Things you can do to raise your vibration



See the beauty all around you

Follow your intuition – your heart, your passion

Realise you are worthwhile and valuable

Laugh more

Do things you enjoy – treat yourself

Fill your life with the peaceful and joyful music you love

Help and share with others – small gestures can change lives, including yours

Wear loose clothes, natural fabric, and light colours

Watch light-hearted films

Avoid violent or valueless programmes

Get your priorities right

Remind yourself you are a valuable person

Do some fun exercise

Do not judge or criticise people

Avoid gossip

Make money instead of debts

Wear colours and styles that feel right and suit you

Love yourself – be your own best friend

Wherever you go, take the calm and silence within you

Life is a natural high without the use of alcohol and drugs

Decide if you need newspapers, radio, or TV news in your life

Smile a lot – it’s catching

Walk in nature

Have a job you love (yes you can)

Look at waterfalls and oceans

Organise the paperwork (while listening to lovely music)

Have a pet you love

Have bright, cheery friends

Sell or give away everything in your life you don’t use, don’t like, or don’t enjoy

Be positive about everything. Yes, everything

Ask for help whenever you need it      

Let go of the idea that you need things

Praise people

Watch lots of stars and sunsets

Give and receive lots of hugs

Make a special box or place to cheer you up and remind you how special you are. Put in cards, letters, articles, poems, small gifts, messages, pictures, certificates, commendations, successes, and your own inspired thoughts

Send cheerful, positive, loving letters

Be responsible for your thoughts and actions

Walk with friends

Make positive affirmations

Play with animals

Discover the natural ways to heal yourself

Meditate in stillness

Give and receive massages

Create a wish list

Learn an exciting new skill

Let go of ideas about how young or how old you are

Go somewhere you always wanted to go

Meet or write to people who inspire you

Set a wonderful example  (children and others copy our actions)

Play the wonderful game of life

Use crystals

Be the person you want to be

Make your home clutter and chaos free  (sell, swap, give, or throw things away)

Pay off your debts

Save 10% of your income

Avoid negative people and those you don’t like

Fill your life with positive people, thoughts, reading, and listening

Write “thank you” notes and letters commending people who have done a good job

Free up your life. Make a list of everything in your life that is incomplete. Then either do it, decide you don’t want to, or get someone to do it for you

Don’t fill your mind with endless thoughts and worry

Invest quality time with loved ones

Find the best in everyone

Soak in lovely bubble baths

Send out Light, prayer, good thoughts, and love

Live in a home, town, and country you love

If you have a car – get one you love

Exchange services with people (barter)

Have fun – life is joyful

Leave any soul-destroying job or relationship

Stand tall and straight

Forgive quickly and freely, yourself as well

Leave the chores you dislike for someone who loves them

When you drive, listen to tapes, to entertain, inspire or educate

Look at all the “right” things people do

Write down five things you are grateful for each morning – read them

Let go of guilty feelings. If it feels right, make amends

Do what you do well

Love people

Love life

Decide you can



Around the home

Lovingly create your dream home, even if renting

Have white or pastel coloured candles lit

Use essences and essential oils

Have quiet times

Have a well lit home – sunlight if possible

Make beautiful curtains and covers

Have light coloured or natural furniture

Paint or wallpaper in colours you love

Build an indoor waterfall

Avoid dark or clashing colours and dark furniture

Keep your environment in order

Keep the house and car clean

Clean and open your windows to the world

Enjoy lots of indoor plants or perfumed flowers

Create a garden, make your own compost

Keep the lawn mowed and the garden tidy

Use non-toxic house paint, furniture and furnishings

Avoid chemical garden fertiliser and pest control methods


Natural health

Get lots of sunlight, without sunburn

Drink lots of good quality water

Eat delicious fresh, light foods in small quantities

Live a chemical, drug, and pesticide free life

Find out the natural ways to heal yourself and your body

Make your own fruit and vegetable juices

Avoid inhaling toxic fumes from paints, petrol cleaners, etc.

Locate an excellent natural health practitioner to use and recommend

Grow your own organic vegetables

Dry your own fruit

Use natural healing herbs and vitamins

Use natural fabrics and products, including soap, shampoo and toothpaste

Eat fresh organic vegetables and salad

Use natural make-up or none




Sandy Stevenson © Extract from her book I AM HERE.