A Plan


As we know, there are many scenarios currently in play – dark and light – and we understand they will be taken to whatever level is necessary to wake humanity up. And despite what you may think, multi millions, probably billions are waking up.

There was a World Wide rally today in cities all over the world.  It seems there was a big turnout across the world. This is the 3rd WWD one this year.  The numbers really are increasing. In my local city, Brisbane, which is not such a big place compared to many cities in the world, we had a huge increase in attendance today. The last two were estimated around the 5,000 mark. Today, DESPITE yesterday’s new border ban preventing people who might have attended from NSW, it is estimated the attendance was between 10,000 and 15,000. Worst case scenario would mean a 100% increase with an extra 5,000. And maybe it was 10,000 more!  In Sydney and Melbourne, masses of people, way outnumbered the police.

We also see massive demonstrations in France (the French Revolution) and Greece and Cuba. Everywhere there are big protests.

I understand there will be a ‘cut off’ point regarding the awakening of people. I guess we have all been hoping that point was near. However, I am getting the idea that we may still have a way to go. There are many asleep people. We do have 7 billion people here! And maybe the Divine plan is to wake up the majority. I honestly don’t know but I do know the longer they stay asleep, the tougher it will all get.

The point is, in a way, the dark and light are working together, both forcing people to wake up.

But as we may need to work on the basis it could be a while before people are personally experiencing tough circumstances (which seems to be the light plan) sufficient to jolt them from their sleep, we had better look at a few areas.

Keep holding the light and trusting the plan.

Stick to your guns on refusing the vac. It really is pretty deadly.

Use every trick in the book not to wear a mask or to comply.

Work at keeping your immune system strong. Research all the health suggestions coming out now of how to offset the shedding that is coming from vaccinated people. There are also suggestions of how to reverse the vaccination harm but I would try to make sure you didn’t have to resort to that, if possible. But it is nice to know that our loved ones who may have been frightened and taken the jab, can still be saved. Telegram is full of suggestions for this. Join Telegram and check sites like ‘Essential Organics.’

Keep your aura full of light. Visualise light pouring through it. Do NOT go into fear or judgement, as that wrecks your energy field.

Understand that one of the dark force plans is to cripple food supplies and this is already happening. They are wrecking crops and stopping farmers from growing and much more. South Africa in real trouble. UK supermarket shelves starting to empty. USA seems to be preparing for just this scenario. Maybe it is time for us to do some full on stock of food and water.. so that we don’t have to eat the chemical ridden food they will let through. And although this may sound like a conspiracy theory, it may contain some vaccine ingredients.

I know it is all tough. And I know we are all waiting for the Aquarian age to kick in, but I guess we have to raise people’s vibrations first, so as to let as many as possible be a part of that.

I happened to catch an interview by Tucker Carlson from Fox news with the actor John Voight. It was rather lovely really, about his faith. John said he was at the tethers end; his marriage had failed and he wasn’t getting the work. He was lying on the floor at his home in desperation, saying ‘Why! It’s all so hard!’

He said he heard a loud voice, crystal clear and he felt great love. The voice said ‘It was meant to be difficult’. John said that one thing changed his life. The realization of it. He went on from there to understand life is about lessons, etc. He also said he knew from that moment he experienced, that we are always listened to. We are never deserted and there is always someone there who can help us. He never went ‘down’ into despair again.

My friends and I are now having fun with that statement and when anything is tough – we just trot that out and laugh. It is helping!

With losing jobs and small businesses going under, as ever, people then get creative. Many wonderful and helpful new ways to do things being thought of by people every minute. I am amazed by the phenomenal projects appearing just within my own small local circle of friends. I mean really amazing. Whole new ways to handle the ecology, how to completely heal and rejuvenate people with super frequencies, new natural ways to help those who have been vaccinated, etc. If what is going on around me is any reflection of what is going on in the rest of the world, it is totally incredible – and very 5D!

I know it is hard to see where we are exactly. It can be confusing. SO much is going on behind the scenes. Not only do we have mainstream media keeping everything from us, we also have the white hats  doing thousands of things all over the world that are also being kept hidden, for a myriad of good reasons. Of course, a lot that is not really that hidden, it is just that we have to look for it, pick up on the signs, research and realize what it is. Although much of the major company’s CEOS resignations are listed on mainstream, you would have to research to discover they total a couple of thousand. Many flooding countries everywhere. We could say that is the dark force using weather satellites to get rid of food crops. Or we could decide it is the white hats flooding thousands of underground tunnels. Yes, there are that many! Wrecking and destroying all the machinery and electronics down there. And sorry to sound weird to the people who have no idea yet of this area – but, now that the kids and families have been extracted - to ensure those tunnels and equipment are never used again. That is in addition to whatever else may be down there that needs drowning!

We have a dark agenda to depopulate Earth and totally control whoever is left, using lots of Artificial intelligence (AI) and to introduce a total digital currency (cashless society).

We have a light agenda to wake everyone up to the dark force’s agenda and all that has been hidden; to raise their own vibration by standing up for their rights – to raise the frequency of light right across the world; bring in Nesara/ Gesara – a society that uses cash backed by gold; to completely remove the current corrupt monetary system; and to remove everything and everyone who is dark and corrupt all over the world. All to offer a free world to everyone, where race and creed are not barriers and where integrity and life are valued.

A million good and important steps are happening every day. I see them. I know them. We can all know them. Listen to your gut and know that we didn’t come here to live a life of misery!! We came to help and to be a part of that wonderful life until we head home.

Maybe, just maybe - we are not too far off. As we know, energy snowballs - so as more awaken, that energy helps to wakes up many more. 

But let us be sure of one thing. Let is know we will be able to look back on this, long after it is over – and know we stood our ground; that we held the light; that we didn’t go into doubt and therefore added our energy to the dark side; that we didn’t sit on the fence, that we spoke our truth when it felt right to do so; that we acted in integrity and did not pretend to be someone other than we are.

Thank you Masters of Light.

WE ARE THE INCARNATED LIGHT FORCE. We came from stars far, far away and WE WILL NOT REDUCE OUR LIGHT for anyone!


Sandy Stevenson

24th July 2021