Great news - a major completion for Earth


A Celebration for Earth now being held in the higher realms  


For weeks I have been feeling a strong inner excitement, a feeling of anticipation. I had no idea what it was about, but I am always content to let things unfold in their own way and time.  

Then a friend rang me 3 days ago saying she had just received a vision and felt she needed to tell me about it. What she saw was many thousands of heavenly beings; Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels, etc, about 10 deep, in gold and white light, in a huge celebration procession. She said it was magnificent and truly profound. As she watched it, she felt a flow of immense gratitude being directed from these beings to the Lightworkers and people of Earth. She was unsure as to what it all meant. As her intuition is excellent, after her phone call I sat quietly to see if I was meant to know more about that. I did then receive an understanding of it from Sanat Kumara and know my friend rang so I could pass the information on to you. Please check your own inner guidance to see what feels right for you. This event has been predicted in various forms for this time period (via history/astrology, etc).   


Sandy Stevenson




Great news - a major completion for Earth  

A Celebration for Earth now being held in the higher realms



The Earth has reached a MAJOR target in her Ascension Plan. This has been achieved by the tremendous outpouring of love offered by the Light Force of Earth and the co-existence with all life forms on Earth.  

Many facets of the Ascension plan have come together in a culmination of all the parts required to make a whole, so to speak.  

As part of the overall Ascension goal for Earth, there was a plan to reach a certain target by a specific time. In order to reach that target, hundreds of different aspects needed to come together.  

Some of these aspects were:- major changes to the thinking of Earth's population; the coding of various sectors including the alignment of Earth to other planetary systems within this galactic quarter; specific defined points needed for the entire human population and animal worlds to progress to the final stage of the plan; the crystal and mineral world to be at the correct vibration to receive a huge influx of Light about to be introduced to the Earth; the maximising of all human potential systems that would assist a sufficient level of wisdom to be attained by the overall population in order to proceed to the next stage; the balance between the mineral and vegetation worlds; codings completed that would allow the new energies to reach the planet in highest vibration; the placement of various key points in the grid system now extended to a much more elaborate but simplified system; the bringing to view hidden and buried matters that needed to surface to begin the journey of transformation; the bringing together of many parts of all the various systems that allow the economy and practical function of the world and the necessary structure demolishing that were required to begin again. The perfect coming together of all the parts could be viewed as the 'landing lights being now on and in full and perfect operation, in completely clear weather conditions, for the landing of a brand new ultra-modern plane.'  

The changes this will mean for the Earth will be noticed extensively over the coming 6 months.  

Leading up to this event (which is being staged over several days including the recent full moon period) some Lightworkers have been feeling unusual symptoms. The reason for these symptoms have mainly been due to the fact that their energy and input was required on other (higher) levels to put last minute touches to their various projects. This applied to those Lightworkers whose tasks were almost, but not quite completed. So, those people, wanting to achieve this major goal we've worked toward for so long, poured their focus and energy into the last few weeks, working on higher levels, doing their best to make sure all aspects of the plan reached the target. A fantastic and worthy job was done by all. For some people, because it took so much of their attention, it meant not much attention and energy was free for home or work life. This should change now as soon as they get re-grounded again in their 3D environment. The symptoms were expressed as 'feeling vacant, in a vacuum, not fully present' - or 'feeling a real loss of energy accompanied by not really wanting to do anything in the 3rd dimension'. These feelings would only apply to those Lightworkers who still needed to finish off projects. By the way, that doesn't mean those Lightworkers had 'failed' to complete their project earlier. In 98% of cases, the reason some projects were not completed was because of the free will choices made by humanity, and in some instances Lightworkers, making decisions via ego or the mind.  

It is an absolute credit, and in some cases a miracle, that by sheer determination to see this major goal of the Earth fully realised, they managed to complete those remaining tasks, thereby bringing all the pieces together in a glorious and breathtaking finish. Our admiration is boundless, as is our gratitude.  

If you sit quietly and allow it, you can easily feel the joy abundant in the universe now as the Earth Mother and beings in all realms of Light celebrate this amazing achievement. It is due to the combined efforts of many, but more especially yours. None of this would have come about without you. Of that, there is certainly no doubt. You are all really quite incredible and your efforts defy description.  

Please tune into the silence and the golden light and join us in this celebration.  

In acknowledgment to your Service that has changed the world.


Sanat Kumara

Channelled by Sandy Stevenson

3rd June 2007  



...and from England in support...

June 3rd. 2007
. Yes, I would surely go with this. As we  shared in an evening of inspired song and meditation at a local venue  in Broadstairs , England , UK , last night (June 2nd), the inspired meditation was filled with 'tens of thousands' of off planet light beings seemingly from all dimensions of vibration in radiant  daimond white/gold emination. They were reinforcing, through the channelled words of Sananda (Mary Magdalene, Buddha, and Gaia) re "this night being a special evening of celebration - a celebration of love, a celebration of light, a celebration of life, a celebration of accomplishment, a celebration of commitment and unquestionable achievement, a celebration of all that is now to ensue, in purest love, in highest truth, and  joyous fulfilment...."                                
The energies prevailent were local and universal. It was indeed an evening of inspirational confirmation that a 'plateau or peak' had been reached and realised by the endeavours of one and all in this, our ascension process, that is surely on course.....


Channelled by  Alec Christos Gabbitas

June 3rd. 2007