Talking with friends recently of their desire to de-clutter their homes, reminded me again how important it is for us to detach from things.

Unfortunately, de-cluttering requires more than sending a few items to the local charity shop and convincing ourselves we’ve gone all Zen and have de-cluttered our home. De-cluttering means removing everything we’ve accumulated around our home; in wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, garage and shed - that we don’t truly need or totally love. You know the sort of thing; old magazines and newspapers; extra cooking utensils and small appliances you don’t use; old and expired toiletries like makeup, nail polish, and medicine; anything broken you haven’t gotten around to repairing; all those ornaments; excessive Christmas decorations; excess bed linens beyond two pairs per bed; far too many shoes or bags; books; extra cutlery and kitchen paraphernalia; glassware, crockery, pots and pans; unfinished projects; clothes that no longer fit, are out of style or were a mistake in the first place; old technology like VHS tapes, DVDS, old phones, music tapes, records and CDs. And how many tea towels do we need! Do we really need all those kitchen appliances visible on the bench top? And how about all the bottles of stuff visible in the bathroom?

If you’re serious about returning home at the end of this incarnation, then it’s time to detach from everything. But don’t panic, you can still have things - read on.

I recall that following our Landrover crossing of the Sahara and black Africa, my daughter and I returned to the UK realizing just how little we needed in life. We had lived so simply during that period and after returning, even putting on makeup, dressing up or fixing hair seemed superfluous. It had been a great feeling of freedom to just be. We had experienced love and acceptance everywhere across Africa from people who owned almost nothing and yet were happy. They lived without property, envy or judgement. They had no patterns about being overweight people or how they were dressed. What happened to our society?

There are many reasons we hold onto things - maybe past life patterns; need for safety or comfort; we experienced a lack in this lifetime (perhaps were poor or lived through the depression/war years);  having something rather than nothing; to acquire self esteem or self worth through ownership of property; an ego desire to show your value;  an obsession; you moved house and are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that no longer fits in; anxiety or depression; beliefs about a lack of abundance and no doubt many other reasons.

Check how attached are you to the items in your home - or indeed to anything? See how much is superfluous to your life by asking yourself about each item ‘Can I let this go?’

Look through your house and see what truly needs to be there for you to be comfortable and include things you love that enhance life. Then look at all the rest! When you reach a point where you could honestly walk out and leave it all behind, you’ve attained detachment - in that area. When you’re at that same place regarding everything in your life, including family and relationships, you’ve come a long way toward being free from the 3D world and able to leave at the designated time.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have things around you. What it does mean is you can’t be attached to them. You can technically detach and still have them. But you can’t pretend you’ve detached! You need to really do it properly. Test yourself. Ask yourself if you can you walk away from it all now - truly? Anything around you can’t bear to let go is an attachment. Also those items around you that contain dense energy - i.e. those things not emitting a high frequency vibration, also need to go. They are not in the same high vibrational band as you. Examples would be old objects, games, crockery, clothes, furnishings or furniture (often dark heavy wood) that has a dense energy. They need to go now! No excuses! And it’s a good idea to make sure your partner and family are on board with the de-cluttering goal and aren’t objecting or sneaking things back in.

I have suggested this before - be intuitive and surrender to divine order (so as to be correctly led) as you walk through your front door and slowly proceed through each room noticing whatever is no longer a part of your life now that you are in a new higher light frequency vibration. In other words, the items that are not supporting us but dragging our vibration down. And it is pointless going through the house, having already decided that everything will feel right to stay, just because you can’t bear to let go it go.

People complain sometimes about our ‘throw away society’ where it is cheaper nowadays to buy a new product rather than fix it. That idea may seem detrimental until you realise there is a higher picture to everything! And the reason this is occurring is part of the plan and is a positive help to the Earth. All new products being made of course produced in the current light frequency of the planet, which is ever increasing. So, getting rid of things and replacing them with newly made items greatly assists the Earth to raise her light frequency for all humanity. There you go, now you have an excuse to go and buy new clothes and a new TV! There is a plus to everything.

Aside from the detrimental effects of having old and dense energy and dark items in our home, we need to also understand that living in a cluttered space with things scattered on every surface and items spilling out of drawers, where we probably spend time searching for lost items or finding places to put things, is not conducive to our well being. A cleared tidy home equals a clear orderly mind. Try it and see the difference.

Detachment and freedom.

Love and blessings,

Sandy Stevenson






The following list of possible items we can consider throwing  away was sent to me....


150 Things To Throw Away Today

(To Clear Your Mind And Soul)


Your Bathroom:

Old towels * Old toiletries * Old makeup * Expired or sample-sized toiletries * Dried-up nail polish * Worn-out bath mats * Old toothbrushes * Old air freshener * Bags left from toilet paper of cotton pads * Empty the bathroom bin


Your Living Room:

 Dried flowers * Magazines * Newspapers * Games that are missing pieces * Letters * CDs * DVDs * Empty pens * Toys your pets don’t play with * Toys your kids don’t play with * Expired medication * Outdated electronics * Furniture manuals * Boxes * Unused vases * Broken Christmas decorations * Old unused batteries * Old drink coasters * Unused tea light candles * Take out menus you never look at.


Your Bedroom And Wardrobe:

Worn-out sheets and bedding * Old pillows * Socks with holes * Stockings with runs * That one glove left from a pair of gloves * Old t-shirts * Shoes that don’t fit or you don’t wear * Freebie or promotional t-shirts you never wear * Those Scarves you never wear * That dress you bought but know it was a mistake and you’ll never wear it again * Clothing you’ve outgrown * In fact, anything you haven’t worn for the last 18 months. * And, obviously, clothes that don’t fit * Old, broken or unused hangers * Extra buttons * Stained or damaged clothing you can’t clean or repair * Consider getting rid of the old wedding or prom dresses as well (unless in has some real sentimental value) * Old underwear or swimwear * Purses you never use * Extra shoe laces


Your Kitchen:

Cooking utensils you have two of * Expired sauces * Creams you’ve kept in the fridge for years * Empty bottles * 2-year old groceries in your fridge * Snacks your pets don’t eat * Extra and unused coffee mugs * Empty or near-empty bottles of cleaning products * Random containers and jars * Old spices * Matches you never use (Maybe save a few in case of a power outage) * Expired food * Old shopping bags * Magnets that you don’t actually collect *Old calendars * Recipe books you don’t ever use * Old party supplies * Unused plastic containers – especially those without a lid * Take out chopsticks – Buy a reusable pair if you use them a lot * Phone books * Dull or duplicate pocket knives * Paper plates – Use them up! * Fancy serving bowls you haven’t used in the last year * Catalogues * Instruction manuals – Most are online now * Kitchen knives no one uses * Old vitamins * Plants – Yes, plants that don’t brighten your spirits. Buy ones that do! * Place mats, napkins, table cloths that never get displayed * And any old, unused, and rotting food – make sure to go through every cupboard.


Your Personal Items:

The other side of a pair of lost earrings * Broken hair elastics * Other hair accessories you don’t use * In fact dedicate a bowl to all the little knickknacks you DO want to keep and throw out the rest * Gifts you don’t like * Rusty jewellery (or jewellery you don’t like anymore) * Or broken jewellery – like necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps * Old wallets that you don’t use * Pictures of ex-partners you want to move on from * Old prescription glasses * Old sunglasses * Old children’s artwork * Posters you’ll never display again * Touristy knick knacks * Broken or old iPhone cases * Computer cords, firewire cord, etc. that you don’t use * Old cell phones * Cell phone accessories you don’t use anymore * Unused perfumes and cologne * Some memorabilia.


Check Your Pockets:

Receipts you don’t need * Old tickets you don’t need * Old napkins and tissues * Leftover change * Bobby pins * Old fortune cookie fortunes * Lanyards, name tags etc. from previous conferences/meetings * Leaflets you took by mistake and other promotional swag * Push pins just waiting for unsuspecting fingers * Hard candy (or chewing gum) that you’re not sure where it came from or how long it’s been there


Your Desk Drawer:

Cards people have given you with no sentimental value * Scraps of wrapping paper * Extra photos you don’t need * Old print-outs * Expired vouchers * Coupons you will never use * Markers without lids and lids without markers * Old paperwork * Save-the-dates * Old invitations * Old bank statements * Old folders * Old travel brochures * Old notepads * Business cards that you don’t need * Old schoolbooks you’ll never use again * Old crayons or art supplies * Cards or gifts from exes * Unused stationery * Loyalty cards you never use * Excess decks of cards * Papers you have backed up on the computer * Old planners * Used ink cartridges – Recycle them for a little money back * Books you’ve already read and don’t want to display * Used and ripped envelopes * Wrinkled ribbon and bows for gift wrap * Old manuals to electronics * Paychecks older than 2 years * Gift cards – Go and enjoy them! * Old day planners * Old post-it notes * Wraps from chocolate bars (yes, this too, happens) * Organizers you bought to get organized that didn’t work * Old phone covers, styluses, screen protectors, etc. * Samples of any kind – Use, donate, or trash. * Multiple pair of scissors * Extra buttons (If you don’t sew, toss them all) * Pens and pencils – Keep your favourites and let go of the rest * Old bills (Switch to online banking)

Your Computer:

 Duplicate photos * Delete email subscriptions from sites * Delete emails you don’t need * Move everything into folders * Delete old documents you don’t need * Delete unwanted music from your iTunes * Delete movies that you won’t watch again * Empty the spam folder