Hello everyone,

I want to bring your attention to a really worthwhile project in the desert that has been underway for 38 years. It TRULY needs supporting.

I have recently been in the USA and while there, was drawn to visit this special place. I took the time to see what it was destined to be and I strongly feel it needs our support. I can personally vouch for the validity of its stated goal and its adherence to ethics and integrity in all matters undertaken by the owner toward achieving the goal. It is truly in Divine Order and I clearly see it has the total blessing and care of highest level Archangels. People who know me will know I will have checked this on many levels before recommending it. I suggest you also do this. I feel anyone tuning in will know this is indeed a worthwhile project.

We see hippie communes and cults spring up out of nowhere and needing money. I know many people are not comfortable contributing money to frivolous ventures by people with no desire to work! Garth’s Boulder Garden is NOT such a venture. This is not a hippie commune. It not a cult. There is no hidden agenda. It is not a bunch of people who don’t want to work. The few people who stay to help Garth are people with a good work ethic; hard working and productive who can visibly see Garth’s goal becoming a reality as the desert is brought to life. They see a blueprint that can be used for generations to come, not only for the desert but any place where nature and humanity need to co-exist in harmony. It is a genuine establishment that offers a lot of love along with a genuine goal to bring together nature and humanity in harmonious respectful co-existence. If there was ever a worthwhile and valid goal that stands blessed by the light of God, this is it. Everything is used, nothing is wasted. They really do need money. This is not a pie in the sky dream. It is real. It is valid. It is genuine and is truly worthwhile.

Please view the GoFundMe page they have recently set up. Read the goal and watch the videos. The money goes go to them and will be poured into the goals of this project. There are no people in the background waiting to rip off donated monies.

At last with the technology we have at hand these days, such as a GoFundMe page, Garth has a chance, after 38 years of hard work, to get some help financially with the many things he needs to continue bringing this goal to full fruition.

I have no personal connection to this place or the fund set up by them, other than the Divine connection all Lightworkers have on Earth when we see a Starseed who needs a helping hand and our knowing that some projects are very important. This is a first for me to recommend a project for donations. As you know, I have never asked for donations on my own website in 30 years.

If you feel so inclined, I would be grateful if you can send this on to friends and mailing lists. Any financial contribution will really help them.

May the light of God continue to bless this project.



Lots of love,

Sandy Stevenson

Author of ‘The Awakener’.