really hard to gain your incarnated goals; etc. plus maybe reviewing the idea (as Metatron suggested in last message) about whether you really need to go out of your way to experience extra (unplanned) things JUST so you can take those details back to your higher realm beings.

With you working on letting go of feelings of impatience and annoyance; plus catching judgements (of yourself and others) and moving more and more into the heart and the intuitive soul…. you’ll start to find your remaining time here so much easier.

And thank God for that! I REALLY want you to do well – for my sake!! Otherwise, I can just hear the conversation at the banquet, if you missed even one of your goals! I know you so well. I’m going to have my ears blasted. You’re going to give me heaps, telling me I should have tried harder; I should have twisted your arm up your back. I KNOW you will. You’ll say – Because I knew you hadn’t been incarnating for long, I should have taken extra care to make sure you knew to grasp this chance fully, because it’s bloody rare!

And the problem is – you will be right! That would be what I would expect too, if it were me. If I had only a few lifetimes under my belt and was determined to achieve EVERYTHING during those very few lives – and the person who promised they’d be there to help me in my last incarnation, didn’t help me get all the garbage out of my sphere so as to make it easier for me to grab as much experience and knowledge packed into the last life as possible (knowing I was never coming back into a 3D world, in such an incarnated form – ever!) and didn’t bloody make sure I was set on the right path (dare I say, perfect path)  - I’d be having a go at them too!

Of course, I’m not going to push! I made myself available for help for many months and you knew it. You’re an adult. You make choices. I even extended my time here.  And that will be the case I will present you (up there)!! So, there!! I will win. Ha!

So for heaven’s sake.. (well, my sake!) work on listening to your intuition/ stop any judgments/ love instead of impatience or intolerance.

Be the exquisite YOU I know you are - always.

P.S. And of course, I'm not going to get any roasting from you (up there) because you are going to make every one of the goals you set yourself.  If I'm super lucky I may get a snippet of praise for the brief intervention I made into your life where maybe I helped a tiny bit when it was needed!! And that will be plenty enough for me, because I'll be so happy that my buddy achieved what he went for.




I know you aren’t keen on furry toys! Which is precisely why I gave you the little furry chap. It’s to reflect that moment in the future when you realise there is magic in ‘everything’. When you understand you don’t need to avoid ideas of fairies and unicorns and pretty things that fall out of envelopes, in order to be ‘human.’ Those things trigger another dimensional awareness and are also necessary for human growth potential and evolution.

By the way, I named him Chewbacca (from Star Wars) - the significance being ‘Chew Tobacco’,  just a bit of fun to leave a memory of tobacco fields. Yes, you can throw him away! But I wouldn’t.  He has a reason to be.

Understanding the beauty and magic of other dimensional beings and their representation in human form (toys, pictures, etc.), can open up the possibility to connect to more magical higher and lighter realms of existence. ALL higher dimensions exist within this lighter subtle energy, therefore to deny part of such existences (even at its minimum level of soft toy representation – it is still a thought pattern and has power) may deny access to communications that can come to us from such worlds.

Different ideas arise that can prevent us allowing the subtle energy kingdoms into our human thinking. Some people feel they are sufficiently in touch with their feminine side and perhaps think that acknowledging such things could tip the scales (it wouldn’t); some who are already from those subtle kingdoms, avoid getting too close to lighter, finer energy to ensure they remain firmly in the human experiment; others may think it is truly not part of what being human is - believing learning existence here to be of a much tougher countenance. All have merit when viewed through the mind. None are truth.

What is truth? It is simply being who we are, without adding a myriad of patterns around us that control our life in specific directions on paths we have chosen from places of mind and ego – patterns that dictate what we can and can’t do; what we should and must do; need to and have to do.

In the end, the answer will come to each and everyone – and that final realization will be ‘All I really had to do was be myself.’ I didn’t need to strive to get ‘somewhere’. I just needed to release everything I’d created that was not the truth of who I really am. And to make sure I didn’t keep creating patterns that would separate me from that essence and would take me further away from who I am really am – which is an exquisite being of light, moving through the universal dimensions, reflecting the light of God, moving gently in the divine flow, as I continue to learn and gain a deeper understanding of All That Is.


3rd April


Thank you for the text.

Yes, you planned our crossing paths/Yes, we arranged it long ago.

Yes, I wish I’d been smart enough to arrange such a thing for my own final incarnation! It would have saved me a lot of struggle and searching! Clever you.

As incredible as it sounds, people really do make some pretty elaborate arrangements to ensure they 'cross paths’– even to the extent of moving here from overseas! You’d think logically that such things are just co-incidences. But no, they are not.

Feeling the rightness to leave home overseas, I knew to come here.

Re your text….I’ve never heard of it happening either! Hey, maybe we are just smart by thinking ahead  - to get rid of superfluous stuff you really didn’t need to take up time viewing it and going down unnecessary paths!

By the way, you know I’ve said I do some work while I am sitting there!! (I didn’t plan that very well, did I? – paying instead of being paid!). Well, I think the cosmic clan are all doing work while we are there. The others not so consciously aware of it though. However, we do all agree that we are ‘out of time’ while we are there. I know technically we're there for hours (thank you for having us!) but actually, it seems like ‘no time’ to all of us. We feel we're there for just a short time. I don’t know if you have experienced that sort of thing. I have many times. 

It’s a bit hard to get your head around the ‘time’ thing. It is possible for anyone to move out of the time frame, do work, and then drop back in to the right time slot so that no-one else experiences our absence. On a few of the spiritual journeys I’ve been on, this has happened. Sometimes there have been 70 or 100 of us, doing some important spiritual task somewhere in the world - that absolutely had to be successfully completed. There’ve been several times where we tried and failed – SO we go ‘out of time’ and just keep doing it until we succeed  - and then drop back in the same time slot – and it seems 'no time' has passed. Although, for us, sometimes we do spot signs that give us clues we did this. It is not that we consciously choose to go out of time (although I have done this) it just happens because it has to – and we are helped to do that by the higher realms.

And the banquet (after mission party) is also 'out of time' as it is in the 5th dimension that has no linear time and exists in the present moment. That means any of us can just go there when we finish on Earth and wait for friends to join us when they finish. So, it's not like we are waiting around for years for our buddies to finally get there. Hard to explain. It is just we're there – and then suddenly someone else arrives and then others arrive. But we haven’t been sitting in a ‘time frame’ wondering ‘how long  will it be before they arrive’.  Great fun, seeing all the people we have loved and shared these times with on Earth.

Yes, I removed a couple of the messages, after knowing you'd read them. Just the more personal stuff about my friends. I don’t know whether to leave messages/pics there or if you prefer they are deleted once you have seen them. I can also put the deleted messages back if you want me too. But regardless, it’s good for me to have this page. It’s a great email substitute and gives me a chance to talk – which, as you know, I miss!

Every now and again, I find myself smiling about us annoying the cows. It is a very clear image I have. We thought we were just so bloody brave…young boys, we would sneak up behind the cow (not even a bull!) and prod its rump with a little stick. Having it turn its head around to us, constituted in our mind, that it was going to chase us .. and we would run away as fast as we could, through the field, past the fence and we’d collapse on the ground laughing, in the joy we had escaped the wrath of the cow. We really believed that! In fact, the cow probably had just turned right back to the task of eating grass and never given a thought to the minor annoyance we’d created. But in our minds, we were courageous.. brave beyond belief. It was part of growing up – and we got up to all sorts of similar innocent mischief. Ah, youth!

Wouldn’t it be handy to know exactly when we are ‘leaving’ a lifetime. I suppose that’s asking too much! At least, I possibly have more of an idea than most. Well, I am balanced with the ideas of both staying or going. I’ve never seen anyone stay for long after they are finished, which is totally fine with me. For me - 1. I’d need a good reason to stay (i.e. I can help more being here) 2. I would have to really want to stay 3. Physically, there’d need to be major change. I don’t see any of those things occurring.

But just ignore my waffling. Life is fun. Leaving is fun. All good.

Edited identifying  content

Message 4th April


I’m not sure why I’m mentioning this, but it crossed my mind twice this morning, so I will. I’ve kind of learnt to do that, as there seems to always be a reason – which may not be evident for ages!! Maybe I told you already, but I feel to say it.

One of things I seem to be able to do is assess the mathematical percentage of workability of many things. Things such as the correct location to place objects/buildings or maybe how workable a product is – that type of thing. People sometimes bring things to the market for checking – stuff like anti radiation/energy equipment; health products they’ve made like creams, oils, essences, liquids, cannabis, etc. Anyway, just so you are aware of that if ever needed.

I have a story about mathematical codes and synchronicity!! If you think about the odds of this happening, I think it’s quite a remarkable cases of synchronicity.

I was in Goa in southern India and had been backpacking through India. I’d been in the village for just 2 days and was staying one more. I would have an early morning swim (my shower!) and then go to the Village Well and draw up some drinking water in a goatskin bag hanging there. Ah, a different life than on the Gold Coast.

The beach was usually deserted, but this day there was a cow (it’s God, you know!) and a white girl sitting on the sand reading a book. I went over and said hello – to the girl, not the cow! We started chatting. She was from the USA and said she was on her way to England. I told her I lived in England. She mentioned spiritual interests and I said I was into that too. We chatted for a while and she mentioned she was going to England to see a particular person to get some help with the mathematics of some light essence products she’d produced. I mentioned I knew a bit about mathematical values and maybe I could help? She said ‘Thanks anyway, but I know I need to see this person’. She said she had their address but hadn’t been in touch yet - and would probably just arrive on their doorstep. I asked her if she recalled where they lived. She fished out her address book and I looked the address. Yep, she was coming to the UK to see me. She had some products she considered extremely important to get precisely right, and was bringing them to the UK to get the mathematical percentage of workability of each one – and see what/if anything - needed changing. She had the products in her room in the village. We went there and did the work. She said she’d now return to the USA, as she didn’t need to go to the UK anymore.

Don’t you love this universe!




6th April

Well, you may be sorry you said you aren’t tired of ‘The Page,’ cause I have time to chat. A quiet day, the ocean lapping. have handled emails and helped where I can. Now it’s time for me.

So, there is a new mathematics in the universe – your name Cube. OK, I will just let Metatron know. He likes to keep up with this sort of stuff!

I deliberately mentioned a few spiritual type things (such as the Metatron cube and ‘past lives’) in the conversation today. Just opening up that line of thought more, so they see you more in a spiritual understanding vein.

Is there anything you particularly want to know, that I could add to ‘the page’? (IF I happen to know it!!)  Or is there any area you no longer need there that I should delete? Not that there’s a shortage of web space - I have heaps. It’s just I don’t need to leave stuff there that you’re fed up seeing!

But as I told you, the connection we have is also helping me. Before we leave Earth, everything has to be in balance – all aspects of our life. I was pretty sure I’d reached a nice balance point regarding staying/leaving - and there was nothing/no-one on Earth I would miss. But as ever, just when we think we’ve got it all worked out - the universe says ‘maybe not quite’. I mentioned before to you about feeling a bit sad we don’t talk. Just my silly stuff. As ever, when I spot something non optimum in my life, I look at it. I flooded it with violet light (violet light transmutes sad emotions) and it seemed to go. It didn’t show itself for a while, but today I see it’s still there. Bummer. At least it’s altered, so maybe I handled some of it. Now I can see I’m not just missing us chatting in ‘a couple of lifetimes’ -  I’m also missing all the times (26 Metatron told me) we swooped in from our higher dimensions to different planets and ‘saved the day’, so to speak - and the joy that gave us. So, I guess it boils down to missing communicating on that level – with someone I feel really close to. Yes, I know you’re not up to speed on all that… but you will be - once you are back in that dimension. At the moment, of course you aren’t. But I still remember it, that’s the problem. It’s not a big problem – just something else for me to handle. Ah, 3D life. Sigh!

You are way more evolved than you realise. But that is OK; you didn’t come here to remember who you were. You came to learn whatever gifts humans may have to add to your repertoire!  

Nice to see you today. I know for me, it makes a difference. Sort of feels comfortable, like an old shoe!! Ha, new title. Skywalker, Obe Wan Kanobe, angel, old shoe!

7th April

Hello angel,

When we were used to eating food with artificial chemicals, sugar, etc. – the really healthy stuff tasted just yuk! But if determined, with a little perseverance and sticking with it, the body re-adjusts and the addictions to all the different chemicals disappear. Our taste buds are restored and suddenly what was once yuk! now tastes delicious (believe it or not!). Instead of the body having to constantly fight to counteract the chemical intake from food and products used in the home - it can use all its energy to bring health and harmony to the body. Just saying!


This is not about synchronicity, but it was kind of interesting. Some of us were sitting on the grass on the top of the pyramid in Bosnia, doing some work unblocking the energy lines through to the top. The Ascended Masters (who I reverently call ‘the mob’) told me I’d know when the work was finished as the earth would shake. I thought - that’s just great! We’re doing all this work and we’re going to get an earthquake or something. Half hour later, sitting there with closed eyes - the earth really started to shake! You could hear it pounding. I opened my eyes as that was the sign we had finished. Out of nowhere, 3 wild, white (real) horses were galloping; thundering up the side of the hill. Where the heck had they come from? It was a lot more fun than an earthquake!! They stopped right next to us and I patted them. The Masters sense of humour, no doubt!




Another special moment was also in India. I was at a Shivratri festival in southern India. Early mornings I’d go down to the beach and watch the dawn come up over the ocean. Many monks did the same, sitting close to the shoreline. I sat further back, away from them.  They seemed to accept me being there – either from the fact that I was dressed all in white or they felt the higher energy around me, not sure. One morning a dog came close to me. Sadly, dogs are not considered worthy creatures there. Stray dogs barely survive and live in constant fear. Being a huge dog lover, that’s not easy for me to see. Slowly, I convinced this dog that I wasn't going to kick him. It took a while but I coaxed this skinny, cowering dog onto my lap and started gently patting him. He was on guard ready to vanish in a moment if the need arose, but was so appreciating the warmth and love. I just held him, with my eyes closed in meditation, allowing light to flow down through to this beautiful creature. I don't know how long I had my eyes closed but when I opened them - the scene in front of me was so different and really surprised me. Every monk on the beach had turned around and instead of facing seaward were now all sitting watching - fascinated at me stroking a dog. I kept stroking the dog gently. I wondered if somehow the monks were learning something by seeing, perhaps for the first time, someone treating a dog with the same reverence they give cows in India.

I needed to go to Sedona, Arizona to create a new vortex (the 6th) on New Years Eve. As you enter Sedona, there is a big sign on the road that says ‘5 Vortexes. Now there are 6! A good friend who lives in Malibu beach LA wanted to come. I flew into LA and she collected me in her brand new silver convertible. What fun that was! We played like teenagers.  

We set off driving to Sedona on the 30th. Being a brand new car, my friend wasn't yet ready to relinquish control and let me drive it. We were driving through the night. I could see she was getting more and more tired and I kept suggesting I could drive. She kept refusing and I could see her eyes starting to close. She is a coffee addict and kept saying all she needed was a Starbucks coffee - to stay awake. At this stage we were on a deserted highway with nothing around. Not a stick of anything other than desert foliage – no houses, no nothing. I wasn't ready to leave the planet yet so I figured it would be a ‘very good idea to find one’! Yep, there it was – a few miles on, out of no place - there was the famous Starbucks sign. It just appeared. I could barely believe it. She drank heaps of coffee. I added reinforcements of chilled stuff in the car and we set off, with her wide awake. And we lived!  I went onto create the 6th vortex in more spectacular synchronicity.



As I've been newly writing these bits of stories for you on 'your page', if I realise the story I've written for you is a more detailed part of a bigger story I'd previously written about on my website, I've now updated those articles to include the exact the info I gave you. Always happy to update my site!

'The Signs to.......!  

You can then read these at your leisure. You will be totally tired of stories after this lot!



On another note – a very real dream I had on Friday night. I’ve often heard people say - if you are dying in a dream you’ll always wake up before you die? My dream = I was in some sort of theatre/movie house. Tickets didn’t have numbered seating. In the rush of everyone entering I was separated from my friends and so happily sat by myself at the back. A short while later, I gave a small sigh/gasp, my head fell sideways onto my shoulder and I died. 100%. It was totally acceptable to me. I was SO completely calm and OK with it. Only one fleeting curious thought I had was - I wonder how long they take to identify me and inform my family. That was the totality of my thinking. Then I did wake up and was really surprised to find I was in my bedroom and hadn’t died!




Message 8th April



It’s so magical to walk through the waves; sharing space with the ocean, being at one with the stillness of a dark morning and watching the light slowly fill the skies. I am so incredibly lucky and grateful I have this chance to be here with my beloved ocean.  Even though my true work took me overseas to colder climates for so very long, it was all good and I loved it – but finally I have my place to be.

Now, gee wiz! You are asking questions that all of us ask the universe at some point in our life, hoping for a magic pill to give us a perfect answer to produce an instant result, solve all our problems and change life instantly to a wonderful path, where lessons are non existent, there’s lots of abundance (including money), everything is easy and we’re happy. Technically, that could happen. In reality, it rarely does, because we’re complex creatures and we came here to learn - and we do have to contend with an ego plus a mental and emotional body.


If it were me, and I didn’t feel I was  in a space at the moment where I totally trusted my gut feeling, I’d start by getting really clear on my work life. That would seem to be a focal point to concentrate on, as everything visible seems to revolve around it. Before I even started wondering about what I would do next, I would be sure of my current position. Once that is really honestly and truthfully established, I could work from there.

If, having removed all negative emotions (such as weariness) and physical tiredness, etc. I could genuinely feel that was truly coming to an end - then while still maintaining responsibility for its successful end outcome – I’d start tuning into the universe to spot what excited me. But to allow that to really present itself, I’d have to make sure I let go of any of my own preconceived thoughts of what that should or could be.



Does it feel rewarding?

Am I assuming it’s all wrong and that I’m not where I’m meant to be - because I appear to be ‘killing myself’ trying to do it?

Are the parts that are ‘killing me’ actually already getting resolved?

What parts of the work feel right and I have fun with or at least have a feeling of rightness about?

If I only had those parts in play, would it feel a different experience and would I be enjoying it?

What parts, if any, don’t feel right?

Can I change those parts?

Am I letting others influence what feels right to me to do – about anything connected with work?

Do I fully accept that I am the guardian of this space and therefore I will be the one getting the intuitive guidance and despite generous offers to alter that, I need to stick to my gut feeling.

Do I recognise a spiritual heavy ‘sinking’ feeling - when I agree to something that doesn’t feel right?

Regarding work, am I always doing what makes my heart sing and not sink!

What has changed for the better in the last 8 months?

Have I changed for the better and in that letting go are becoming more myself and less ego/mind oriented?

Are those changes helping all else connected with work to resolve?

Am I being too impatient to trust that changes occur in right divine timing?

As I am now resolving my own obstructive past agreements and patterns out of the way, can I see that once all that is gone, it could all run smoothly?

What would be the ideal scenario as regards the café?

What parts of it HAVE to be in place in order to carry out its higher purpose?

What parts, if any, detract from its higher purpose?

What parts are key to its success and without which it would fail?

What parts, if any, are really unnecessary to achieve the true purpose of this place?

Do I understand the universe provides?

Some deleted that may identify



Meditation is simply a method people use to help still their thoughts. It is just one way to achieve this. Self discipline also can do it. Sitting quietly and literally saying ‘STOP’ when any thought comes in - can put a being back in control over an active mind.

Walking in nature and tuning in to the silence and allowing the connection to the trees and elementals to occur, can do the same thing.

Stilling the mind has an incredible value to the being. It leaves space to be intuitive instead of being clogged up with a thousand thoughts.

Flower essences. There are many available including Bush Flower Essences created by a great guy I know, Ian White. His are valid. However, in the case of 'thinking too much' I'm more familiar with White Chestnut, part of the Bach Flower range being effective. This flower really helps bring an overactive mind back under the control of the Soul. The one to buy is 'Bach SLEEP Rescue Remedy'. Its just the essence of flowers, all natural, interferes with nothing. It is sold in Coles and includes White Chestnut in it. All the other 5 flowers in there are highly beneficial as well.

When we incarnate, we arrive complete with our own 'light body' - our spiritual body. As we descend into our new baby body, we adopt several subtle bodies of energy on the way in - that are necessary for incarnating here. Obviously, as we're coming down from lighter frequency planes - as we go down through the dimensions of energy we adopt the lighter energy bodies first. First is the mental body (thoughts), then the emotional body (emotions), the etheric and then the physical body (the densest of the bodies). The idea is that the Soul stays on top, USING the mind and the emotions for guidance. As we know, it's easy to slip into imbalance with this and allow our mind (thoughts) or our emotions dictate the behaviour of the soul. We can see people doing this all around us. We can see people almost completely running their life via their thinking or  emotions. It is essential that the soul gets back in control of the process of their life. The essences help bring positive energy to increase the level of the soul over the mind and emotions.

Best book is Mechthild Scheffer - Bach Flower Therapy. It's an easy, self diagnostic book. None of the other Bach Flower books come even  close to this one. I'm not sure I'd be where I am today without that book  - which so clearly enabled me to see (and fix, using the essences) negative areas I needed to correct to strengthen my auric field (and my life!)  It's best to have the paperback (I think) - rather than an eBook.


How to recognise intuition

When we still an ever-chattering mind, intuition can shine through!

There is usually a gut feeling (or an essence of inner excitement) that accompanies intuitive knowing.

We can simply just KNOW.

NOTE: Even when you realize a path has finished, it’s a bit much to expect anyone to just dump everything and trust the universe will pay the mortgage! Most people test out the waters by following their heart to see where it is leading them – and once they are happy they have been listening and it will all work OK– then they can do some jumping! I jumped, but that was right for me. Others can do it their way. It’s all good.








Re – you writing the memoirs!

Yes, you may well do just that, but it will be your experiences, which could end up being quite extensive before you’ve finished with this plane!

It would be quite hard to write mine – because SO many things that happened that can’t be brought into language form. Some things are in such a strong conceptual form they can’t be translated sufficiently using word forms in the English language. And some things that can sort of be described would be too hard to duplicate unless you’d been there.

Things we can have happen to us may be a million miles (and often galaxies) away from the incarnated life we appear to live here. It helps once we realize our so called small lives house much greater plans – such as the safeguarding of a portal.


Message 9th April

Content altered for privacy

To make it easier, this is what you would be agreeing to – and only this - so you are only agreeing to Divine Order. Anything that is not in Divine Order cannot occur.


SELENITE. These are powerful high vibration healing crystals that deliver clarity of mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and the etheric body. Can be powerful for activating dormant abilities from past lives. Selenite embodies a high vibration energy that works to help you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, to create personal transformation. The white or transparent crystals have a strong vibration that may open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra. This will assist contact to the Divine Mind and to access the Angelic realm.


Good Friday 19th April. Full pink moon. Easter. Passover.



I wouldn’t worry about me having to repeat myself. I’ve been doing that consistently since I started on an active path of helping people – a very long time ago. It is totally OK. We know from raising children, we often need to repeat things many times until they get it. That is totally OK. The same applies to adults- all of us are in the same boat - we will keep hearing something until one day it clicks. 

No, we’re not only here for ourselves individually. In the earlier lifetimes, it’s more about individual growth and for those lifetimes much of the person’s attention is just on themselves.

But as we evolve, we begin to expand our plans to also help others grow. We start to make agreements during our pre-incarnational plans with the people we choose to incarnate with – to help them also gain what they are after – which can be work/ personal spiritual goals/learning/karma balancing, etc. All are helping each other.

When we are evolved, we’ve moved to a greater understanding of the universe. Love, compassion and wisdom have grown to a level where we see that helping others (called a role of Service - the Divine Will of God – 1st Ray – Blue – a Ray of energy overseen by Ascended Master El Morya) is the place to be. At the same time as helping others, wherever in the universe and with whomever that may be, has the added benefit of also helping us evolve more – as every step of the way teaches us something new and love grows within us. It all helps toward the end goal of unconditional Love. This is not

The reason for coming here for this special time on Earth as she moves in her own evolution, was pretty much for the Earth mother, Earth …and the universe. What happens here on Earth is a part of, and effects, the rest of the universe.

The reason we have attention on ourselves as an individual is because in order to fulfil our work hererequires us to sort ourselves out! That needs a certain amount of searching within, to spot the things that need to go. But that is all the internalizing needed by us – to note what ‘needs to go’. The more introspective we become, the harder life becomes. Long ago, in the hermit days or when we sat on mountain tops contemplating the universe, it worked fine - but we are past that. It’s not for this time period (for any lightworker) - for our current purpose on Earth.

 Getting our stuff out of the way (releasing) does many things.

1. It creates pathways (blueprints) for humanity to do the same.

2. It means our own light frequency is increased - which adds to the overall light vibration of Earth. This applies especially to Lightworkers (who are all evolved beings) who, after they clear themselves of old patterns, are able to add/channel huge amounts of light

3. It means we individually are in a clearer, brighter, better space to help or teach others.

There are other millions of amazing things it does, such as getting us clear enough to be intuitive and code vortices!!

Re the things you referred to. The social things like going to school, making money, marriage, kids, buying houses, work, play, friends, etc. – are the way we learn.

In other words unconditional love is learnt from these very interactions we undertake in society. We see and feel and gain understanding and tolerance as we experience all these interactions society offers us in so many different forms. The greater learning for us comes when we’re able to intuitively select the interactions that will benefit us the most - and leave behind the ones that were prompted by ego or the mind or our emotions.


Are we supposed to live so as to accomplish unconditional love?

Not really. We are supposed to live in the best way we can, applying integrity, ethical behaviour; helping where it feels right to do so (and not where it doesn’t); understanding others and their situations as best we can (when it feels right to do so); being tolerant; being compassionate without letting our emotional body rule us; doing the Right thing (not society’s right thing or the legal right thing) but the KNOWING Right thing in the various circumstances of our life – and taking the time to BE us - tuning into the essence of who we really are, so that our light shines for us, everyone around us and the planet.

Acting in this way, as best we can –will accomplish unconditional love, without us consciously working on that as a goal.



Don't ever be concerned about asking questions. It's my job!  And in your case, my friend, it's a pleasure to help. Plus it helps my defense if you try to tell me I didn't do enough! Ha. I only wish I'd had a magic smart phone that supplied answers for my many questions.




20th April


Hello angel 

Not easy for any of us coming back to work after time off. It’s tough! Lucky you are too!


Keep the questions rollin!! 




It may be of benefit to contemplate on this idea


It is OK to be wrong

I don’t have to be right

Being wrong does not make me less of a man

People are respected who are able to comfortably and easily say they were wrong.

Humility is a noble spiritual quality

As an idea, being wrong is of no more significance than being right

I have won over my ego and have no qualms about saying I got it wrong

I have gone beyond having to be right

I am not my ego – it’s safe to be me

I release any idea people will think less of me if I admit to being wrong

I release the idea that if  I show I can be wrong, people may trust me and my opinions less.

What is the core reason I can’t easily say I was wrong?





I guess you've already realised your interest in hearing people’s life stories fits perfectly with your goal to learn about humanity and how they respond and handle things. That second hand information is valid to be added to your own overall experience in these few lifetimes – in line with your fast tracking route to increasing your knowledge.


You know how you've said a few times you don't want me think 'it's all about you.' And I laughingly say, 'Well, actually it is' which is my way of saying you are playing a part in my work and my agreements - quite aside from being a friend of old.

Well, I just want you to know my new article is not about you. Although it's obviously about all of us. I wrote it having observed several friends (not Jo) get their feelings mixed up and waste time - often years. If I've observed several, then I figure there are many more out there doing the same thing.  

If you ever fancy checking out the organic raw foods cafe, here is their website  You may not like it, it doesn't have chemicals in it. Ha. I had the hemp burger. Loved it. I guess they save a lot of time not cooking!


A comprehensive video (37 minutes) for Lightworkers  - ‘down to earth’ explanation by Lorie Ladd about consciousness in the 3D Earth and beyond.

Understanding the 3D Matrix - YouTube...Lorie Ladd


Hi angel, I just wrote this for you but as often happens I then see it could help others, so it may well be included in an article.

As you say, we aren’t here for no reason. It’s not an accident we are incarnated here. We didn’t mistakenly turn left instead of right and end up on Earth.

The main thing reason we’re here is to deliver the most amazing turn around in the universe - to bring sufficient light back into Earth to help her move in her evolution. To raise the vibrational frequency of a planet that had dropped into an incredible dense energy and we’ve succeeded in achieving the majority of that and the rest is happening. All the 3D stuff is up on the surface now to be transmuted - and no longer hidden. We’ve succeeded already in creating the higher vibrational 5D Earth and that is available now for all who raise their own vibration to that frequency.

And at the same time as achieving that, we want to achieve, as successfully as possible, all the goals we agreed to prior to arriving here (i.e. our service in helping others and the planet) as well as the personal goals we set for ourselves for the incarnation which include gaining greater understanding, wisdom and love for all life.

We are aiming to remain sufficiently grounded and present in the moment so as to interact with humanity and nature to gain the learning and growth we desire, while remaining detached enough so as not to get caught up in the myriad of 3D stories that make up life on Earth.

To work toward a place of sufficiently surrendering our lower incarnated self to allow a higher knowledge to reach us. To continually let go of anything that is not who we truly are.

To act in truth and integrity and rise above judgement and criticism of ourselves and others.

To get negative ego, mind and emotions out of the way sufficiently for them to stop controlling most of our life and surrender to ourselves, our Higher self – for more accurate guidance.

Remember you have a team ready to help you – on Earth and in the higher realms. Call on them when you need a helping hand. Earth is full of elementals who love to help. Call on the various nature kingdoms to give you a helping hand and bring you healing.

And to learn to enjoy the place, take the time to stop and smell the roses – see new places, meet new people, keep those around we enjoy spending time with  - learn quickly from those we don’t and move on – have lots of laughs and fun, some wild romances, love and appreciate many people and things, learn the love between pets, leave as little unfinished as possible, do our best to remain friends with people unless it doesn’t feel right, get over grievances quickly, find the special qualities in everyone, seek the positive view and be as positive as we can, help when it feels right to help and not otherwise, keep acknowledging to ourselves when we intuitively get it right, try and learn the first time something happens, always remember there is a higher picture to every single event, know we are capable or we wouldn’t have come, know we have the gifts and abilities to do the job or situation in front of us or we wouldn’t have attracted it, learn to trust our own intuition and knowing, don’t hand our power over to others to make our decisions, realise making positive affirmations about life works more in our favour than negative ones,

And above all know we are creators of our own life – all the time, without exception –sometime and someplace we created what is occurring to us right now. If your creation feels really wrong and is not in highest Divine Order, change it. Your intentions and thoughts and actions can change it. If it just feels unpleasant and hard to take then let go of the reactions, learn any lesson quickly and move on. All events offer us some kind of learning or teaching, even the unpleasant ones. Even if that learning is just to see you have reactions or to learn to listen to what your gut/intuition is telling you or to stop creating that belief because you are attracting it into your life - such as a person may do who is always fearing they will get cancer or their house will be robbed. You are a creator. Create what you prefer, not what you don’t.

I think eventually we realise it’s OK to be here - and to use this amazing opportunity we have of ‘learning on Earth’ using the constant opportunities it offers to give us further growth in our evolution. Especially if this is our last incarnation, to enjoy it and the learning it presents and do our best to grab the lessons as quickly as we can so we end up living the life we prefer rather than one we need to experience for our own growth.

My daughter was discussing with me the fact that I tell the truth – 99% of the time. I explained that many times I just get around it by saying something that is true and implies I am answering their question. I am pretty good at that! Like politicians! Yes, I know I said I couldn’t run the café but that is actually true. I didn’t mean practically (which I may be able to scrape through – after spending time learning it!). I meant I couldn’t run it because it doesn’t excite me and isn’t my purpose. I was still telling the truth. And when I know someone knows the truth of something, then I can muck around. Like saying 'I was on the bottom of the list'. The point I was making is that there is no hierarchy list – except in the minds of some people with egos who think they are at the top.

Anyway, getting back to my daughter who insists there are times you can’t get out of it. She hit me with one I couldn’t answer. The only answers I could think of at the time were dismal and obvious avoidances and I haven’t had to time to dwell on it further. So, I hand it over to you. Ha. She said ‘How else could Clinton have answered instead of ‘I didn’t have sexual relations with that women’.

Incidentally, it was in Divine order that Clinton said that. Once it was proved to be a lie, the American people moved from children to adulthood as they were forced to accept their president could lie. They had Bush and all that lot providing similar learnings, but this act was a level of reality they understood. And it worked.


Hope they like the crystals when you give it to them. They are well aware on some level they are getting the help they requested (on a higher level). If they are being intuitive and not in their heads at the time, it should go smoothly. I don’t have anything more specific than it was something that took place when they were incarnating – they inadvertently collected some energy they didn’t want. It needs to go.


Well, this is just my feeling about your question so you need to always use your own resonance of truth.

I feel you are actually doing very well on your own and it may be more ideal for you to pursue that avenue some more at this time. You are doing the right things to bring the result you want.

It just doesn’t seem quite the right time maybe to approach ...on that level. The situation as it is now is fine. I feel the book’ Intuition’ is good, albeit quite wordy. I guess some people require all that explanation. It would be worth reading when it feels right to do so and just skip what you don’t need.

I don’t think it is a judgment necessarily to observe some as being immature. If it is a perception - it is what it is. It would only be a judgement if it was meant as a criticism. I have the feeling you need maybe a bit more certainty and feeling comfortable in yourself of the overall basics – enough to stand strongly in your own truth - before you associate with someone really strong in his own opinions – which I think he may well be.

What I have done is tended to cut to the chase with you, because as you know I just like stuff simple and true without all the excess.  As I said it’s something I appreciate in Jeffrey Archer. ‘Kane and Able’ was a great book. ‘Not a penny more or a penny less’ also great. Just good light reading for those times we want a little break from spiritual learning! Also loved Jean Auel’s ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ and Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’.

But in the end, you go with your gut – which I expect you have been doing as you haven’t read his book yet.

1.  Chatting the other day with ...about his partnerships and ex-wife,  he  happened  to say ‘Oh no, ....aren’t romantic!

By the way, you don’t need to bother explaining something that you said was 'not a judgement'. For a start, I know if it was or not and secondly, I'm not going to make a judgment about you doing that! I am not even going to give it any thought at all. If you were busy judging everything, then I may pay some attention as it would need addressing. 

2.   How about ‘ I don’t know what would make Miss Lewinsky make such accusations about me.’ Hmmmm, maybe it would work.  

3.  A list was emailed around the internet a few years ago that had a list of things you’d done in life and you ticked those you had. I thought it may be a good idea to make my own list, including only items from that list I’d done plus expand on it with other things I had done  – totally for family, who would not know many of the things I had done. I look back and think of the things I don't know about my mum's life both in her early life and the long time I was overseas.

You asked a bit about what I had done before – well this is rather an expanded view and probably there is more I am not saying! It is my daughter who will read it!

I was having a look over my list to see if it there was anything new to add and thought I'd make it available to you, but REALLY only look if it's of any interest. There won't be a test on it and I don't expect you to remember anything!!


5th May


I  don't know if you have run across Gregg Braden yet. You may like him. Here is one video. It changes tack a few times, so watch for a bit to see some different parts.



9th May

Thank you for your light. Always welcome. Supporting each other – again!


Edited to remove personal details

10th May

Edited to remove names

11th May

Someone will already be waiting to take over when he was due to leave. I also have everything in place if I go. So, you will be OK. It is far too important not to have everything taken care of.

Re 'where do we go from here' - it's lots of fun and excitement to mull over what may be around the corner; but of course behind that, in truth, it's faith and trust in the universal process that it will show you signs in the now moment always - of the right next move. I know you know this. As we know, signs are varied but its always something we notice. It gets our attention.



Crystal.  Perhaps next time someone thinks crystals are weird stuff, you could mention that crystals are used in many electronic uses; used as oscillators in radios, watches, and pressure gauges, television sets and in the study of optics. Yeah!!


13th May


Incidentally, by all means have fun with trying to guess whether it’s your lesson or theirs, etc., but remember in the end it’s about trying not to think too much and just be in the moment. We honestly don’t need to know who is giving or getting the lesson. It will all just happen anyway.

This is what is in Rescue Remedy and what it helps.

Impatiens: For those who act and think quickly, and have no patience for what they see as the slowness of others. They often prefer to work alone. Teaches empathy and understanding of and patience with others. We’ve found it very fast-acting in alleviating an impatient attitude and lowering stress.

Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past. Teaches the ability to recover from traumas and to integrate them into the present life.

Cherry Plum: For those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions and doing things they know are bad for them or which they consider wrong. Teaches trust in one’s spontaneous wisdom and the courage to follow one’s path.

Rock Rose: For situations in which one experiences panic or terror.

Clematis: For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They are un-grounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Teaches one to establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas; may foster great creativity. Is also used to bring clarity and alertness to the present moment.

(Rock Rose also handles fear - i.e. going to dentist, sitting exams, etc. etc.)

Rescue Sleep calms your restless mind providing natural relief of occasional sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts. The 5 Bach Flower Remedies in Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut helps removing stress and repeated unwanted thoughts so that sleep comes natural. (Success stories)




Indeed, you are learning and fast. You are moving into your Higher Self power. Its the most exciting journey ever. I have been here one heck of a long time (since Atlantis) and I have still lived this incarnation with excitement, enthusiasm and joy. Of course, there are many times when we are pushed to the limit and almost think we can’t make it. But if we can just hang on to the basics, we are OK. The basic premises are vital to have in place, so securely we don’t go into doubt when things don’t go the way we’d planned or think they should. Sometimes things just totally don’t make any sense and we think they shouldn’t be happening to us – and then later, often way down the line, we see just how perfect that was. There is always a higher picture going on.

Yes Christianity has many pluses. But life gets even better when we’re doing things because they feel right and not that ‘it’s the right thing do’ – because someone is suffering/poor/distressed/needs help, etc. All those things count BUT only when it feels right/resonates deep within – is it then right for them and us, to step in and help. Much of the time it is the ego, mind or emotional body that dictates such moves. Example: We see an old lady struggling to cross the street at the lights. The obvious thing is to step in and assist her. But it may be that for her the win would be if she manages to cross the road unaided. It could give her that one boost of confidence she needed to shift her into a whole new thought area that she can really tackle life.

You really are spotting signs. To achieve that you have to be in the present moment, so you obviously are when you see signs. Some people take ages to do that and many never do.

I would love to hear your thoughts whenever it suits you. I am here for whatever is needed. Similar to the idea you said of texting and a spiritual Google answers.


14th May

Most people don’t focus on their intuitive next move – they rush forward, barely giving themselves time out of their head and busy life – to take a few seconds. If you continue to do that, it will become normal practice and will get stronger and stronger.

I heard an old song from Elaine Page and Barbara Dickson – no, you wouldn’t know them - way before your time! In there it says ‘No-one is ever completely on your side.’ I thought that’s not true. I am completely on your side. I will back you all the way. If an action of yours is not in Divine Order then obviously I can’t support the action but I can always support you. Our friendship has deep roots and I guess we considered ourselves for a very long time, if we took it into modern language - as BFF, which, at least from my perspective, is proving to be just that - forever. And its OK that you don't feel that connection. It is what it is and I am totally OK with that. It is quite common.

16th May


17th May


After you mentioned ‘Unplan your life’, I went back to have a look at what I had said. Spotted a couple of spelling mistakes which are now corrected. BTW I’m always happy to have anything you see amiss on my website pointed out to me. I don’t care how small it is. I want my site as ‘right’ as it can be.

As I was reading about your upbringing and you saying you felt you had handled most of it. You are right, but there is still something left behind. I am able to sort that out. No idea what it is but feel its something holding you back.

Loved the bunch of messages – fun. I am really interested in everything you are experiencing. I never feel bombarded. I am used to sharing everything with you.

My stuff is not way cooler than yours. Everything we get is cool and a gift. Nothing is better than anything else.

Yes, to stay strong in the hard times is the challenge. That is why the basics are so important to be solidly in place. It’s all very well to keep wanting to rush ahead but if the basics aren’t in place, we can crash and burn.

Re asking at night – Can you add ‘I ask the highest realms of light …… (and end with) 'if it be for my highest good'.  That will avoid the Astral plane. Don't just ask and leave it open for whoever happens to be around to respond.


18th May


On the protection subject. Sometimes, if I really want to make a dramatic statement - I prefix it with ‘In the Name of God’.

‘In the Name of God, I invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for my total protection’ (3 times.) If you want, you can also add afterwards – ‘So Be It. It Is Done’.



19th May

Apparently he was resisting the programme entering his space. He is carrying in his aesthetic field a special code meant to come into play later. He is concerned that this programme coming in may not be discerning enough and hasn’t taken into account this special code – so that when the other unwanted energy stuff gets lifted that code will go with it. We got onto his I Am Presence and he said he will work on getting across that the special code is safe and it’s OK to let the programme go ahead. Hopefully, that will do it.   

I was thinking about you asking if you could handle the area that is still hanging around from your upbringing. I know and respect your desire to handle things yourself. It’s a great quality. The thing is it’s not just about us handling everything ourselves. Although there are things I’m able to handle alone without bringing in the Ascended Masters– which came from a long period of spiritual experience and raising my vibration sufficiently to comfortably and successfully interact with them (and not impostors at lower levels) - there are also many times I connect with them in order to handle things. So, when you ask ‘can I do it myself’ the answer is Yes, if you can make the connection to a high enough realm to successfully achieve it - then of course you can. Only you can know if you feel that connection enough yet and can do it – and being certain you have pulled off the handling needed. Because not handling these things can cause a slowing up. I would be using Metatron to handle that situation of releasing that childhood thing for you.  

I feel you’re maybe expecting to be able to do everything straight off. It’s a common thing many want. I don’t think I ever did though. I was impatient to have answers in the beginning but somehow I knew that everything else would come in the time frame that was meant and in that way I wouldn’t be thrown in the deep end with stuff I wasn’t able to handle because I wasn’t fully grounded in the basics and certain enough of my position.  You’ll find it all comes along with the progress we make within ourselves. You are seeing gifts present themselves now which will be commensurate with your current understanding. It’s not us lacking in anything or failing at something. It is just that the universe works for our best and highest good at all times.

I don’t know what gifts you will end up with, that’s your personal business. But whatever they are, will be exactly what you brought with you to get your role done and achieve your personal goals in this incarnation.



20th May


You know you said some weeks ago – you don’t know what old people do! Just thought I’d cover that. Basically we ‘older’ people do exactly what the young ones do – except we’ve already done the night clubs/disco/rave/getting blind drunk and suffering hangovers/needing danger adrenalin like bunji jumping, etc. – so we skip that stuff generally. We’re a bit wiser now on that stuff. Aside from that, it’s all still the same, pretty much. It does depend on how healthy and fit you have kept yourself. Of course, there are some people who are just 'being old' – going to Bingo and talking about their ailments.

And there are women who don’t bother with sex – because let’s be honest, a lot of guys have no idea about love making and think a couple of minutes sex is all there is to it - so women just give up. Other than those who’ve given up – the rest of us are just as young as we ever were. So there!

21st May


Edited. You know you were saying few places have a big range of food. Could be many places realize that as long as they have a reasonable selection, they can still fill the place without tons of lines as long providing what they make is worth coming back for – which makes for an easier life and way less cost to run the business. There is a guy on TV show called Hotel Impossible and he goes into failing restaurants. One of the things he does, every time, is simplify their menu, massively, and then teaches the chefs how to make each of those dishes beautifully, full of flavour and seasoning, mostly using fresh ingredients. The businesses boom. It works. When you don’t have so many lines, it’s easier to make sure each product is tasty, of quality and not dry. Then you can taste and test.

Basically there are two lines of evolution in the physical universe. The angelic line and the human line. You reached an evolved level in the angelic Kingdom and decided to incarnate in human form to gain that extra experience. Here is something I found that explains the Angelic Kingdom – which is your kingdom as the elemental world is part of all that.

BTW, that tobacco leaf you gave me was really special. I don’t exactly get it all but it was something like we’d had our crops flooded out and lost it all and that seed had a tiny green sprout I think and it was our first planting after the flood – and it was succeeding and that was the first seed germinated. I think we both hugged and cried for a while. We were saved from ruin.


Google service!  I’ll have a go at answering your question.

In highest truth everything is overlaid. But I will explain in a way easier to understand it.

The Earth is a ball in the centre. It has the densest vibration. All other dimensions out from it become lighter in vibration, as they proceed out from the Earth.

Next out, surrounding Earth is the 4th dimension. The lowest band of the 4th dimension is called the ‘Astral plane’. As it’s at the bottom (closest to Earth) it’s therefore the densest energy band of the 4th dimension.

The Astral plane contains dual energy – i.e. positive and negative, the same as Earth. Only the 3rd and 4th dimensions contain duality and are the only two dimensions that can provide that level of learning. The astral plane is much more restricted in what it can provide in the way of learning, as there is no physical body to learn through (and a lot is learned that way). The astral plane is slightly higher in vibration than Earth. It is a huge learning field, the same as Earth is. It has very similar happenings as on Earth, such as wars, etc. It looks quite like the physical Earth plane. In fact, it’s so similar, often when someone dies, the difference in energy is not perceived by them and they do not realize they have died. They just carry on their life as though they were still here. And they don’t seem to notice that people are not responding to them. So for those people, although they’re in the Astral plane energy field they are still operating on the 3D Earth. This explains ghosts. The film ‘Ghost’ shows this too.

In the astral plane there are many beings; negative and positive. It is full of beings that have no wish to incarnate or to incarnate again, as it’s too much like hard work. Some of them are a real nuisance and cause problems to people who stay in a dense/dark energy field (through judgements, criticism, drugs, alcohol, psychiatric treatments and maybe going into dense energy areas like some nightclubs) which makes tears and holes in their aura. This allows astral beings to get in. Even though they don’t want to incarnate, they love to experience the sensations that come from being in a physical body – so once in, they plant thoughts and they push sex to the hilt and other things such as drinking, drug taking, and anger. If someone finds themselves getting unexpectedly angry or can’t get enough sex – and this is out of character, they are bound to have one or more entities in their space. And some of them are really nasty – and this could be the source of the idea of ‘demons’. They cannot influence anyone who is keeping their aura clear.

There is no negative energy in all dimensions beyond the 4th as there is no duality.

As ever, this is my viewpoint. I could be wrong!

Does that help.


22nd May

I don’t need a present. I'm happy with my little unicorn. All I really need is a decent hug!


 23rd May


OK. Let’s address the reptilian thing briefly. This is the densest 3D area possible. It is mostly inaccurate, and what is true is so outdated. For a start the ‘greys’ disappeared long ago. Couldn’t take the rise in planetary vibration. The trouble is people can get fascinated by it all and before they know it they’re captured in a dense lower vibration of fear and they start to look for hidden agendas in absolutely everything. You can’t discuss anything with them as they’re continually seeing some other hidden agenda. Much of the time, there is no other agenda. They lose sight of the beauty and reality. I recently set a US friend (into conspiracy theories) a stunning picture of a sunrise I took. Their reply was only ‘Look that that chem trail in the sky!’ Just incapable of seeing the beauty. Yes, there was a chemtrail and they exist. So what!  Big trap and I have seen it happen quite often. We’ve lost some lightworkers. I would steer clear of it, with a vengeance. It does not fit into your purpose. It is not learning what its like to be human! It covers a little tiny minute proportion of 3D but can be so defeating when someone chooses this over light.

Of course, there are light teams here who are meant to uncover conspiracy stuff. It’s their job – as everything has to be brought to the surface to be released. I’m not at all interested cause I am very good at sticking at what I came here to do – and if I’m off doing stuff others are meant to do, I’m neglecting my work and letting my team down. Much of this reptile stuff originates with one guy – David Icke. He is a lightworker and is meant to expose stuff. The problem is he doesn’t get his own stuff, he gets it from others channellings and heaven knows what they are connecting to. There was a big situation with him in the UK when he went on prime TV and made a total fool of himself (it was meant to be). I can tell you if you are interested about why he doesn’t get anything himself and relies on others. Not intuitive! Anyway, much later we were both on a spiritual workshop platform and we talked privately about the whole awakening we had (he’s on the same team as me and we really copped it (in last part of The Awakener). I said ‘David you’re leaving people in fear at the end of your talks, making out this is a huge thing and there’s nothing they can do about it’. I had given him a copy of unconditional love. He said ‘this is what I really believe. OK, I am going to read this out at the end of every lecture.’ It wasn’t enough but it was a start. I heard he was doing that. But it probably it went buy the boards.

I only asked if you were coming to market on Sunday because you had said you would probably all be coming. Totally fine, whatever, of course.

This may sound silly and not much to you, but it was really nice to hear you call me San. I know you corrected it to Sandy. But it meant something to me because we always used nicknames or abbreviated names. Felt like I was back there again.



There is a situation currently in play. You are indeed creating the demise of your place as you see it as the only viable way out of a position you have found yourself in where you do not appear to have control over how it is portrayed in its various functions. You are subjected to the passions of someone who is able to fulfil their own goals through this project. Senior to all this, is the fact the true purpose of this endeavour was and is, to create a space where people will be drawn to come and spend time in order to allow the interchange of codes to take place that need to be deposited.... This is what it is all about. It was never about creating a total gourmet situation - as nice and logical as this may seem to a proprietor ...... All that is really needed is good, honest food that brings you back time and time again. The elementals needed to enter this space actually do not generally have gourmet taste. They are satisfied if food tastes good, is reasonably priced and there is sufficient of it to satisfy hunger. And aside from it applying to the elemental world, the same rule generally applies to most people, including other customers who eat there.

You are able to control your world. You are a 6th dimensional being who holds great power and light. The fact you are currently incarnated here, doesn’t change that. You currently have an opportunity to stand strong and making sweeping changes that will resurrect the situation. It may require more courage than giving in and letting it go under but you have never lacked courage in the past. This is not the time to start giving up. Much depends on the success of this establishment and that success needs to be ongoing, regardless of who is in control of it. Raphael will assist all he can as he understands the universal importance of the continued opening of this portal. It is difficult for you to know the depth of the situation for you have entered physical incarnation and the veils of Maya close off our higher purpose in order for it to be achieved.

You can do it. It just needs a strong stand, almost without compromise. While holding such a position, it is almost impossible to be intuitive and follow divine order, as regards that situation. If you move from a position of submission, you will be guided to correct all areas that need correcting. You are at a major crossroads. You can take the anguish out of this situation and follow divine order and it will lead you where you truly are meant to be.

The life goals of others involved can be and will be addressed in other areas that are to still be created, so you are not taking away their future aspirations.

I would normally not say this, but if you allow this to disintegrate, I foresee you will regard this as a failed part of your plan, once you leave here and review matters. You will also be very surprised you handed your power over so easily.


24th May

I was thinking what I would do if I ran an eating  place.  As I appreciate the value of feedback, I'd likely have done this from the beginning.

First off, I'd check the best selling lines and get rid of much of the rest. Out of those rest of items –I’d look at the next best sellers and from them choose the fastest and easiest to make.

2. Then I’d get 2 independent people – who are not involved and have no vested interest in saying the right thing! and maybe someone not so used to chemically enhanced food, and take a tiny slice of every single line and taste it, analyze it (i.e. too dry, bland, etc.)  and, score it. Taking a sliver off, would mean I didn’t lose a whole slice which could be sold. For things I couldn’t try a bit of, then I’d use up a whole one. I’d fix all those that needed fixing and make sure every item was mouth wateringly more-ish.

3. Then I’d buy a whole bunch of small cardboard boxes at the cheap shop, matching and unobtrusive as much as possible, natural if possible. Put a slot in the top, big enough to easily take a piece of paper. I’d print up small papers for Comments. I’d put one box on every table and clear contents at the end of the day.

I’d put the boxes on the table, for sure. This would get the most comments. Many people will not like to take their paper to the counter to put in a box.


To assist us provide high quality food, please rate what you chose today. Rate from 1-10. Ten being the best score.

Savoury food?

Sweet food?





If anything was not appetizing and delicious, we would appreciate knowing what items/s you had. ………………………………………………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………………………

Just a thought  - between you  and me!

As you may know I studied the mind for a long time when living in the UK. I’m going to share something new, that I know to be true, starting on a gradient. This is an abbreviated scale of human emotions. This abbreviated version generally reflects most humans. Most are sitting predominately in one of these positions. Of course, we all move up and down the scale in our day, but one of these is our current base state. We can and do all change to a new established level. There are exceptions, as some people are on the expanded scale. But most are in this range. This means they generally live their life through that specific band of emotion. Few are at 40.

See chart link


26th May

UK’s first crop circle of the year has arrived, near Warminster in barley crop. Warminster and its environs have long been noted for its many UFO reports. Iron Age settlements lie nearby, showing evidence of early settlements and Iron Age hillforts such as the famous Cley Hill are in the vicinity. Cley Hill has played host to many circles over the years.

Other circles


I got a message from St Germain to me.

'You are an able being in any space or universe. You have access to many planes of existence and can happily exist in all of them. There is a choice to be made if you feel you have completed here, it really is no big deal to move on. You are used to it. Your daughter  will be OK. This is one of the time lines for you to leave – so she knows on a higher level'.


27th May

Thank you for coming - seriously, it was greatly appreciated. Being close to you truly makes my heart sing. Thank you for dropping the barriers and responding naturally with love. We're getting closer to the truth of our connection. Maybe there will be time to find that 100% friendship place we share, and maybe not. But I'm so grateful we got this far and reached 'comfortable'. You know you hold a major special place in my heart, a love that transcends time and space.

The expanded chart   -


28th May

You saw I wasn’t drinking much water while you were here. It surprised me and I figured there must be a reason I wasn’t feeling to drink. I think I got it later in the day. My lungs were really being processed and I was copping it. I think the body was indicating not to drink water as there’s been a problem recently of water going to the wrong place and into the lungs and putting too much pressure on the heart. Other than odd sips, it wasn’t until about 3am that the thirst kicked in, so I guess it was OK then to drink. Great with the body working so well as to indicate what and when. It's getting harder now the toxics are unleashed. Had a tricky night. Which reminds me, I'm sorry for causing a tearful night for you although I know it's helping release loss from the past. Also just to let you know, what the masters call imminent doesn’t have to mean today or tomorrow. All in all, I know it’s my decision and I haven’t expressed ‘that moment’ – yet. I believe they are respecting my choices, as long as it’s still in divine order. That bit I am unsure of is if I have somewhere else to be, then that will override a current choice I am making here now.

Yesterday was beautiful. I have no other word that describes it better. That, to me, is magic. And I know I should be satisfied. And in a way I am. But I woke up with that deep longing in my heart of a long established intimate connection that holds no barriers within it. Nothing in the way of pure love. Reaching for the moon! Impossible to have the time to get there. Never mind. To be honest, for your sake, I block the connection that allows a hug to span the dimensions. Just in case it was really strong and soul blending. Maybe it wouldn’t matter but am not taking the chance of causing any dissatisfaction elsewhere. It's called integrity.

I was just quietly having a laugh at your vivid description of our healing session. Never heard it described like that before! Ha. Absolutely, that wouldn’t be something you'd pass on! Thank heavens you know you can trust me. I hoped you would realize that one day. Wild horse couldn’t drag any information out of me about our personal interactions. You never have to fear I will even slip up or hint at anything, to anyone. I am a closed book. As ever I am there to protect you. We are friends and it will always be so.

I know you came here for me.  But even if I were dying I'd still have my focus on helping you, however I can. Your wish is my command, my friend.

Do you know if you'd done what you thought of maybe doing a couple of months ago,  you would have been beyond angry at yourself. You said you’d be angry. Ha, not a patch on what it would have been. You’d be SO angry at blowing your final chance to understand human behaviour, having arranged so many scenarios to see how it works and to get into mastery on it. You really don’t like failure. You never did. You like to achieve what you set out to do and anything else is unacceptable. You’d have been like a bear with a sore head for a while. We’d have had to do a lot of cheering you up at the banquet.

Incidentally re my friend down south, we were together for 3 years in an amazing beautiful, passionate relationship a long time ago. That love has never died for either of us. I had to leave him to go and do my lightworker work. We never lost touch. He went on to get married and have kids, as did I. His wife died not long ago. I always knew he was up for picking up where we left off, once he was single. But I’m not in that place at all. Not a chance. I’ve hinted I love living alone. He hasn’t quite got it yet, but he’s an intelligent guy so it won’t take long to realize.


To be honest I was surprised, pleasantly so, when you expressed some concern about my leaving and more. I really didn’t think you cared much at all. And that was OK as I didn’t expect anything else. I knew you didn’t remember, so that was pretty much it - unless somehow, somewhere, some far distant memory filtered through and by some miracle you captured perhaps  a glimpse of the love that went hand in hand with an indestructible trust and love and kinship.

I am truly honoured that you allowed some inkling of that to come through and even more that you felt OK about telling me. It means such a lot. Maybe it’s just happiness at having a Google Service. But it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it’s nice.

Don’t ever, ever, ever, as long as I am here, fail to come to me to talk it through if you get into any situation that’s hard to handle and brings forth any sort of giving up – please!  I’ve seen you in dark despair before – as you have seen me. Anything you bring to the table will never make me think less of you.

Very, very, well done on being wise enough to extract your self out of the confining religion and its brainwashing. Not easy at all, especially being in from so young.

I think it’s good not to know ‘age’. It at least gives you a chance to step beyond an extensive very limited belief pattern that controls much of the 3D population that can solely make  people decide what people can and can’t do depending on  the ‘age’ they’ve been boxed into. You see stories in news and papers, etc. and 99% of the time, regardless of what it's reporting, there it is – their age. It has nothing to do with anything actually. Who knows why society has chosen to focus on age.


29th May

By the way, it doesn’t matter how cheeky you get (and I love it!) you can trust me. Play at your best – have fun - the line won't be crossed.

30th May

Hello angel, it’s all turned fully on – pain, breathing, lots. Bit hard to take but I’m tough and can get through anything. No danger warning signs that the body can’t cope, so all good.

If anything happens to me while I am fasting, I sure hope no-one blames the fast- because it was all happening anyway! It was only heading in one direction.

Onwards and upwards.

Be at peace.

1st June


We were speaking about matching astrology signs. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a full birth chart. It shows the position of all the local planets at that exact moment of birth plus the degrees from the Earth - and therefore the influence of each of the qualities those planets offer. They all have spiritual qualities we can tap into.

A chart also has ‘houses’. Each house reflects one part of life on Earth such as the 7th house being Relationships. Depending on how many planets in a house, what they are or if you have no planets in there at all, impacts on the help we’ve planned to get in that particular area. The moment of birth is planned very carefully to give us the best energy from other planets to achieve the goals we have. The rest of planets active in the birth chart and which house they are positioned in - makes a big difference to our compatibility with others. Not just the sun signs. Sometimes a couple of these can be nearly strong as a sign.

Here are a few charts just to give you an idea of how different they can look.


Me. If I can just handle all the inflammation/toxics in the body, then there's a chance for the damaged nerve endings/lungs/heart to repair as at least the toxics aren’t preventing it from doing so.


2nd June

As I mentioned at one point, I had to abort the plan to incarnate into Ireland, where you were going to be my brother. I haven’t told you the story that led up to that that started in Atlantis. Didn’t want to get too ‘out reality’. It is a bit intriguing. Anyway the result of all that was when I planned the incarnation this lifetime, I kept things very close to my chest, determined not to rely on anyone or anything, never needing support. I chose the moment of birth to use the energies of the planets in the right houses to support this. I chose just one planet in 7th house which is the house of Relationships to back my personal goal (as tattooed on arm) and most planets in the 12th house and some in the 11th house. It’s an unusual chart as most people don’t work from 12th house. In case you are interested - here is a description of the properties those two houses offer.

12th house is the last house and completes the lifecycle and represents the endings. It stands for seclusion, solitude and emancipation. ... It is a very important house concerning spiritual liberation.

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, instinct, and secrets. In fact, it dominates all that’s hidden, including activities going on behind the scenes and confidential engagements. Psychotherapy and psychic phenomena both fall under this house as part of its rule over the subconscious mind. Dynamics acting on this house can heighten our hunches and intuition.

This is the house we go to heal ourselves. It also rules self-sacrifice, inner suffering, limitations and secret enemies. Lastly, this house rules charity, especially on a one-on-one basis.


11th house The eleventh house in a chart is a house of friendship, but also this strange point in a horoscope in which we find ways to communicate with our inner personality and the outer Universe it is the one ruling deities and religion, so the eleventh house basically represents the way God speaks to us. This is our perception of faith, beliefs, religion, and everything that gives purpose to our existence. It will push us towards humane activities and choices made for the wellbeing of entire mankind. Its Latin name benefacta translates to “friendship” and this is, without a doubt, its primary role.

Apart from ruling friendships in our lives, this is the house of our personal liberation. It is a place where we set free from obligations, make turns, recognize our wishes, and realize how great our minds are. This is a house that represents all non-profit organizations, different groups, clubs and societies, as well as higher associations and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. This house is here to support us and blow wind in our sails, as a place where we find people who approve of our personality without judgment.


I use two publishers for my books – Amazon and another that covers all non Amazon platforms.

3rd June

I don’t get much personal help from the mob up there. I used to get more but as you move forward, they give you every chance to move more and more into your own mastery. I’m not getting any help with this fasting time. For starters, it is a time slot for me to leave so they are keeping right out of it. And I am totally happy with leaving which is a bit puzzling as to really why I am doing this fast! I know I think a part of it is to help Talia, but there has to be another reason and for the life of me, I have no idea what it is. Why put myself through this! It had better be a damn good reason. And if it is the final time slot I allowed myself to leave this incarnation (I don’t know), I will be going anyway.

Re publishing. The adding to content of an already published eBook is easy – as long as you stick to the format. The vetter they check new content with is an ‘autovetter’. It pulls out things that they don’t accept like ‘indented paragraphs’.

The much harder part is once you have written a book, is formatting to that publishers requirements. Ahhh!

You mentioned heightened perception from fast.  This is a normal occurrence. But I do feel my perception is already OK and all I want it to be, so didn’t expect any increase there.

Mentioning again my birth chart and not needing outside support means I’ve never felt inclined to talk over personal problems with friends or family. Certainly keep me away from being needy in that regard (or any regard!). But, I am appreciating your support just cause its nice.

I hadn’t realised Qantas was where you did that work. I bet it was great. Wonder why you left. Camaraderie is a wonderful thing. I have experienced it too, particularly at one place I worked as a two way radio operator. There were 3 girls and a big office of girls around us but it was not from them the connection took place. We had 100 male drivers who called in on the 2 way several times a day for their jobs. Some, who lived close to the office/warehouse - physically came in every morning and others further away just called in for their jobs. They all came in once a month, so we knew them all. Huge fun, the banter was amazing. Although I get on great with women, I prefer men every time, for the banter and easy interactions.

4th June

Well, it seems the body is indicating it can’t go any further in this particular healing protocol of fasting. It’s reached its limit. I was prepared to do whatever it took, but that doesn’t work if the body is saying that’s it. It’s now rejecting water just to make sure I’m paying attention! I’d hoped it would do more tissue healing but at least the inflammation is gone and who knows, maybe healing will continue after fasting is finished. Not sure about that. Maybe things are just meant to be. I’m glad I did it and gave the body every chance to repair. Now I’ll start the gentle process of replenishing the gut with probiotics and the gradient movement toward a bit of organic, easily digested broth and so on. And then muscle rebuilding as it always takes out some muscle. It’s been a challenge - understatement! Maybe it’s helped in more areas than I am aware of at this stage.

I was getting signs yesterday. Today I am sure. Weak as a kitten, so won’t linger on here. Everything is a bit of an effort at present. But that will recover soon.

Well, I sure felt the strength of you in that message – the familiar you, my friend and warrior of old.

I did get that you were fine the day you said it on the sofa - 'you got it! '

I was wholly happy with that. To be honest with you, the only dents that appear in that certainty come from things you say to me. Then some concerns creep in. Of course, I do know you and the power of you but I also know you are still quite new at tackling human life. And I absolutely know how hard that can be.

When I know you have a strong partner and you want to keep as much harmony as possible by not stirring things up. When I see products not up to standard and watch dwindling numbers and see people who don’t want to complain and have no intention of returning and see obvious reluctance to really get feedback and address the issue head on – and hear that things are close to the wire, I can’t help it. I get concerned. I’m sorry. Try and see those factors from my side. I hold a clear picture of the extreme importance of a continuous flow off uninterrupted coding taking place – which particularly applies to your area to keep everything updated and I already see some effects from lessening clientele coming in.

I have always trusted you but I know the pitfalls of human life only too well. But yes, I will listen to you and trust you are there and on top of it. I will let go of all concerns, as you request. You choose to take the responsibility of it all on board and I choose to support you in your mastery and power. I always have. So, at your request, I will let it go.

We attract what we need at the time. That is what you did. You saved yourself.


5th June

It would be great if you could just resume eating when you end a fast. Ahh! Can’t happen. It’s pretty much as though you are still on it.

I am starting with one tablespoon of ‘probiotic coconut water’ in morning and one at night. That will start restoring gut – over some days. Brilliant stuff - many people could do with it to correct digestion.  Lovely Sven and his wife, who sell the activated nuts, make it. $10 for a good sized glass jar – and it actually tastes nice. Lasts a few weeks. So much nicer than Kombucha which is an excellent probiotic but tastes awful to me – the real stuff I mean, not the shop type stuff which is not as potent.

Got  best bone broth (restores collagen). So, after restoring gut bacteria, I have a little bit of the broth for a few days. Then maybe add the water of some carrots – then a little steamed kale maybe. It’s a slow process. Sometimes, slow and steady produces the best results, eh!! Ha.

At this stage, don’t see me getting to market. But I am on the way back to 'normality'.

By the way, what the body is saying in this instance is not  ‘well, that’s it, that’s all I can do’. It’s really saying ‘that’s all I can do at this time’.

It will be good to get my attention off this boring area of fasting!!

I noted you saying something about kicking yourself over some wrong decisions lately. I certainly hope none of these had anything to do with me  - unless it was that you should have visited more often. Ha!

Hope I didn’t upset you. Sometimes I can be pretty tactless. I know you have put blood, sweat and tears into the creation....and I come along and say well, yeah, but there is this and that. Bloody cheek, eh! I’m sure I’ve upset you before also although you always say I haven’t. Truth is always OK with me. You never have to pussy foot around – but I know you are nice and that governs things sometimes.

I’m sorry. Sometimes I should take the time to tone things back a bit.

I know and acknowledge what you have created and its pure magic and has been achieving its purpose for so long extremely efficiently. And that result has been no mean feat employed by you on every level. And in your heart you know I’d never knowingly hurt you, ever, ever, ever. But it can happen sometimes, even when it’s not intended.


6th June


Cheeky buggar! Pretty clever though.

This b… fast is carrying on like I haven’t stopped. Still symptoms all over the place. Lost count with how many times I have had to stop fainting! Going to make a concerted launch today to break out of ketosis and resume normal metabolism. That should get me back on track.

I have friends here for Cooly Rocks. They drive their 50’s Cadillac up They aren't thrilled I haven’t been able to see them yet. I’ve told them to come over here on Tuesday. I'm determined to be able to function next week – which includes a visit from ‘Cosmic cuddles’ if that was in the offing.

Remind me to tell you about the ‘cult’ thing. But it’s not for two minutes of a phone call!

Need to hold castles  again 3 weeks later.


9th June


I so hope you are feeling better. Sometimes there’s nothing worse (except maybe a bad headache) than aching limbs (unless it’s from overworking them!! Tra la) and a cough. So debilitating. These physical bodies do leave a bit to be desired. I’m sure most of the blueprint is fine but I’d have made some changes. They can’t take extreme heat, cold or much impact, for starters. We’ve definitely had better designed bodies on other planetary systems. I guess it does aid learning, in a funny sort of way.

Wonder if you got a chance to talk further with your dad re maybe not getting too caught up in that fear spectrum of conspiracy stuff.

Re your question about abandonment. Last night I realised I’d only been looking over my adult life. Of course, I had an extremely traumatic abandonment situation as a young child and never spoke again for 2 years. But I’ve handled that which is why it didn’t come up I guess.

Near fainting has stopped. And maybe there are a couple of little signs of some improvement in problem areas of body. 

Noting your quip about ‘being needy.’  I don’t know whether or not that applies to other areas of your life, but if there was ever a word that would never enter my mind in relation to you or our interactions – it would be ‘needy’. Not even close. You don’t give off that vibe or impression at all – not to me anyway.

Please stay well and feel good - always.



Glad you are feeling a lot better.

Also glad your dad is doing OK with all that stuff and not getting his attention dragged into negativity. Hope it stays that way.

Do you know, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain consciousness and choice and how our focus of attention generally dictates the place we find ourselves in, vibrationally. How we make continual choices  watch bad media news and focus on negativity -  - or put our attention into a higher focus of consciousness in order to maintain the frequency of light needed to do the light work we came to do as well as achieve our own personal goals.

I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to drag Lightworkers back up out of these pits of lower band belief patterns - after they start off being fascinated, thinking it’s all very interesting  - and end up living in a permanently fearful space thinking ‘they are out to get us’! They get to the point where they don’t even notice it has reduced not only their vibration, but their ‘free movement’ in life. I know hundreds who are so caught up in this stuff – it limits them hugely. They are no longer are happy to just ‘be,’ trusting the light is senior to ALL and trusting the perfection of the universe and the divine plan that brought us here. We find before very long at all, there are things they dare not to do and places they dare not go – because they’ve decided there’s something so bad out there that it controls us  so we have ‘to be careful’. They watch for chem trails, they stop using Google and other technology. The list is endless. They go into a 'big brother is watching you' syndrome and we lose them! They cannot perform any more at the frequency of light that was required to assist Earth.

So, to be really truthful, I am over it. I decided to step back from this one. I’ve just seen too many go under (and they don’t even know or see it) and have wasted time. I’m over it! I’m now completely willing to let anyone and everyone make their choices and enter this trap (designed to do just that!). I’m going to stand right back and let them just get right on with it. I have better things to do with my time. If that sounds selfish, too bad! There are no exceptions, including all my friends. June is into it up to her ears! So be it. Even many in the teams of Lightworkers whose job it is to expose this stuff, find it hard to stay on top of it – while trying to ensure it gets known about.

Yes of course, some of it is true. So what! Do we live in light and love - or fear? 5G is already switched on officially here. Do I look bovered! We have the capacity to keep our vibration above these levels. There are also great pieces of technology around that keep us out of that field of energy, if we can’t manage to do it ourselves.

The answer to your question – do we do something about it? There are light teams on Earth to handle every conceivable smallest particle existing on this planet - all its social structures - right down to the bees and the ants! The idea is always and will always be – let the teams who are meant to handle specific areas – handle them – and we concentrate on handling what we came to do. That is how a divine plan works. The teams already exposing and handling conspiracy theories have been doing it already for many, many years. They are the experts – evolved and well trained - and with a great deal of luck and quite some effort on their part, they often manage to do it while maintaining their head above water. Some sink when they get caught up in the emotion of it.

I made a suggestion to you originally - to perhaps get your basics in first before you chose to connect more to C.... When you said recently you were interested in something he  had said, I didn’t make any further comment to you as I’d already said it. Now I see the reason for my original doubts.

So basically, hope it’s OK with you but I choose to leave you to your own devices and decisions on these areas.

Doctors last night??

I can sure understand the need for sleep taking priority over everything!!


You may like to watch this from a good channel called Lorie. I’m not sure if I’ve suggested it before?? If you’ve seen it, don’t bother.

A comprehensive video (37 minutes) for Lightworkers - ‘down to earth’ explanation by Lorie Ladd about consciousness in the 3D Earth and beyond.

Understanding the 3D Matrix - YouTube...Lorie Ladd

10th June


Just idly musing. Nothing important.

I was thinking about the period my brother was in the police force. As I said, he was based in Sydney and his area was the city centre. I also worked in the city then. He was very popular and was in and out of stores chatting to everyone. We looked very alike. Whenever I was walking around town, people were always approaching me to ask if I was related to him. So much was done by personal contact. It couldn’t happen these days. A different life really. An innocent time. Our crowd would head to the ice skating rink at Central on a Friday night. And hamburgers and milkshakes afterwards. It was all about friendships and fun and sharing.

You remember the Sydney Royal Easter show – which I loved from a little kid. My brother was on point duty controlling traffic single handedly at the major 2 lane - 4 way intersections - in front of the showground. I’d arranged ahead with him to park – and he let me into the special VIP grassed area. The fun was when I was leaving. Den stopped all lanes in the 4 way intersection and bowed me out of the parking area. I felt like royalty. Hah!  People tried to see who was driving – and until they saw my car they’d probably figured it must be someone important. I had an amazing old 1956, red and cream FJ Holden –in excellent condition. Loved that car. I had mascots, trims and all sorts of goodies on it and it gleamed from my polishing. Just a bloody show off really! But not as much showing off as when I owned the TC MG. Ego! Ah well, young and full of it! Not many could afford new cars then, but the old cars were great.


Have a look at Dennis’s write up on Fluoride

13th June


Here is Sparkles -  now a worldly elfin - having been brought up to speed with what she needs to live and survive here - especially from those pesky boy elves - who are a law unto themselves!!! Ha.


These are the herbal lozenges I mentioned. Soothing and taste nice. Usually easy to find. HF shop. Coles??


14th June


Just to make sure it is clear. First of all ....s to really want it for herself. Not because you want her to understand it all or that she is doing it because she thinks you want her to understand it. Never going to work. We have to want it and be ready for it. If you are able to bring her to a place of understanding the basics – the sort of levels provided through Louise Hay and my basic book, plus she reaches a place where she is asking you questions – and is really seeking.  She needs to have an overall grasp of things like not judging, past lives, divine order, etc. – then I may be able to help (if I’m still here). Does  not have to know about ascended realms. I’m happy to help her, not just for the assistance that would give you, but also for the being herself. I just can’t put energy into assisting someone up from scratch. It’s incredibly time consuming when someone is really starting from a place of ‘normal’ understanding – and that's not my role here. When someone really wants to know, they search, they seek, they get magazines, they talk to people, they do workshops, they want to know. You have a great desire to know. That makes a big difference to whether it all successfully unfolds. To get into spiritual stuff for someone else – does not work. Although you were sort of technically ‘new’, you weren’t really. The pupil is ready - the teacher will come. You were asking. Also I know you and the realm you come from and what you have known before. All of that helps me assist you. I don’t have that background familiarity with her. And I also had an agreement to help you.

On other subject. I do totally love rolling fields and rivers and mountains and creeks and wonderful trees and all that. I lived a long time in peace and happiness on the South Downs in the UK. No ocean. It’s just that given a choice, I love the ocean more. I am one with the ocean. Also, after living so long in Europe where you are not bugged by flies and mosquitoes, I totally appreciate not having to contend with that nuisance factor.

Oh yes, I see why I don’t know of Teal Swan. She’s quite new on the scene – last 5 years and made it onto Watkins magazine 100 list last year, I think. I know many people on that list – some really great people like Oprah and many others. Everyone on their list deals public ally with ‘new people.’ Lectures, CD’s books to help awaken new people. I’d never be included in a list like that because my role here was never to handle ‘new people/humans’ here to learn through a 3D plane (for the first time) – or even Lightworkers who were not at all awake yet to their spiritual self. Oprah, Louise Hay, Stuart Wilde and tons of other amazing people were here to do that. I came to Earth to help ‘already spiritually awakened Lightworkers and Starseeds’ move more fully into their own power and mastery, make them aware of their contract for Earth, how to complete and return home. Quite a different ball game and happily unknown to most ‘new people.

I see Teal Swan is quite prolific – lots of stuff there. I don’t have time to search thru a bunch of videos to get the gist of it all. She’s probably good at what she does. But I was just wondering if you happen to recall one particular you tube of hers you were listening to? I’d rather listen to one you were hearing. Text me if you recall.


Hmmm, yes - signs. Deciphering what are valid and what are not. A good guide of a valid sign is the feeling of interest and inner excitement that gets triggered with it. But it’s not always as clear cut as that – as personal wishes and desires and head stuff can also make it appear that way. Ah if only it was always easy! It is easy, but only once we get the difference.

Maybe sometime we can have a conversation and you can offer some examples and in the flow that follows - I’m sure we can nut it out. I can often find a key I’ve never seen or verbalized before – but such conversations offer chances to naturally unfold and then I get it. I guess the greatest personal  major ‘sorting out’ successes I’ve had -  have been in a flowing two way communication. Miracles can happen..



15th June


You know I mentioned something about you saying …you'd had a couple of hard times … and I'd asked if that was personal or you wanted to expand on that….but we didn’t recall exactly what was said. It was the one where you included your poem for my wall. Ahh!

Well, this is what you said…. ‘I’ve been fighting myself and punishing myself over a few things lately but my discernment guides me to release them now’….


It’s easy to love you unconditionally. It comes very naturally – effortless.

This is on the articles page. You may have read it. I think it's lovely

17th June

This is the whole article if you wanted to read it - 'Signs to Jerusalem'

It’s a full moon today. If there’s any way you can get your crystals and the crystal castle out on the ground for the night that would be great for them to release the negative energy they have graciously removed from you all. Also, the one in the shop must be well and truly overloaded by now, so if you could remember to bring it home with you tomorrow and put it out on ground tomorrow night - it will still capture enough full moon energy to clear it.

Another reminder, in case you haven’t yet held your crystal for the last part of the programme  to be downloaded– bring it here with you next time you come and I will make sure it gets in. If you can’t remember which crystal it is, bring all the clear quartz crystals with you!!

I may have told you I have a team of Starseeds around the world who do the decrees I create – usually we all do it within a 24 hour period or faster if vital. I tend to do the creating of them (although they all could) as the others feel it’s my work and I’m given the signs and know exactly how to word each one precisely. As I’d mentioned to you, when we can’t do something ourselves to handle a situation, then at least we can hand it over to the higher realms, giving our permission as ‘incarnated inhabitants on Earth and the Light team here.

You don’t need to do this, but I thought I’d show you a Decree I sent out late last night to the team. It’s just for your information so as to get an idea of the sort of thing. Half of the team have done it already.


16th June, 2019

This is a Decree to ask for Divine Order (which includes ruling out corruption, bribery and treachery) regarding decisions made within the parliamentary system that could affect Divine Order at this time for the UK. It contains no bias toward any particular outcome regarding the UK’s relationships on a world platform, asking only for the harmony of Divine Order.

By Divine Decree, in the name of God, as a Starseed on the Ascension mission to Earth, I request Archangel Metatron of the 8th dimension of light, to take immediate and ongoing necessary actions to ensure Divine Order occurs regarding all aspects, procedures and outcomes connected to the 2019 current election of a new UK Prime Minister and Parliamentary Cabinet Ministers and for all legally binding majority decisions made by the elected UK parliament and the 1922 Conservative Committee are created from integrity and honour designed to bring highest Divine harmony and positive integration of all relationships and interactions between the United Kingdom and other countries on Earth.

So Be It. So It Is. Mote it Be. It is Done. (Say this line once, after the Decree is said 3 times)



I love my new little ULTRA soft furry bunny from the UGH boot stand at Pines. You will love him so much and want to cuddle him cause you SO love doing that sort of thing – being swept away with passion for magical things like unicorns (not goats though as they aren’t soft unless it’s an Angora!

So, Cosmic Wanderer, you probably don’t have any more questions now you are a super star player!! No, not really. If you are anything like me, questions kept coming up for one heck of a long time – still do at times.


It’s still a lovely day… and a lovely life!



Oh yes!! Follow your dreams. If you are truly called to physically go somewhere - make it happen. But always check you need to actually go. Sometimes codes can be transferred in other ways, if that is the reason. I sent codes to the Dalai Lama via my daughter.

Austria, Japan and India – all amazing places and all have such different scenery and lifestyle, it’s as though you’ve entered different planets!! As you know, I lived in Austria. The scenery there (and in Switzerland) is breathtakingly stunning. Beyond imagination and so very worthwhile. You could never be disappointed seeing Austria – it’s all you expect it to be.

Japan is exquisite in a totally different way (also has stunning mountain areas) but it’s the culture, the perfection and the porcelain like pristine beauty of things - that represent humility, graciousness, honour and right action. I guess the perfection of the ‘tea ceremony’ is a good example of the microcosm representing the Macrocosm. I recall thinking that every Aussie should come here. They would learn a lot (if they’re open to seeing it). There were about 80 of us from all countries and we all learnt so much about the finer side of life - without loud, abrasive or arrogant behaviour. It was the same everywhere we travelled across the country – grace, charm, manners, politeness and a quiet respectful way of dealing with each other and foreigners and strangers alike. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in any other country, including here! It was a valuable experience to be permitted to be part of the beauty of their culture, their shops, the cleanliness, beautiful parks and gardens and truly workable technologies. It doesn’t take long being there until you lower your voice and don’t call out across a room to your friend! Or until you are receiving all offered to you with both hands (literally) and even bowing. It just seems right and is a mark of respect - a trait I feel has been lost in so many other places. I loved it- as did we all. But we are the sort of people who could appreciate we were being shown something valuable to incorporate into our life to act with more grace and thanks.

India is another ball game altogether. Well worth visiting and seeing as much as you can take. I always tell people to go to other countries before India. It's a full on massive onslaught onto the senses – loud in everything – car horns, shouting, Hindi music, chickens and goats in the public bus, everything. Things don’t run on time, you’re lucky getting the meal you ordered, cows get in the way of everything, lots of things get stolen – you really have to take every precaution (they are poor!), things get cancelled at the drop of a hat, they make up directions rather than admit they don’t know the way. It can hit you hard! Less hard if you stay in 5 star hotels. Backpacking/public transport- is the way to understand the country. And with all its full on, often hard to take - day to day life –you can gain the most amazing benefit – of learning how to ‘be in the moment’ and surrender. Best place on Earth to get that – but there are probably easier ways to get there! But it’s guaranteed to happen there – or you would go nuts! Fabulous colour, great fabrics, nice food, not very clean – and you see poverty right next to vast richness. The dichotomies of such things are stunning.

The tulips in Holland are nice and Amsterdam is a bit of fun.

So many beautiful places on Earth. Follow your heart – every time.

18th June


Hello beautiful SK. Got you message re the buyer. The main thing I want to say is events that seem to be a fait accompli, are often not! But if we decide to ‘go into agreement with them’, that can clinch it into becoming a reality. An offer on another place a) may be true or not true b) the offer may not be accepted c) the finances may not get approved for a myriad of reasons concerning a different business d) the buyer or the seller can change their mind e) it can be a tactic to drive your price down e) there can be another buyer right behind her f) it can give you a chance to ensure all products are perfect and foot traffic increases. Whether it’s something that’s really happening or not, it’s still always a test to remain detached from outcomes and not to go into agreement with what seems to be happening. That applies to all areas of life.

A doctor says it’ll take 3 weeks to get over this flu. This broken bone will take at least a year to mend, etc. You may never walk again!! A shop says it will be ages before they restock a product. You ring up to buy an advertised private item and they tell you someone else is interested! Don’t buy into any of it. Be your own master. Maybe she is looking elsewhere, maybe not. Who knows. The point is – nothing has changed at this point – except maybe your thought pattern..

Secondly, it’s a great opportunity to immediately notice any emotions or thought patterns coming up. Also if you feel you had a bit of a loss from that  - it’s a good idea to mentally scan through it in your mind a few times – could prevent getting a cold!

You know all this stuff – just sayin!

That’s about it. You got it.

I will add some other stuff to page this arvo.  My mum's birthdate today. She was a pretty special character.


Yes, mum was incredibly special. We loved her so much.  It is said people born on 18th of the month have a tough life. Mum and June born on 18th and that has applied to both of them.  

You know sometimes when I trot out a bunch of possibilities – like I just did re ‘sale of the café’ – I think ‘Geez, I’ve been on this planet a long time to know that stuff’! Not having to think about details for such a list, it’s got to mean I’ve been forever in this ‘heavily laden variables’ dimension. Ahhh! What was I thinking to agree to stay here for long!! Drunk again! W

I think lately, more than ever, I’m moving past trying to put forward a different idea about something. Perhaps the willingness to do it when it so often falls on deaf ears, cause we know people will just take as long as they take to change their ideas. Or maybe I’ve stepped back more from thinking it is important that I try. None of that applies to you – or ever would. Different ball game altogether.

I have seen a lot of people who find it very hard to change. That’s OK. This is Earth. But where I’d have once put energy into helping them, I guess I’m happy for most people o be helped elsewhere now. I’m more inclined to give time to those I see are truly seeking to change – then I’ll help them step into their mastery - all I can.

End of waffling. Tra la. Still missing talking to you – over the tobacco leaves!



So good you are able to see the certain and the uncertain as an adventure. Many would wish for such an outlook. Even if you only hold it some the time, its still quite an achievement.

A real illusionary world. Hmm. I think that applies to all of them. Each exists for us – because we agree it does. This is high level stuff, so it may not make much sense. If we cease to agree to that particular creation, it no longer exists – FOR US. It still exists for all those who agree it is real. Before coming into this physical universe – we have to agree that time, place, matter and form exists – in order for us to even perceive that creation. If we don’t agree then it’s not available for us to enter. That doesn’t mean someone says we have to agree or we can’t enter. We can’t enter because it doesn’t exist – for us. Ain’t there!

I have had the entire thing disappear when I blew those original agreements I had made. In an instant it was all gone. Try that one!! No, don’t try that one. I learnt a lot but it’s not a learning I recommend.  Like a 40 day fast!! Not a necessity to living here. It just means a LOT of work to re-establish oneself back in the universe.

Keep a hold of questions that arise – one day you my come again for healing.


I’m sure you know you could probably not have chosen a better place to build a home than where you have – not only the vista you need to make your heart sing and support you vibrationally but also where you have a myriad of people around you right there – probably covering most realities and levels of truth – from natural and organic food concept right up to high levels of truth – all there for the taking as you proceed along your path with different need for understanding new concepts that inevitably become part of our path. How bloody clever and intuitive of you to place yourself there. Hopefully, I’ve helped you bypass some of the distractions it’s so easy to get into – while we’re still finding our way through it all. I know it would have helped me! I also had some help - enough to give me some stable clarity by someone I would trust with my life. Lucky me. He, like any of us, could only give the level of understanding he had at the time.


19th June



From one intergalactic traveller to another. Forget the moon.

Love you to the Great Central Sun and back.


The Great Central Sun is a Source and a Center of the All-Pervading Presence of the Great "I AM". It is a Point of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, and an Central Concentration of God Consciousness and the release of Light and Life and Love to all creation. It is a Nucleus, Heart Center, or White Fire Core of the Cosmos. (The God Star Sirius is a Focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the Galaxy.) "The Great Central Sun is One with every individual's Mighty I AM Presence."

Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth

("Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.")

Interesting that girl kept the masculine name give to her. She must have kept it for a reason – whatever that reason may be. So easy to change a name. I did.


Although I wasn’t bovvered about my Father loving my brother more than me – I didn’t escape childhood unscathed! I was bothered about being abandoned (as I perceived it) as a 2 year old. Didn’t speak again for 2 years! That was trauma!

I have been thinking about my goal to be willing to form a relationship with everything and looking over different moments in life – where relationships have been presented and dismissed or taken on. A lot of my wonderful relationships have been through connections with animals – my great love. But many others have briefly entered my life or I have let pass by for one reason or another. So many things my daughter has no idea about. I do have a tendency not to discuss relationships or private moments with anyone and that includes her. She knows of those where she has been present or involved in some way, of course.  I was thinking how easily one decision can take you down a path that changes your whole life – perhaps just for the learning involved. It sure pays to be intuitive!

I seem to be telling you things – for no apparent reason – other than I am used to sharing with you. Lucky you. Not! Ha.

Anyway, just waffling on - things I never discuss! Maybe just reviewing my life! Boring stuff. When I think of all the incredible things that have happened, why I am looking at old points of relationships. God knows! Much more interesting was heading to another planet to hear the announcement of the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.


Because I have strong personal feelings about maintaining my independence and being determined this lifetime to never permit others to control my freedom of movements, it’s probably good if I totally shut up!!! I don’t want to create any discord or dissatisfaction. We are all different and we each choose our own levels of freedoms and barriers - and we  generally know the reason we do what we do.  Thank God you feel OK to visit occasionally. Phew!

Thank you for the phone call. Love to hear from you. Bet you haven’t heard that before. Ha Ha.

Roll on questions.  I am waiting. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter if it sounds too simple – or you think it’s been covered before. Do you know how many times every Lightworker has needed to hear the same stuff over and over before we can grasp half this stuff? It’s never too simple – and if you ask the same thing 50 times, it’s totally fine. All that is important is that you get it. You know I’m not going to sigh and think ‘God I told him that before’. In fact, I've never had that thought once. I would be happy if you did. Then at least I’d be sure you aren’t sitting there thinking – no, I can’t ask that/I should know the answer to that. No, you shouldn’t!


 20th June

That was quite a profound text you sent  with the ideas of fear and pleasing others.


Other stuff.

Was a bit curious as to what you wanted to achieve in getting  N to watch the Fukushima doco?

This is personal, I know. You know you were asking -  can one be into spiritual stuff and one not. I said yes. But there is a proviso. The one who does not want to get into spiritual understanding HAS to be totally willing and happy to let their partner change. Because that’s going to happen, for sure. It can only work if in their heart they really want the person to be the best person they can be and don’t feel threatened by the changes taking place. To be honest, many can’t handle it. Depends how much that love is unconditional really. It worked well for Sir George and his wife, as I told you.,_4th_Baronet


Louise Hay is all about belief patterns and to be honest it’s possibly one of the most important areas that interfere with life. I used to ask w/shop attendees, when they went home to make a list of everything they could think of to do with ‘weather’. Hot, cold, rain, freezing, snow, sleet, storms, lightning, thunder, etc. Every pattern they could find – such as sun fades curtains – Central heating dries the skin, snow is slushy when it melts. I’d say there are thousands and that’s just ONE subject. Her book is good to read so you then know what’s in there if you happened to want to introduce anyone to spiritual stuff on a gradient. It may seem like kids stuff to you now, but to many people these are big previously not  thought of concepts! I love the A – Z at the back.

I never want to be one of the people you feel you need to please! For heavens sake, please don’t go there. Whatever you do is OK with me. You won’t upset me and you sure don’t have to ‘keep me happy’ to make sure I hang around and keep liking you!!


SK. Now re this sort of question I got today. The very best help I can give is to refer him to the Courageous Souls book.  Ha, ignore the gifted bit!!

Hi Sandy, a long time ago I went on half a dozen or more of your courses with my friend Angela Woodward as coordinator. I'm texting my son in NZ about agreements made between people, say on an aeroplane, that they would pass over together (same with Princess Di and Mother Theresa) and obviously it's difficult to comprehend or believe.

Would you be kind enough, if you ever have some spare time, to put the explanation and theory down for me to forward to him please. I'd like to reinforce the information from an experienced, knowledgeable and gifted person like yourself.

Hope you're still well and happy in OZ watching those wonderful dolphins.

Very best wishes and love,

Paul    (Trayling)


Incidentally, I’ve no idea what's in new editions of KamaSutra. It was originally written about 400 BC, I think. I had access to an ancient old copy - kept under lock and key - belonging to a friend. To be honest, the old version is way too much! Lots about relationships but written in such old language. There are stacks of preamble – like 20 pages each time - on how to prepare the room with perfumes and flowers, clothing, etc. Pretty unreadable – way too over the top - or this old copy was anyway. You’d be too worn out getting the room ready, to actually do anything!

We haven’t really discussed what N knows and what she doesn’t. So, I wasn’t sure if she was up to speed on the purpose of the crystal castles – or anything else for that matter. On one hand you explain you’re good at keeping things to yourself and tend to apply discernment …. and then mention she knows all that’s going on – well, something like that. It’s a bit confusing. I‘m wondering if maybe phone texts get read and if so, I’d better watch what I say! Can probably be a bit over the top sometimes!! I have many friends who read their husbands phone texts, without their knowledge. I don’t judge it (if they want to act without integrity that’s their scene) but I wouldn't do it. My husband used to say he could leave a letter lying open on his desk with perfume emanating from it and kisses all over it - and know I’d never read it. Probably why it was easy for my second husband to have an affair! I’ve stayed in people’s houses for a month minding their animals, and never been remotely interested in opening a cupboard or drawer or look at anything personal. Who cares! I guess I'm just weird! Oh well, someone has to be.

God, I bet you wished you hadn’t said .. waffle away! 

22nd June

I am staying home on Monday (24th). That doesn’t mean you - have to/ should/need to/…or any other considerations, come here. NO expectations. Just saying it, in case there was any time free for healing. And if there was, then maybe bring that last crystal that was downloaded for you. Or, as I said before, if you aren’t sure which one it is, bring all of them. And failing that - because the time lag needed in between you receiving various parts of the programme in that crystal - has now passed - I’m sure we can download anything missing or needed, direct from above to you. Ahh! Where would the world be without codes? No place, that’s where. It all runs on light and mathematics – and then there is love.


Trying to please people = Propitiation. Means pacify, appease, placate, mollify, to ease the anger or disturbance of.

Nice story yesterday


It did cross my mind that telling you those few experiences way back, may have an adverse effect and create a possible thought I may have some other agenda going on. I know I’ve told you before but just on the off chance it needs to be said again – let me reiterate - I have no hidden agenda. My sole reason for the connection to you is a combination of 1. you are an old friend I love; 2. the fact of the portal; and 3. my agreement to help out this last incarnation. That’s it! I do love getting hugs which is simply an extension of the closeness that exists. As good looking and lovely as you are, there’s not the slightest inclination towards anything that even vaguely constitutes a sexual attraction whatsoever. I tend not to make those sort of statements to guys as it can upset ego!  It's never crossed my mind from the day I saw you at the café. And I’m quite sure (aside from the age difference being a turn off for you!!) exactly the same applies to you. So, rest easy. No line is being crossed by me – ever! And nor do I have the slightest desire to do so. That's where I am coming from and that’s aside from the ethics and integrity involved. Even if I was your age or you were mine, my rule for my whole life is if someone is in a committed relationship, I don’t go there (although OK, I was quite tempted twice – a very long time ago - but didn’t).  I  also have never cheated within my own marriages or any committed relationship I have been in. But I still have fun with the innuendo stuff, mainly as I saw it in you and have fun playing with that. Please know in your heart exactly what we are - BFF’s. *Best friends forever! Ha. And that status has been the same for all our human incarnations, as I’ve mentioned. Just know what you know – and hold onto that trust of me –and the fact that I don’t lie! Maybe boring, but true! Like Tom Cruise said in the movie – let it be ‘Crystal’ clear.



24th June 

When you get time, please have a look over anything you want to keep on page. I’m also keen to remove any unwanted stuff.


Re text  message.

Yes, I did reach that level. But also the top training level. In both cases, only to the level of what was released at that time. Actually anything released after that time would not be beneficial.

It had no direct influence on my life’s work. How it did help both work and life was simply that it gave me the understanding and techniques I needed to locate and remove my past life trauma and its associated dense energies.

Other than the benefit of some simple basic communication skills we were taught (most are common sense but there were a few other useful things – nothing way out – I can tell you them) it has NO influence on the way I talk or interact with anyone.

The founder understood so much of life’s patterns – all of which he happily shared through taped lectures and technical write-ups (thousands). All exams we did (a lot) required 100% pass. Most of the benefit I had was from choosing to do the training route. Many just chose to receive processing from someone who did do the training. Processing helps you locate the traumas –  processing only ever occurs 100% conscious - meaning not ill, well slept, had no alcohol in last 24 hours or drugs for 6 weeks or even an Aspro in last 7 days! To really remove something you have to be very aware, not tired or drugged! All of us who chose training would agree 90% of benefit we had came from that deep understanding.

Yes, it was spiritually transformative for me. It was meant to be. That was why it was created and why those who were meant to find it, did so.

Of all the things available on the planet to gain any sort of spiritual awareness, Scio would unquestionably and without any doubt be the LAST one I’d ever recommend to anyone – even to enemies (if I had any!) As I mentioned, S’logy (meaning ‘Knowing how to Know’) was originally put into place by all of us (via LRH) to assist those lightworkers and Starseeds who’d been incarnating here for a long time. Quite a lot of dense energy builds up in the mind and emotional body over that time. We all knew (back in Atlantis) that was going to be an encumbrance to us getting on and achieving  our work on Earth – which was due to kick in 5 years after key events  in  world caused most of us to leave. When it was time to leave, the whole of Scio went belly up – and prices skyrocketed. As that subject exists in the now, there would be no real benefit to anyone  - as far as spiritual enhancement goes. (Some may learn other things such as ‘discernment and how not to throw your  money away!)  All the technical bulletins have now been bastardized. It was the 100% preciseness technology that made it work. You can’t believe how precise the technology was, possibly not anything else on the planet could match it. Not a word was changed ever – that is until Miscaviage got control. Now I imagine it could be extremely harmful as a technology to people generally. That is why it’s a good idea to be intuitive about what you choose to do!


Oneness – simply means in the very highest form of truth – All is One. Hmm! No it’s not really the pinnacle of understanding or realization. It’s handy to simply know because it’s a  highest truth. But that’s it, Know it and tuck it away would be my suggestion to anyone. Holding that as a main focus really doesn’t help learning and growing and gaining all the experience and wisdom and expanding love we as individuals strive for in our own long evolutionary path through the many dimensions in this universe.  We are TRULY in the flow in every single moment we follow our intuition. That’s it. It’s not grabbing hold of some high concept. As they say, its not rocket science. Just be ourselves in the moment.


Yes, you said you were a drummer. I bet you were good and why aren’t you still doing it? There must be a place on the property away from people where you could have a go without disturbing anyone. I have a drum too but not that kind – it’s just a hand held one. Has vegetarian skin! Ha. The guy in unit across from me is a great drummer. Has a fab drum kit over there. The day he moved in, maybe 10 years ago, I saw the drums and huge speakers getting moved in and thought oh, oh! But it's been fine.


I just put my favourite poem ever up on my Profile page. Just down near the end where you click on your page. It’s by Yeats. Have loved it all my life.


Good time for questions. I'm having a lovely quiet time.


In case you feel like having a look. I know it’s not of much interest but it's a major point in the evolution of Earth – hence my interest. In case you feel like having a look. Just some UK articles  - one from today by the potential incoming new PM and other comments from respected UK/USA papers listing Theresa May as the worst PM!. She’s made her mark in history, for sure (all done deliberately by her!)

June 24th Newspaper article by the soon to be voted in next PM of the UK


The Guardian -possibly the most respected paper in the UK.


THE WASHINGTON POST USA ‘She is not to be pitied: She is the worst prime minister in living memory, presiding over a crisis of her own creation.’


Theresa May TOPS poll as WORST PM in post-war Britain as Tories left in COMPLETE CHAOS THERESA MAY has been voted by readers as the worst Prime Minister in modern history on the day of her resignation as Conservative Party leader.

Incidentally, re Scio - don’t believe everything you read! Perhaps IF the rest of the OT levels had been released before LRH died – people may have reached the stated goal of  Operating Thetan (OT). Maybe!  The term OT simply means able to operate as a spiritual being.

25th June


Re over thinking. As we know, I suggested you get ‘Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy SLEEP.It’s the Rescue one that contains White Chestnut. To be honest, I’d liked to have suggested you get a bottle of just straight White Chestnut but figured it was easier for you to get the Rescue SLEEP in Coles. At least it has White Chestnut in it.

However, I think its about time you really got some help to get this thinking stuff out of the way as it’s probably affecting a lot of your life.  

I know you bought the plain Rescue Remedy – which is great for fear, loss, etc. but it does not handle the active mind stuff. And Rescue Remedy only works if you actually take it!! at least 2 drops a day under the tongue.


You can buy on-line or phone to order it- QLD company.

CONTACT INFORMATION.  Address: PO Box 11418 Centenary Heights, QLD 4350

 Phone: 0412 026 160      Email:

Bach Flower Remedies White Chestnut 10ml


Unwanted thoughts and worries

Mental arguments

Ingredients: 5 x dilution of flower extracts of White Chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) in a grape alcohol solution.


There are varying levels of symptoms so people may have only some symptoms or milder symptoms than stated ahead. It is still needed.

White Chestnut is indicated for obsessive, worrying thoughts that seem impossible to control. Sufferers cannot let go of unhappy events or arguments and keep reliving them mentally.

Persistent, unwanted thoughts and mental arguments go round and round like a stuck record, leading to a troubled mind. It is difficult to concentrate during the day, or to sleep at night. The sufferer may therefore appear inattentive and may not answer when spoken to (see also Clematis).

The positive potential of White Chestnut is peace of mind. The head is clear; thinking is under control and can be put to positive use of problem-solving. Worry is replaced by trust in a positive outcome.

Hello beautiful,

I just realized my comment of ‘I don’t care’ - was a bit harsh!! What I actually meant was ‘it’s totally OK with me if you don’t want it!’ For someone who really should know how to communicate after so long giving workshops – that’s pathetic! Sometimes I just throw things out there, ‘assuming’ someone knows me so well, they’ll know what I mean. Doesn’t always work though. Oops!

It’s not the easiest position in the world for me to remember an old buddy when they don’t remember. Not that it’s a valid excuse, as it’s not. But because of that long term close friend position, when I hear you say ‘I trust you now,’ for me it slots into its normal place in a lifetime, meaning what it always meant. How dumb of me to think ‘Ah good, he’s got that then, now I can relax and play and he’ll know it’s all OK’. It is ultra stupid. I need hauling over the coals! I need to get these lifetimes in their right time slot! Tra la. I need to toe the line and behave myself - when people can't know if I am playing or not. Not fair. And oh so boring -  but Sie la vie.

Seems the rain decided to offer us all a bath instead of a gently cleansing shower today. Maybe a super cleansing needed by someone or something somewhere. I was fine – I didn’t get wet. My morning ran like clockwork and connected with everyone meant to connect with. Must be doing something right – some of the time. Except when I waffle on with too much information!

You know, it’s always nice to get home, eh! I walked back in here today and my heart sings being in a vibration I’m so comfortable with and I feel the ocean beckoning me with open heart into its ultra peace and harmony.

I wonder what things you had to handle this morning (you mentioned)?

At last – a first for Oz. Mooloolaba on Sunshine coast offering swimming with whales. You have to stay holding onto something that connects you to boat - but at least you are in the water – and the whales have a chance to come over to you.  

You get more customers if its raining, eh!

26th June


You know I back you to the hilt and am always building you up but it’s YOU I’m acknowledging and I endeavour not to add focus, energy and power to the myriad of patterns of the mind, ego and emotions that so easily come into play in our human life.

Some of the following may be true and some not, but based on what you’ve said, I’d say the wounded child inside feels hard done by and has actually already made a decision about the relationship and is looking for any signs that support that decision. Of course, as a human - once we choose to focus in any one direction, we get tons of signs to support it. That applies to any belief pattern we focus our energy on. If we believe tons of homes are getting robbed, we will continually read and hear of that happening. That’s what humans do - they create a reality and then create constant confirmation they are right to believe that.

It’s time to speak to the wounded child within the one who was content with not having major responsibilities, rolling along happily in a nice comfort zone, playing away and enjoying the banter of youth who was then seemingly rudely thrown into ‘growing up’ along with its learning, responsibility and consequences. It’s maybe time to explain to the inner child - that while that was fun at that particular time – a new and exciting panorama of fun and enlightenment lay on the horizon and it was time now to explore that time of truth and the reason for entering this incarnation. The child/youth was given time to play – just like kindergarten. But at a predestined point, 99% of us are required to make the change to prepare for life’s real role. And the only person who determines that change is us. Others may help us achieve it – but it’s us who decided it in the first place. We are never victims. Life is our choice. If we think about it, probably not a lot will be learned about human experiences and not much growth will take place –if we stay in our safe comfort zone where most things are easy and predictable. 

Anything bearing ideas of resentment; victim hood; guilt tripping others in blame for our demise; failure to take responsibility that we’re acting from incorrect mental and emotional input (lies) buying into the idea that things have ‘been done to us’ that was out of our control; implementing ‘conditional love’ by withholding affection - on the basis it may give false hope or a wrong impression that the relationship may last (when actually really you are thinking you have been ‘unfairly treated’ and have already decided the relationship is going to end,  because ‘you deserve more than this.’ All these negative actions add up to an avoidance of the fact we are masters who create our world and there’s not the slightest chance in hell we didn’t arrange/agree/want/create or need, every reality in our life.

Optimum life decisions created in Divine Order need to be made from a place of truth and unconditional love, free of guilt tripping/regret/shame/fear/victim hood/negative emotions and any belief patterns that appear to justify our behaviour and ‘make us right’. As long as we agree that ‘we didn’t do it’ and wallow around, feeling sorry for ourselves at how we’ve been thrown this bad toss (nothing to do with us!) into a life that seems harsh and tough and is not giving us the harmonious love and the peace we deserve because surely that would be what we would choose for ourselves if it were up to us!

Note: As per Courageous Souls book, just think about some of the incredibly tough and agonizing situations people choose in order to gain the spiritual goals they’re after!

That doesn’t mean you aren’t choosing a life of peace and harmony and tender loving. It may even exist in what you have now - but you’ll never find that out as long as the mind, ego or emotions dominate your actions and decisions. If any of those are in control instead of YOU, havoc ensues and the clashes bring disharmony, arguments and a strong desire to ‘leave’.  

Incidentally, re Aries and Cap – ‘Earth puts out Fire (try throwing Earth on Fire – poof!) so technically there’s a far greater chance of a Cap putting out the burning and passionate flame of the Aries than the other way round.

I guess it comes down to what’s already been said. It’s time to make sure you are on top of incoming emotional and thought responses. Use of White chestnut and Rescue remedy and keeping auric field as light as possible – i.e. avoiding blaming yourself or others or running guilt trips on self or anyone.  From such a space of clarity - and only then – allow the stillness and seek wisdom from a true place of unconditional love, having accepted full responsibility for the creation of every event in your life. Ha! Not asking much from you, eh! Just as well you’re a super duper evolved Comic Being – so no excuses.

This is s a bit of tough love. Sorry. But within that love is a great acknowledgement of who you really are and an attempt to assist bring you an understanding that when a being such as yourself,  holds that level of universal power – requires you to  get it right. You need to step up to clearing all thoughts you have ‘been coerced into something against your will’  - and in so doing, then lessen any chance of creating karma by inadvertently causing the collapse or downfall of anything  you agreed to support.

It’s time to completely get it right as fast as possible. The universe is pushing you to seek clarity from a clear place of Being and not to respond from a 3D quagmire of thoughts and emotions.

Don’t be despondent. Don’t give a big sigh and say ‘I'm doing my best.’ I’ve known you for a very long time and I KNOW what your best is – and I‘ve seen you time and time again, be TRUE to who you are. You demand a high integrity from yourself to act in mastery.


A non truth would be - ‘I’m a poor little un-evolved soul who was unwittingly taken away from my comfy, safe little life and roped into something against my will. I was so naïve and innocent and had no idea what I was getting into or that it could be difficult and stressful while I was learning how to live in my truth and be intuitive.’

The only thing that creates difficulty in life is when, despite knowing what to do, we don’t apply spiritual values and logic to events unfolding in front of our eyes.

We know we didn’t come to Earth to sit around for a lifetime playing at something that didn’t challenge us? And an additional factor for you – can be seen in choosing such an ambitious star sign Mr. Cap!

I am always here to help. I have NO judgement of any of it, as you know. We have ALL been in similar positions as this. 

You hold the beauty of Universal  Light.

I mentioned to you  I was away next week – but realised I’m now not leaving until early on Tues 2nd –so shall be here on Monday! But don’t worry, I don’t expect for a minute you have any time free. No worries.

So, although I can’t be rung at home – I am in mobile contact for the week and also have my laptop and internet access to Page!  So, you can’t get rid of me so easy!!

FEB  29   2020

Sat 20:15

Metricon Stadium - Carrara

Queen + Adam Lambert

$140 tickets seem fine. See seat positions light up when you click on the $140 option


I love you phoning me. It’s always a pleasure. I know it’s hard for you to understand that because you don’t have the same memories I have of how much time we’ve spent together and how often we talked non stop for hours on end- except for times of silence as we laid back in the fields, idly watching lazy clouds drift by, so content with our life and knowing we’d achieved what we were after. When you phone, every time I experience the richness of you and the compatible blending of souls we always felt with each other, with nothing hidden and nothing we couldn’t discuss.

Just read a nice story in the International Express  - which I buy every week to keep up with all happenings in the UK, that being such a major part of my life. A dad accidentally put his 5 year old daughter’s 2 rag bunnies out in the recycle garbage. She’d had them since she was 2 years old and totally loved them of course (they had names!!)  She was looking for them and dad realised what had happened a few hours after bin collections had occurred. He got onto the council to tell them. The council guys went through many tons of garbage, hour upon hour, and found the rag bunnies. Isn’t that just a lovely human interest story.


27th  June

I had intended to leave this until tomorrow but it appears Spirit has other ideas!

What is standing out clearer and clearer – is the urgent need to get you beyond the place of the mind holding the senior controlling position. The mind is taking you around in circles, and unfortunately it’s a never ending circle – in the same way we see in children who reach that place where they continually ask ‘why’ in response to every answer we give them! For the first time I see that the mind is now fighting for survival and ploughing you with many questions to keep you locked in. The mind is its own entity and has no desire to be made redundant. It will fight (and is doing so right now) and you’ll feel it’s all justified because who wouldn’t want to know all those things? Well, in truth – none of us really need to know those things. We only need to be in each moment; living in the heart of God and gaining the growth and understanding we sought in coming here.

Before the mind leads you to another bunch of questions designed to keep you firmly in the head and ensure its survival as top dog, you need to take some active steps to get Spirit back in control – where you are able to walk around with a quiet mind of peace and stillness and not endless chatter.

NOTE re first text….. There are always questions that benefit our progress. I think you’ll find these questions are those thee mind and ego presents to us to try to establish guideline perimeters. But there’s no real benefit in knowing how long anyone took to reach any point on their path of spirituality. Each person is different – there is no good or bad or right or wrong in the time taken. How can that information help us? It can’t. What are we going to do with that info – set a standard to live our life by how long Fred took or how long Mary took?? That would not be highest wisdom as it has no relevance to us. We each take whatever we take.

And additionally, there is no finite answer to many questions such as these. Nothing is that clear cut. It’s all an ongoing process as sometimes we’re in the heart and other times we’re in the head. It does make a difference as to how much discipline and what steps are taken by the individual to make sure they aren’t letting thoughts or emotions rule them. Choices.  I bought the full set of 38 Bach Flowers immediately I understood nature provides our needs and found out the Bach Flower company took great love and care to ensure the products were made perfectly. I grabbed the Scheffer book, bought dropper bottles and diligently made up the remedies, knocking negative traits down like flies. Nothing could stop me or interfere with that level of determination. Didn’t matter how busy I was, kids, training, full time work, etc. – it happened. So, it’s up to an individual as to how much they really want to make it/.become enlightened/make life work better/be a better person. One person can quickly grab hold of what they see they need and someone else may take 6 months to get around to it or maybe they never do.

Answer   Yes, of course I was a seeker. Not really seeking with others – but I have never needed others - I walked my own path.

Answer     Re finding soul purpose. Basically, no-one needs to find their soul purpose. All we have to do is be in the moment and do what feels right. If you do that, you know you are undertaking whatever it is you came here to do. Spirit rarely needs to know. You knew before you came and will know it again when you leave. It’s usually the mind or ego that holds the curiosity to know why we are doing something. However, generally along the way you feel excitement in a particular area – and see you’re enjoying doing something – realise you have an ability in that area – and so assume that must be what you are meant to be doing AT THAT TIME. Easy.

The Angelic Kingdom is the overall name of a huge evolutionary line in the universe. There is angelic and human. Angelic kingdom includes the full spectrum of all beings that exist within that entire kingdom. They chop and change around – it’s all learning and growth. I have already listed all the various roles that can be played within that huge arena. Your current role held is that of Elf. I expect you’ve had a go at many of the other roles. As you have worked your way up through the elemental Kingdom, who knows - you could have held a role of King of the fairies, King of the Forest, King of the Elves – various types of angels - anything is possible. I know people have a curiosity about these identities we’ve held,  but all that really matters is here and now and what you are trying to gain by being in this human form.

Yes, some elves have wings. I have a sword!! Ha.

Yes, all being One – means we are all a Creator. The purpose of Creation I will leave you to come to your own conclusions – or you could just get out of your head and enjoy yourself.

Yes, we create our own experience on Earth.

It is generally the head or ego that ‘thinks’ up all the things it wants to do to create a better ‘this or that’ in their life – more money, etc. etc..  Wisdom is when you surrender to Divine Order and stop letting your head get in the way of the incredible plan you spent a lot of time arranging prior to entering this incarnation.

No, you can’t totally be the super duper being you are on a higher plane – when you are in a 3D experience. None of us can.  You came here to learn things you didn’t know and hadn’t experienced before. For that to occur, you need to play the role here that will teach you those things. If you were being your super self, you would have to leave here – as you would gain nothing from holding that perspective - and would be leaving without the learning you came here to get.

Awakened or not, from the moment of birth we are always in constant creation of all the goals and learning we organised for this incarnation – plans we made prior to being born.

We only bring in with us the specific abilities we need to attain the goals we planned for this incarnation. Different gifts kick in as we move to new  parts of our plan and the different goals we work on at different point sin our life.

I think you’ll find a lot of this is covered in The Awakener.

I think we need  to get this page size reduced a lot. Ideas?









FOR CENTURIES, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and more noble alchemy -- the alchemy of self-transformation.

SELF-TRANSFORMATION was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists. They sought a way to change the lead of negative human energy into the gold of divine energy, and some of them achieved this by using the violet flame. The violet flame (also called the violet fire) is a unique spiritual energy that can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, or just make life easier.

The flame is the essence of a unique spiritual light. Mystics of all ages have glimpsed a spiritual spectrum behind the physical spectrum. Radiant colors, more pure and rare than those found on earth, emanate from a brilliant, inner divine light. Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism refracts into seven colors, spiritual light splits into seven colors, or rays - each of which has specific divine qualities. The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation.

The color violet has long been associated with spirituality. Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. To the ancients, this transcendental color was a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon.

Saints and adepts throughout the ages have known how to use the violet flame, but it was only released to the public earlier this century by an Ascended Master called Saint Germain. Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once walked the earth like you and me. They balanced their karma (paid their debts to life) and fulfilled their reason for being. They then ascended, or reunited with God. You probably already know the names of a few Ascended Masters - Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Krishna.





A Blessing for You



I send you light to hold you and love to heal you

May you love, honour and cherish the preciousness and uniqueness of your own  being and of every other being in this world.

May you see you own goodness and beauty reflected wherever you look.

May you be contented and appreciative of all of Life's wonderful gifts.

May the splendour and majesty of your being, guide your thoughts, words and actions.

May any pain and fear be transformed into strength, understanding and compassion.

May the shining light of your being, radiate peace and harmony wherever you go.

May you be filled with happiness, joyfully celebrating each day you are alive.

May you be abundant in all wealth, and rich in generosity, sharing your blessings freely.

May you be a soothing balm of kindness and a fragrant blossom of love  to everyone you meet.

May you be well, whole and healthy.

May the great love and compassion of your heart embrace the suffering of all beings everywhere.

May the inner light of your purity and perfection dissolve the clouds of discord, doubt, despair and conflict.

May the intelligence and wisdom of your infinite mind give you clarity in a confusing world.

May you trust that you are loved, cared for and supported by the infinite - always.

May you possess the precious magic jewel of gratitude that transforms all life into a paradise.

May you pause for a moment each day to remember you are blessed, and calling forth the full power and magnificence of your own being - may you pass it on to all beings everywhere.


Ooops! How did that get on the page!

The Forest World





My charismatic friend

Great sense of humour


Great comprehension ability



Good ability to get on with staff and customers

Understands how to provide good customer service


In the present moment

Able to express emotions

Great organization skills

Good businessman




Quick on the uptake


Added…. ‘Good looking’

 Knocked out ‘Romantic’ as you didn’t agree. (You are…. but maybe not right now.)

The Art of Allowing


There is no more fight. There is nothing more to battle. That is all old stuff and it is all over. All your thoughts are but a passing panorama of our human experience.

The only thing you have to win over are your own thought patterns.

This is accomplished by a gentle, loving, understanding, and non judgemental attitude to yourself.

It is through the total allowance of the Great Flow to be the background of your entire experiencing.

In this Flow when you can allow it, Grace enters you. It becomes eternally present in your awareness.

In this Grace you are flooded with a Presence that begins to ‘take your breathe away’.

You breathe more deeply, more consciously and it flows in and through your life, touching everything about you and around you.

And the Presence takes you over, you begin to become it and it becomes You. The knowing of this leads you to let go more because in your life, you begin to see that absolutely everything is taken care of. It all happens so easily so effortlessly.

There is nothing more to fix, to release, to “work” through. Just a simple choice of experiencing the up/down, expand/contract motion of human experience as an opportunity to test your wings and discover what thoughts you will entertain and what no longer serve you.

The majority you will allow to pass without any attention.

You find that you can create by the simplest intention of thought and that you no longer wait for results because you know, without any shadow of doubt, that in the Flow, in this state of Grace, all is most beautifully present even though you do not see it immediately.

And like miracles, sometimes your simple intentions can manifest in almost instantaneously, unexpected and surprising ways. In an insect on a flower you experience the solution to a next step you are making in your life. You may call them “signs”.

Life becomes a magnificent dance of allowance in Love. So in fact there is no more battle, no more win or lose. There are brief moments of appearing to hold on, and then there is Flow.

Allow Grace to enter. Let go.

I So Love You


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